Do you fear that lying news, disinformation or media manipulation can spread so easily, slowly poisoning society without any control?

About the subject new media trainingsAs MDE often can be solved with education, I talk about people need to pay more attention to the news they see. Below is a summary presentation of my new media trainings;

Digital Perception Management V2 from Haydar Özkömürcü

But in the past week we saw a new share and my perspective on manipulations changed completely.

Note: Although we do not want to talk about political content in such trainings, disinformation is most often carried out in political matters. I do not want more brands to be shared in disinformation in the commercial world, so I will enter politics for some reason. I will share samples with every opinion as much as possible. 

Know those who know the page, a page with Atatürkist views Takunya. The Facebook page has been closed dozens of times, but there are still 500,000 followers. Why am I so surprised by this posting? One of the things that surprised me the most was that this post was my history teacher in high school. A teacher who teaches the history of Revolutionary History does not know which facts;

  • Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932. Let's just say that he may not know. It's not something to keep in mind.
  • the Telegraph hand writing It can not be sent. How do you send a signature and a handwritten message in a message that is only short and long in a piece of content you send with Morse code? Let's say that the telegraph's working ration is called the Z generation, how does the X generation know?
  • We have 19 May 1919 as the beginning of the War of Independence, but no Erzurum or Sivas conventions have been realized, there is no official "War of Independence" name in the middle, how do you say this name? Let's say I did not have the bond between you, you came to the empty space.
  • Surname law was enacted in 1934! How can a person who does not know that Atatürk will not be named in 1919? How can the text question when you read it?

Let's not be limited to my instructor who teaches the History of Revolution. In primary school, these are the lessons we all have seen in high school and college. Either at least you should be able to think about when your surname was given to Atatürk. I am talking about the person who thinks such a kind of text or file can be found in the Presidential Private Archives

But I think the problem is not in education. I do not want to hurt our education system so much. I've gone with students, history knows how to teach!

Boredom is not in our lack of information, but in our habit of questioning distress. In the face of a nation that has not been very much questioned, something like social media has emerged, people who used to be journalists, questioned more about TV news. (I exclude the TRT period.) Everyone is turned into a news source.

The user does not get the anchormen he has never seen in his life. The news is that he is very trustworthy, from his primary school teacher, his colleague. One is wrong once and the others are going after him. Or we can not just explain that this post has only received 6,000 shares in this page. What is it that makes us share this content when we are not the first to share content here?

We are categorizing the pages of social networks in our minds just as we did to humans. These are my opposing views, these are the pages from my view. For that reason, when you think that a page has a contrary opinion and a page shares a content, we may be questioning that content, and our eyes are blinded to the page on our side. Our own opinion we love we want to share it more and see more people. Because the more people share our views, the more equitable it will be.

If I need to give an example from different sections;

We can find hundreds of similar examples. I think the main problem here is that society is not ignorant. It's not that a certain section of society is ignorant. We have a training system You're gonna call you We are living this tightness because we are educated.

False news in our heavenly we trust the source when it is shared and we believe more comfortably. The inquiry is overturned. We are firmly tied to false reports. I saw a few people in the letter of the King of Saud know that they were learning new media and sharing the content. Work is not just about raising awareness. This is the spirit of social media. We share false news stories because we like it more often than we do. It's just like the third-page news of the papers. Why do you think journalists are publishing so many reports of violence? Because people love. People like to read bad things, love to share exaggerated things. People will ask that you ask them to indicate that they do not want to see news of violence in the newspapers. However, the most clicks are received by these news, the longest stay rates are seen in these news. People love chaos.

There is a similar situation in lying news. If the content is in the interest of the side of his opinion he is trying to spread it immediately without looking at his source. Another factor is trying to be popular. Lie news usually brings a lot of noise. Sharing a story brings a lot of interaction. That's the deal dependent It is quite normal for the spread of these reports in a society that has been established.

I always gave examples from others. I'm like the people I'm talking about. My example is quite fun. How did you kill Nihat Hatipoğlu? As a matter of fact, this sentence will be read more often because of the reasons I have mentioned as a title. You can remember that on Facebook you can find 1 million people who used to love Allah. I saw the news that Nihat Hatipoğlu had died in a page like him. The only thing I see is a link posttu. It was reported that he had a traffic accident in front of the news. Hundreds of head health comments came in. After seeing all the comments, I left the suspicion on the verdict of the news. Twitter, I did not find the results. Oh, super, I said I'd hear it first.

Immediately after the Tweeti hit I got a great interaction. The questions began to come along with the interaction. Even if I do not make a healthy return to those who ask the source, I am satisfied. Do not forget to mention, the year 2010. A TV host who has already escaped from FETO has reached out to me and learned that he is in the hope and lynched me. I think I deserved it. Later I found the content I saw on Facebook, clicked on the link and saw that I had to update my Flash Player to read the rest of the story. Hackers are publishing remarkable news, allowing more people to download the virus they have made via the news, and those who have downloaded the virus automatically share the news. This situation reveals how hungry the human being is to receive the only passion in social media.

Why do we have so much to love? Your essence is actually personal satisfaction. However, the desire to prove oneself is what gives rise to personal satisfaction. Every new appreciation we receive in social media allows us to prove ourselves to our online community, my friends. Thanks to this primitive feeling, the whole social media cycle is turning.

That is why it is not possible to overtake false news from social media. Platforms like will take some damage here, but it will reduce the number of false reports and so many other platforms can not deal with the news is served daily. We will not be able to prevent disinformation in social media. Even a sanction that political authorities will make in this matter can not prevent me from sharing these news. Because people do not even know that it is a lie, they share this news by asking it to be real.

This is news for example. People share this because the minibus driver guesses that they will get more interaction if they want money, and that the news will be more fun. Because the news sites know that it will bring more clicks. The state's monitoring of news sites on this issue alone can not prevent this disinformation. Because now everyone is a source of news.