Time is the only thing we can not buy, what we can not increase. For this reason, human beings are doing their best to use time more economically and more efficiently. When I think people's time is precious, you're a manager with a tie, eyeglasses right now. I mean all people. Even the person who is the most empty human being in the world is quite valuable for you.

In fact when people manage their time they are applying the money-multicomedy curriculum mentioned by Cem Yilmaz. Everyone's time is precious. No one will be pleased to waste time. But they decide how to spend the time according to the feedback they will take. So what I mean is that someone who watches marriage programs all day on television is also very valuable. The value of this person on his own time is exactly the same as a CEO. If a CEO is not responding to a mobile phone during a very important meeting, then someone watching his favorite sequence will not answer the phone he plays at the time. First, what we need to agree on is, everybody's Time is very valuable.

So why do not we respect people in our marketing activities, why do our sales negotiations kill people's precious time? Garanti Bank, who was looking for me while writing these lines, tried to sell me a new credit card by reading a lot of boring and memorized texts. However, my time is valuable, I buy a sales phone and I do not want to spend time in vain. But why do I keep on the phone for 8 minutes when I say I do not want me? (A separate article on persuasion why I can not turn off my phone.) At this point, the selfishness of marketing and sales professionals comes into play. We are so selfish that we do not respect the times of people and we want to tell the other side our own product / service. But there is something we are not aware of. The other side is not listening to us. If you do not respect your client's time and start to listen to yourself in a way, your customers will listen but not listen. It's like this in every aspect of your business life.

Consider boring meetings that last for hours. Is it because these meetings (usually the boss / manager) that you try to understand for the first 30 minutes during the first 30 minutes show that one person is showing himself, satisfying the ego? Or worse, talk about the worst hours and bring the meetings you drown in. None of the decisions discussed for those details will apply, you know it well. So why are we keeping this selfish?

There is a story coming from the big city that lives in USA. In a period when everyone was unemployed, they asked a woman who was pushing the jackets; "Why do not you get out of your business?" He described the secret of work as follows; "I finish the buttons that I have to sew up until noon. Then I dismantle the buttons and sew them again. It appears to be working, which is important. "Meetings in Turkey also work culture is all about. Since the important thing is that it seems to be working, we can not get rid of hollow meetings, we spend most of our days in meetings. Or did you hear "24 minutes" while you were never given a meeting? It's either half an hour or an hour. The subject will be completed in 24 minutes, but that is half an hour.

Sales presentations also suffer from the same situation. 90% of sales presentations are made up of words. Customers can not follow PowerPoint presentations on several occasions. Why do you think customers are playing with their smartphones or lap-tops while listening to you? Because your presentation is boring, people want to better evaluate their time. A valid rule for sales presentations or presentations against the community is 10-20-30. 10 pages, 20 minutes, 30 pt. If your text is smaller than 30 puntos, people will get tired of reading. This is also a rule that facilitates your use of negative space. 20 minutes and 10 pages, you can keep your presentation short. Because no one will offer you spectacular There is no time to have a single life. Remember, your customers are already receiving similar offerings from dozens of different people like you.

We see a similar problem in e-mail. There is an e-mail on top of "we will examine our service, if you like, we would like to have a meeting with you", you are looking at Manas Destan. I saw people in Nice saying, "I write so much e-mail, they do not even answer." Your essence comes from your respect for the other side. When you email, you should expect to read from your mobile device and read more from a mobile screen. Especially your "blah blah leading provider of Turkey," he began texts that no one wants to read.

Where are all the digital marketing professionals mistaken? At the same time disrespect exists in digital marketing as well. We do not respect our customers and the target audience. Hani in social media just to fill in an empty space in the content There is a post you prepared. That's it! Totally disrespectful to the target audience. It is disrespectful to your customers to share content that you will not like, comment on, share or click.

Text tympanismI can understand it for a while. Your customer may be requesting 60 content for a month from you. Because the customer he does not know! It's your digital marketing professionals who should tell your client that you need to prepare 4-5 solid content, like Oreo, instead of making 60 nonsense content, which is the content, not the content, but the quality of the content. If the customer already knew, he would not give you money.

Did you ever get your head? When you see a job announcement, you enter the website to understand what a company is doing. But what is that? Did not you have any idea what the company was doing for 10 minutes while you were on the site? There is also disrespect at the same time here. Sometimes when we work with mediocre text writers, sometimes I do not see competitors, we do not write clearly what we do business thinking texts written in our web sites just laf crowd. Mark Twain's famous word "do not look at the boulevard, no time to write short" content should never leave the mind while creating content. If we can explain that we can explain it to you three times, the rest of the words are just words and the crowd is disrespectful to people's time.

When customers are evaluating what digital marketing professionals do, they can often be in the "very simple, it makes my nephew" mode. Even in the big Fortune 500 companies, you can sense this approach. Even from this approach, both agencies and employees are struggling with the work they are doing and attempting to complicate the text in a meaningless way. The head of an agency had a problem with me. "I was running 4 people to manage Facebook ads, and after I left 4, I noticed that I could manage the ads on my own. We have to pay wages for months. "The main difficulty here is that the work we have done can be simplified very easily. "What are you tweeting over six". Let's see what the Wyndham Grand İzmir tweeted?

There is no interest in reading books and being cultured. I have been targeting 10 books a month for a long time but I have not used "sophisticated" sentences in my life. Why does Wyndham Grand use it? I write firstly what the sophisticated word according to the TDK means;

  1. adjective
  2. Misleading
  3. technology complex
  4. Complex

Read the clemens again by putting the misleading word. How funny is not it? But here's what I think happened here; The customer said, "You are tweeting over six, texts are a little more literary, so we are waiting for our hotel, we do not come up with simple sentiments" and the agency sent these texts.

When I say not to waste people's time, I do not mean only the length of the texts. It is also very important that the texts are understandable in the same way. It will be easier for customers to reach customers because marketing texts are everyday chosen to increase their intelligibility. What is important to us is that the customer does not already reach us?

It is common mistake by people to think that complex things are beautiful. - Descartes

At this point, design is entering into the business. I need to read the minimalism current in the designs correctly. Google's Material Design is a design trend that favors digital marketing and sets itself at the basis of minimalism. Although the flat designs are somewhat shaded, it is time to withdraw the elements that are asking for the eye. The fewer elements a person can focus on in digital today, the better. Because the researches that we made on Facebook shows that we look for only 2 seconds. If we are interested, we start to read, but if we can not see anything that attracts our attention, we will scroll for 2 seconds. It is very important to catch the reader in this speed. A shadow that will be included in the design, even a stroke, can change the area to be focused. For this reason, the monochrome current is going to get more and more into our lives. As far as possible, all designs need to focus on a single focus point reader. You can not send more than one message to today's people. It must be your only message. Because you have only one shot.

It is a bit long for an article that speaks of simplicity, minimalism, but I thank you for coming so far 🙂

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