Brand. Perhaps the most important detail of the century we are in is the mark. Until this century, people paid only for the commodities. But now the habits of people, the things they care about have changed. We are now paying for the brand completely. While the whole world is investing in their own brands, what are we doing in this enormous branding race? This is the first question we have to ask ourselves every day. What did I do today to make my brand even bigger?

In our own right, every unit has beautiful brand stories. For example, one of the most interesting people is Çengelköy vici. We can make a crocodile brand. Yes, this branding is superb and can only be "on its own". This may be a true story of success when people in Taiwan look for Cengelköy viciary. Now we need to look more closely at that stereotyped question. Is the world brand coming out of us? To give a clear answer, it is very difficult with this head. So why?

To tell the truth, when it comes to getting out of the "world brand" business, the companies are very limited. The majority of the work must come from the state. Behind the things that make Germany an automobile giant, a part of China, or a high-tech giant in Japan is a big government policy hidden. However, rather than incentives for our sector or our brands, electoral development plans are more on the agenda. I will explain what I mean by a small example.

Currently investing in the brand in Turkey and there are 3 brand that produces mobile phones with Turkish capital. Vestel, Casper and General Mobile. Reeder, Kaan, Teknosa, Turkcell T'yi these 3'lü especially do not take between. The first 3 is probably already heard for the first time in this article, and I see Turkcell's phones as a move to make a cheap phone completely for the internal market. There is no such thing as where parts of these 3 phone brands are made. The marks belong to us. Some parts of the iPhone is manufactured by Samsung No one in South Korea does not.

In recent months, a new tax claim called Vestel tax was on the rise. The thought of putting additional tax on imported phones. This idea came from Vestel. This is one of the reasons for the hardship with this head. One of the most frequent ways to get a world brand is to raise the sieve in innovation, to perfect the product, and finally to open the outer pazaar, based on the internal market competition. When you open the outer market, you will move more comfortably using the experience and cash flow you get inside. But monopolizing in the inner market makes you a totally bulky structure. With this cumbersome yes, your profit ratios will increase, but in the foreign market you places.

We need approaches that will increase competition in our domestic market and make domestic products more preferred. You can easily increase your market share if you can give a 3 year warranty on phones that everyone can guarantee 2 years to differentiate in the mobile phone market. If you need incentive from the state, you can provide it by returning the install option to the mobile phone in domestic products, not by letting the consumer hate you by asking for additional tax. If domestic mobile phones come in installment option or SCT / VAT discounts, demands for this brand will increase. In this way, more investment in AR-GE will be gained and more room for movement to increase customer experience. I think this is the biggest problem of the entrepreneurial spirit in our country. "I can not win KPSS, so I'm an entrepreneur." It is very difficult to develop products that can compete with the world. We need to be able to adopt the approach of how we can improve the competition rather than the guarantor, monopolistic approach.

There are so many opportunities in the world branding world today. New generation globalization, especially brought by the digital world, allows you to easily promote your brand worldwide. However, while these brands are so intertwined with the digital world, they are connected to the distributors with their interesting "kabotaj" privileges while our brands are opened to foreign markets. The period of loyalty to distributors in B2C products is now over. With a little extra investment, you can make your direct sales to the desired geography. You can take a step by selling your products in markets like Amazon, Aliexpress. For example I give it from Vestel especially because it is a brand with overseas offices that have plans to open abroad. But when I look into the power of digital power abroad, I see only 28 people like Facebook. (Vestel International)

It seems a long time to exchange rates in Turkey remains high. We are at a time when it is very difficult to catch up with high growth rates by addressing the inner market. In order to achieve high profitability rates, we are one step closer to the day we do not open directly to foreign markets. China should be a great example for us. Xiaomi and Huawei, despite their perception of hele hele Made in China, they accepted the whole world. What Japan did 50 years ago is now China. So what are we doing?

How much do we use diaspora? There are millions of Turks living outside Turkey. The Turks are coming to mind only the choice to select from all over Turkey. In particular, a full cultural potential brand ambassadors of which the bond against the Turks in Germany, Turkey has never cut. In order to open up to Germany, France or the Netherlands, it is first necessary to set up campaigns that target the Turks there and share their products with their environment. In these campaigns, it is much more logical to make over the social networks that all of them use the TV channels such as Euro D as their main weight. Especially the young immigrant generation in Europe does not watch TV. We need to work more closely than fuara fuara marketing activities.

Creating a brand with national resources is also an option. THY is going well on this road. Unfortunately, this is not the way to go for all brands. Instead, the main focus should be on exporting premium products, called Asian Turtle, and giving it the best product in the world at a high price. But this way we can make Made in Turkey more meaningful. Made by Turkish may be a more effective slogan. There are still so many who associate us with Hindi.

Haier, based on the example of the Asian Turtle. A company that broke hundreds of defrosted refrigerators with sledgehammer in the workers in 85. They say that the workers are crying over these refrigerators, which are more than double the salaries of the workers. The brand was particularly well known for this event. Do we have the heart to do that? That's where Asia Turtle Route can work. The truth is that the customer's dissatisfaction will be reduced the most and the satisfaction rate will be announced for years. But you all remember our situation. Seeing the first complaint in the complaint, the boss says, "If they do not like it, they do not use it, brother." Haier is now the world's largest white goods producer. The only thing that ensures that they are focused on fault-free production. We do not see much in Turkey's market, but part of the $ 5.4 billion General Electric Appliance's a promise we could buy a company.

Investing in AR-GE, which we need to focus on in order to be a world brand, is only possible by shifting our focus to customer satisfaction, producing excellent products. I also have bad news if you say that I also offer excellent product / service. We have not heard your name before. That's why you have not invested enough in digital advertising.