Presentation is rather simple for some, and for others it's a pretty tough job. Being able to speak in front of the community causes a lot of embarrassing situations for those who are not accustomed. However, presenting is not just about speaking out.

Preparation Phase

First of all you have to put your presentation on slides. You only need to use Keynote or Powerpoint when preparing your presentation. But I do not recommend extra tools like Prezi. Especially the presentations prepared with Prezi are quite simple, although it is almost impossible to make children lose their children even if the animations are prepared more easily.

Before you decide what you're going to say, you must first prepare a draft. After you decide what to do, you can finish all of your concentration, which is the alignment of the presentation or too much work with backgrounds. After you have prepared your background, cover and thank you screen which will be the default for each page, you can skip to the topics.

Put yourself in the audience

What kind of narration do you want to hear when you are doing your presentation? How do you like to look at a slideshifted, purely text-free slide? You'll have to keep going to the rest of the presentation without ever taking it out of your mind. For this reason, prepare your main topic headings first. For your presentation, schedule individual titles and schedule designs for those slides by timing according to the time that you have been allocated.

Your hand now has a draft of your presentation. Now you can go elsewhere. One of the most common mistakes in presentations is in font selection. First of all I should mention that you should delete Comic Sans MS font from your computer if possible. Do not forget a font like that.

Take care not to make all the letters on a slide italic, bold, or underlined. They are just the effects you can use at points that you want to look out for. You should use your chosen font family throughout the entire presentation. Of course this applies not only to your font, but also to all your alignments or effects you use. Your choice font have to read easily. Remember, you are looking at your computer, but listeners will try to read those words and you will probably be reflected in a very low quality.

Choose Colors Carefully

There must be an absolute harmony between your texts and your backgrounds. You can get help from Adobe Kuler in colors you will use. Instead of very close colors, you have to turn to the opposite colors. Remember, every color has a meaning. You should choose the colors of the background and the texts according to the audience you will speak and the subject you will tell.

If you are using full backgrounds - your preference should always be in this direction - you should use opacityi reduced backgrounds for your texts. Directly written text on the picture is usually illegible.

We completed the topics and the technical part. Now the sequence comes in.

Do not Write Everything

Listeners like to be a little impressed. If you write down the number of Facebook under the heading of the number of members, you lose the opportunity to be affected. The sentence you need to establish in order to be able to influence the listener must be similar to this: "Facebook has active 1.28 billion users as of April 23, 2014, of which 802 million are active users per day." You can write it down on a piece of paper and look at it without hesitation.

Avoid meaningless graphics. Powerpoint has such graphic sketches that even those who write the program probably do not know what they mean. Try using graphic types that everyone knows. The more graphics you have, the better the presentation is. The important thing is to be able to tell from the inside.

Presentation Stage

If your time left is 30 minutes, please finish your presentation in 30 minutes. Every new minute you spend so I can show you what I know very well will cause one more person to sleep. Walk as little as possible during the presentation but do not stand still. Do not look up or down, always look into the eyes of the listeners, but do not just look at the eyes of a listener.

If you get excited, it will make you feel that you do not have the issue. In such situations you should practice and ask a question to the listeners or you can drink a glass of water from your cup. But do not you start drinking your blood. You can completely disturb the concentration of the listeners and you can not collect them again.

Presentation in small lounges is quite challenging because they are both airless and constantly exposed to reflection. In such a room you should keep your presentation as short as possible and not leave your desk. Of course, do not even think about sitting on the bench.

In your presentation you can read some pages individually. But only some pages, not all. Even if it's possible, it's a good idea to change the sentence pattern a little bit.

If you are overly excited;

Forget about your presentation. Treat your friends telling you something. Not the end of the world, after all. Be sincere. If the slang words get out of your mouth, continue as if you did not run away. Did you say something wrong? Do not be shy and embarrassed, the scene is yours. Be natural.

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