Mobile marketing strategies that we live in are also changing rapidly. Pew Institute to research 74% of smartphone users over 18 years old are using their smartphones and GPS systems like Google Maps or Yandex Maps.

This new norm, which has entered our everyday lives, has begun to shape our lives as well as to shape our marketing. When it comes to location-based marketing, SMS-based marketing and geolocation-based social networks come to mind. SMS-based marketing, where traditional marketing first introduced to mobiles, is often one of the most powerful marketing methods of the mobile age, although it is often branded as spam marketing.

Now that we have the necessary permissions from the service providers, we are able to get SMS messages from the café in front of the café. At this point, however, the brands are experiencing a minor difficulty. Markets that go out to send sms to anyone without paying attention to the targeting correctly cause the customers to blind themselves and spend their budget wasted. Although this rate is gradually decreasing, now we can say SMS marketing as the most powerful mobile marketing method. You can examine some statistics on this video that TextSprout has prepared.

The effective way to use SMS marketing is to collect and process customer data effectively. If the targeted segment is the A + segment, you can use location based social networks to get the data of your potential customers and reach them using SMS marketing opportunities.

Location-based social network in Turkey two most well-known network Foursquare and Yelp. the fact that two of the most popular of these networks found dozens of different examples in the world with Foursquare and Yelp in Turkey only "at the air with the place you go to your friends" is the motto of the touted, though in terms of location-based marketing provides enormous opportunities.

Although mobile service providers can see where they are now, they can not show which restaurants they ate, where they shopped, and so on. In location-based social networks, however, users are willing to give their own data. However, mobile service providers are trying to succeed by organizing a number of campaigns to get this data. It is possible to get the data of the users in the edits prepared by using Foursquare or Yelp API and use these data in position based marketing strategies.

If you create a strategy using APIs, you can make your SME a mobility with only Yelp's own services. They can help you get started with this infographic Yelp for small businesses.


Apart from Yelp, I can not mention Foursquare, which has recently been divided into two, giving more weight to location-based marketing opportunities. Gamification strategy to give up and to achieve the goal of marketing new Foursquare ads mobile marketing for small businesses has become easier to do. Foursquare marketing details from here You can review.

We strongly recommend you browse this case study archive of successful Foursquare campaigns;

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