Retention is a metric that can be quite costly if not well structured. In order for the retention to be more appropriately assessed, it is necessary to give some examples of how retention strategies are implemented in the sector.

SMS Marketing

I am going to show you a few examples of SMS, in fact we are quite accustomed to SMSs that come from all of us.

Media Markt

Medipol Mega


What is my brother interesting about this? If you are talking to these SMSs all of us are coming to us, you are right on the problem! We all have the same messages. This is neither retention work nor "marketing". It's just that the bosses are nothing but a tiny ovarian disease. Do not look at the papers, but if I'm stopped by the SMSs on gynecology, I will not be too happy to say that.

The esprising of retention work is to hit the potential customer at full cost with low cost. Unfortunately, however, this is perceived as "we oohh get cheaper, we try to sell these people, if at all." Regretfully, I should regret that the only criminal is not the ignorant bosses who do not understand marketing. The more intelligent the brand and the marketing consultants are, the bigger the effect, the bigger the consumers are.

Marketing fun I have mentioned on the article that I wrote about the epttavm that is trying to sell me a pink footprint. The hospital that sent me a gynecologist is no different. The same 70% reduction every 3-5 days does not have any strategy for the sender. These unnecessary messages, rather than selling something to consumers, the consumer hates them to actually provide. You can tell me why you are not getting out of the SMS list, I'm going out of those, the next day another brand launches these meaningless submissions. We all know.

No marketing is done without data. The money you spend without making a measurement is now considered to be completely gone. Natro is the only brand that measures the click-through rate of SMS in these 3 SMS cases. I do not even think that other brands outside Natro set a target for sending this SMS. The main es- tablishment of the retention work is to give back to the knowing person who knows you, giving you the least possible amount of money, and making it possible to shop. Of course, if we want them to be able to shop, sending something they can buy is a better option. I pay attention, although I am not very healthy, I have only been eating pizza for the last 5 months at MealsPet, although they send me a dry bean-rice mailing. Even our biggest companies are still unable to integrate the data in their hands into marketing.

Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications seem to be the technology that will take the place of SMS or even take it. It is much easier to use this technology efficiently because there is a lot of serious data in hand. Mobile applications, the place where we have obtained this data, are also increasing in importance. We use Mixpanel in CreatorDen. We send push for different scenarios through the tool which is fully integrated with the mobile application.

A few weeks ago we started and activated new scripts in push notifications. Immediately after the action taken in the application, a 340% increase occurred. It was not a one-time interest, but continued to rise in the coming weeks. In fact, if you can work with push-based edits that really are based on the situation, people give you the right to work. There is almost no limit to developers in these movements, which increases the session rates by 139%.

Things to Watch Out for Push Notifications

1- Generally, pushes longer than 120 characters will not be displayed. It is very important that the messages are clear and understandable.

2- The posted hours are also very important. However, if you are well aware of your target lock-in, you should be able to see what time they are online (if possible, based on personality) and see if they can get the action, and you have to be pushing at that time. You may not be able to make purchases every time you are online. I learned this from meetings at Trendyol fans in Maslak plazas.

3- The more the number of pushes, the greater the blindness. You do not need to send pushes in unlikely situations where possible. Make sure that you are sending 15-20 pushes per day, in particular, it will take up to 3 days for the user to delete your application. (You have to pass 5 times a week)

4- Do not send push to irrelevant people. When I disagree, people often think that I say that someone is not interested in your products or your brand. No, I mean the push that you send, the product you want to sell, or the people who are interested in taking the action you want to take. Perhaps the fewer we go, the more sales we will be able to raise.

5- Your strategy must be based on automation. Setting up the segmentation each time and sharing one by one will make your business very difficult and will not be a sustainable method.

6- The location-dependent push notifications really work. If you want to see CTR values ​​blown off, you should absolutely try.

You can send a push for the start at the following stages;

  • Welcome
  • Our app has been updated
  • You have not used our application for a long time
  • Is your practice unskilled? (For those who experience loss of loyalty)