Everyone has a Social Medyo in their language.

In the words of Social Media, we are now a typical cast. "Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter."

Are the Social Media sites limited by these two? No way. I will try to introduce you to 75 different social media sites in different categories, which I personally like most, from about 500 different social media sites for you.

1. Facebook

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? It is a social media site that helps you to find people with whom you have a business or similar activity.
Number of users:

2. Twitter

Tour: microblog
What? A 140 character limit (1 sms character limit) is a microblogging site where you can publish what you want to share. We can call it the Mini Blog.
Number of users: 500.000.000


3. WordPress

Tour: Blogs
What? The most commonly used Blog (Journal) is the writing site. It also allows you to set up a website in a short way.

4. Badoo

Tour: Friendship Site
What? It is the most famous of the sites that help with the recognition of new friends. People do not have a good name, but people are still using Badoo to meet new people.
Number of users: 188.000.000

5. Skype

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? It is a social media site that aims to communicate with your existing friends and make new friends. Everyone who uses MSN is a Windows Live profile, but I do not like to use it as a nation.
Number of users: 663.000.000

6. LinkedIn

Tour: Professional Networks
What? It's a virtual CV platform. It is a platform where professionals in the business world share their business related data.
Number of users: 200.000.000

7. Bebo

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? It is a rich social media site that can be an alternative to Facebook. Blogs, photos, videos and songs are a site where you can meet new people you can share with and communicate with your existing friends.
Number of users: 117.000.000

8. Vkontakte

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? It is a popular social media especially in the former USSR countries. People who do not even know what Facebook is, especially in the countries they address, thanks to this site. It is a site that allows you to communicate with your friends, share photos and videos.
Number of users: 123.612.100

9. Orkut

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? It is one of the most used social media sites in Brazil and India managed by Google. In addition to sharing your photos and videos with your friends, you can also get acquainted with new people.
Number of users: 100.000.000

10. Myspace

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? It is a friend's site which is used more by those who have more music and music. It allows you to share photos, videos and music. You can chat with your friends, discover lots of music, listen.
Number of users: 50.000.000


11. Google+

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? It's Google's new social networking site. It is a developing region that you can follow / follow with you every day, you can share video, photo, video, link.
Number of users: 500.000.000

12. Friendster

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? It is one of the oldest social network sites. He's now headed for more online games. Although it has lost its old popularity, it still has a loyal user base.
Number of users: 90.000.000

13. Flixster

Tour: Film Criticism
What? It is the most popular film criticism site in the world. You can automatically comment on your tweets about a movie and give it a note even if it is your name. At the same time, it also allows other film critics to be recognized.
Number of users: 63.000.000

14. Odnoklassniki

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? It is the most used friendship site in the former USSR countries after Vkontakte. It is able to maintain its own characteristics by the fact that it is gradually losing blood but it is not opened in different languages.
Number of users: 45.000.000

15. Viadeo

Tour: Professional Networks
What? It is used by people who are more professional in their sectors. You can make a lot of friends on the site. This site also offers business cards.
Number of users: 35.000.000

16. Flickr

Tour: Photo Sharing
What? My opinion, led by Yahoo, is the only site keeping the Yahoo company alive. It is the perfect place to store and share your professional photos. Sorry, except for raising the GB quota for a certain fee.
Number of users: 32.000.000

what is lastfm

17. Last.fm

Tour: Discovering Music
What? It is a high quality music discovery site that you can enter in your country by entering DNS but changing the DNS settings. You can both search for songs, listen to the radio and work with players like Winamp, WMP. You can also make new friendships on the site and check out your friends' music.
Number of users: 30.000.000

18. MyHeritage

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? In fact, we can call it the only example. Other Social Network Sites allow you to make new friends while you give information about your family, take your family tree and share with your friends. Friends who do not have privacy problems should definitely use it.
Number of users: 30.000.000

19. Photolog

Tour: Photo Sharing
What? A site that can be an alternative to Flickr managed by Google. It is more popular in South America and Spain. We can define it as Photoblog. If you are describing something in normal blogs, you are describing it in photographs.
Number of users: 20.000.000

20. LiveJournal

Tour: Blogs
What? It is one of the first Blog sites. But now it is not popular except for the former USSR countries. It has recently become a leader in graphics sharing.
Number of users: 17.500.000


21. Plaxo

Tour: Database
What? Each unit has multiple email addresses, contact information such as telephone numbers that you have to keep. They can be in many different sources, and after a while we are confusing what is happening now. Plaxo organizes all of these and makes them into an appropriate database. Your Outlook, your Gmail, Yahoo, etc. It can also integrate with your addresses. However, there are some users' concerns about spam mails. If you do not trust it for this reason, I recommend you not to be a member.
Number of users: 50.000.000

22. Xing

Tour: Professional Networks
What? It is a site that employers and job seekers use more often. You can find business contacts, organize events, get information about your business, examine companies. It's not a good site to make friends with people you do not know.
Number of users: 11.100.000

23. StumbleUpon

Tour: Social Bookmarking
What? Surfing the Internet has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase. It is a blessing to someone who wants to discover new sites. It's a site that finds sites that stand out for your interests, shows you which sites your friends recommend to you, and makes new friendships. With each passing day, the population is increasing.
Number of users: 20.000.000

24. Foursquare

Tour: Geolocation
What? I am sure that they are prepared by those who do not like the "subject to opinion" meeting. Everywhere you go is a social media place that shares your place and gives you various medals according to your share.
Number of users: 20.000.000


25. DeviantART

Tour: Design Sharing
What? The artists' drawings, the pictures of the artists, etc. is a platform that can share, even sell. It is also a great place to find unique pictures.
Number of users: 22.000.000

26. Delicious

Tour: Social Bookmarking
What? Whatever browser we use, regardless of what level of internet users we all add some internet sites to favorites. Delicious will sort these sites you have added and share them with your followers. You are viewing the favorite websites of the users you follow.
Number of users: 8.822.921

27. My Opera

Tour: Blogs
What? It is a site where you can write Blog, especially Opera browser users, share your photos, share your favorites in Opera and make new friends.
Number of users: 7.300.000

28. LiveMocha

Tour: Language Learning
What? A site where people from all over the world struggle to teach each other languages. If you have some basics, you can build a big building on this basis. But I would advise you not to go for other purposes as well as the fact that I want to break it down as well as a site already discovered.
Number of users: 5.000.000

29. SocialVibe

Tour: Social help
What? Do you have a website or blog? Become a member of SocialVibe if you say thanks to my site, which is a favor to the world. Choose an international charity and publish its sponsored surveys. They make money and you are the medal.
Number of users: 435.000

30. Muxlim

Tour: Friendship Site
What? A site that allows you to make Muslim friends from all over the world. If you are a stranger but you are a Muslim and you are a friend, you should take a look.
Number of users: 50.000


31. Tumblr

Tour: Blog / Microblog
What? It is a mini blog site where you can add text, photos, quotes, links, chat, audio and video to your entries. It is somewhat simpler than Blogger, and somewhat longer than you can write on Twitter.
Number of users: 130.000.000

32. Pinterest

Tour: Link Sharing
What? Pinterest is a visual sharing site through links on areas such as fashion, cosmetics, decoration that women use. Its board structure and simple interface attract many users.
Number of users: 48.700.000

33. Goodreads

Tour: Virtual Library
What? If we can listen to music from Last.fm or Fizy, we can read books from Goodreads. We can look at what our friends read. You can write books, write reviews, view it in our Facebook time tunnel. The only problem is that English books are heavier.
Number of users: 13.000.000

34. Meetup

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? Generally, friendship of social network sites is based on the virtual world, but meetup aims to meet people who are interested in the same things with you in real life, In Turkey, many more not known to be quite useful you can make friends through this site.
Number of users: 13.400.000

35. Vine

Tour: Video Sharing
What? Shuan is only available for mobile on Vine Android and iOS operating systems. It is a very common option to share videos on Twitter, especially with Vine, where you can record and share videos for up to 6 seconds.
Number of users: 40.000.000

36. Blogger

Tour: Blogs
What? Personally, I somehow ısınamasa in itself is the most widely used blog service in Turkey. You can write whatever you want in any subject Adsense You can earn money with ads.


37. Youtube

Tour: Video Sharing
What? YouTube is a web site that three American colleagues (Chad Hurley Steve Chen and Jawed Karim) open for entertainment and then purchased for $ 1.65 billion by Google, which we will call shortly as "Video Sharing Site". The website houses about 200 million videos.
Active Users: 800.000.000

38. My Yahoo!

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? Yahoo, one of the largest e-mail services in the world, works like Facebook My Yahoo. You can chat, look at your daily routine, add friends, discover new music, play games, even find work. Numerous different Yahoo! service. By countless I mean 79 different services. It is a huge site that 700 million people visit every month.

39. Digg

Tour: Social Bookmarking
What? One of the leading sites in the social bookmarking category that receives 4 million unique visitors from the US only per month. When you find a good link on the internet you share here with followers. It is a site where new news is shared more in the field of technology. But recently, this site has been a bit more backwards with the bombing of Twitter. Of course, it continues to renew itself, which means that the internet world will not be erased yet.
Number of users: 6.000.000


40. Reddit

Tour: Social Bookmarking
What? It is a social bookmarking site with a bit more simple Turkish support than Digg. In addition to Link Shares, owners of websites can also submit their own site to Redditte. In this way, they are constantly attracting visitors. But frankly it seems to me that I am getting mixed up in this site.
Number of users: 35.000.000

41. Technorati

Tour: Blog / Social Bookmarking
What? It scans all blogs on the Internet and gives you the result you are looking for. Other than that, if you are a blog owner you can increase your hit by adding your own blog as you are interested in reading this article.
Number of users: 112.8 million different blogs

42. SlideShare

Tour: File Sharing
What? It is a social media site where PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice and Keynote presentations can be shared. How video sharing is done on Youtube, here also sharing the slide.
Number of users: 30.000.000

43. PhotoBucket

Tour: Photo Sharing
What? A photo sharing site where you can store your free photos, share them, make new friends. The photos uploaded to Twitter as a result of your agreement with Twitter are also shared with the PhotoBucket infrastructure. At the same time you can also find slides and videos on the site.


44. Vimeo

Tour: Video Sharing
What? It is a video sharing site which is more useful than Youtube and has higher video quality. HD and HTML5 support. Attention is paid to this site with sacrifice to avoid objectionable content or stolen videos. In other words, you can not find a video like Youtube, which is not clear to you.
Number of users: 8.000.000

45. FriendFeed

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? It is a handy site where you can follow your account in many social media sites from the same place, which is quite similar to Twitter, with Turkish support. Most of these sites being operated by Facebook users located in Turkey.

46. ​​Hi5

Tour: Friendship Site
What? A friend's site that received 47 million visitors per month, purchased by another Friend site called Tagged. A site where you can play lots of games and find friends. It is mostly used in Central America and South America.

47th line

Tour: Discovering Music
What? The artists you love, the songs "ilike", give you other songs and singers that match your preferences, allow you to meet new friends and share your musical experiences with your friends.
Number of users: 60.000.000

48. GrooveShark

Tour: Discovering Music
What? 160 Million songs per month, a site that allows you to transfer your songs on your computer, find songs that suit you, and share them with your friends.
Number of users: 35.000.000

49. Posterous

Tour: Blogs
What? Nice mailings to your e-mail address I post@posterous.coYour postus and your posterous account are the posts that take your blog directly as a new post.

50. Designmoo

Tour: Design Sharing
What? It is a place where people who deal with graphic design can write blogs about them, where they can share their work, and people who we can call professional and elite in this issue.

51. Google Reader

Tour: Feed
What? It is a Google service where you can read your favorite blogs, news sites and countless different RSS services. Make sure you get the content you can reach in three days in one hour.

52. DailyMotion

Tour: Video Sharing
What? It is the most widely used video sharing service in the world after Youtube. Dailymotion, a site originally based in France, also has HTML5 support.


53. Scribd

Tour: File Sharing
What? It is a high quality file sharing site where you can share millions of different books, theses and documents, download, read and add documents with your friends.

54. TripIt

Tour: Geolocation
What? If you are a frequent traveler, you will feel the need to share your experiences with everywhere you go. This site is for you. You can share every experience you have with your friends, where you see them, and how many miles you go.


55. Fizy

Tour: Discovering Music
What? It is a Turkish-made site you can share with your friends, where you can listen to music very comfortably, which is visited by 600,000 users a day.

56. Connect

Tour: Friendship Site
What? It is a friendship site mostly used in the former USSR countries. It is also a very interesting site with the ability to note the photos of users.

57. Threewords

Tour: Micro Blogging
What? I had heard a ridiculous phrase "Come on, tell me in three words". I think someone else heard that sentence and built this site. It's a good site for fun. Your friends define you with 3 words and you define your friends with 3 words, but do not worry, you can write completely anonymously.

58. Gravatar

Tour: Photo Sharing
What? If you are a member of a different web site, or if you want to comment on your own name in various places, avatar photo is a site made for you if you want to have my own correspondence. Most WordPress users use this service.

59. DesignFloat

Tour: Design Sharing
What? Graphic design, interactive design, industrial product design, identity and marking, digital art, print design, typography, web design, CSS sampling and lessons, galleries and so on. a great site that gives you the opportunity to share your designs and share what you've been prepared for. It also allows you to meet these designers.

60. Dzone

Tour: Design Sharing
What? It is an indispensable blessing for Software Developers and Web Designers. The latest developments in the technology world where you can download what you want without having to do thousands of different jobs is a site dedicated to professionals who mail you and offer you the service Refcardz.


61. Coroflot

Tour: Professional Networks
What? If you are looking for a job on design, it would be very difficult for your CV to tell me that I can / can. Upload your designs to Coroflot and send your employer your link to what you have done. You can also find lots of original works on this site.

62. Tutorial9

Tour: File Sharing
What? A very nice interface that allows you to learn about Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Photography, Fireworks and Web Design and to download free and easy-to-read content like PS Brushes, icon packs, WordPress themes, where you can get familiar with many of the books you can read and write as well as various stickers, teachers and students have site. The only fault is English.

63. DayTum

Tour: Micro Blogging
What? Daytum, recently purchased by Facebook, records what you've attended, what you've been doing, and shows you in the form of statistics. Whether you write on Twitter or Daytum, you enter a variety of statements from what you entered. If you go out from the beverages and enter every coffee, tea, cola, you give them their statistic and share with your friends.

Dribbbl to

64. Dribbble

Tour: Design Sharing
What? It is a very elite site where you can become a member with the invitation system that shares the work of designers. But you can see and vote without the invitation. The image search feature is quite impressive, especially according to the color you choose. It is also a nice site to meet different designers.
Number of users: 153.712


65. Forrst

Tour: Design Sharing
What? As we can see from the name derives from forest (forest) word, it is a site where all kinds of designs can be found. You can also write explanatory text about your designs. There are dozens of different codes that you have never seen before in Web Design.

66. Gdgt

Tour: Social Network Sites / Evaluation
What? "I will buy this brand computer but I do not know if it is good or bad "answer to this question should be this site. Rate each product that you use according to their specifications. Ask about these products, answer them. Follow people and learn about various products.

67. Behance Network

Tour: Design Sharing / Professional Networks
What? It is not a site like DeviantArt where everyone is a member and shares what they find. Much better quality than a much more professional site. If you are really professional, it is possible to get a job offer from big companies affected by your portfolio. Entering this site as a designer is a tough job, but you can be a regular user.


68. Care2

Tour: Social help
 This is for you if you want to touch one of the utensils while sitting at the computer all day. You can help all major international aid agencies on this site, get specific information about your pet, learn a lot about healthy life.
Number of users: 9.961.000

69. Panoramio

Tour: Photo Sharing
What? A site where you can share photos of places in your circle purchased by Google for Google Maps. The photo you take in front of your home will definitely work for someone. The photos you take are taken into consideration and appear on Google Maps.

70. Foodspotting

Tour: Photo Sharing / Evaluation
What?  This site is for making you feel good. You are pulling the picture of your dinner at the restaurant you are going to. We mostly use Foursquare for this, but it is beneficial to use Foodspotting to eat "meals".
Number of users: 1.000.000

71. Kaboodle

Tour: Online Shopping / Design Share / Blog
What? It's a site designed mostly for ladies. Recent fashion trends, detailed reviews of makeup items, etc. (which I do not understand very personally) is a social media site where sales can be made on products. Of course you can get new friends here as well as you are on every social media site.

72. Chime.in

Tour: Social Network Sites
Until today, we have always added our friends to social networking sites or photos. This site offers you people in your common interests. Chimeline instead of a timeline should be put on the name of the obviously went separately.


73. Instagram

Tour:Photo Sharing
What? One of the most popular mobile applications. You can apply various effects to your photos and share them instantly. You can also comment on photos with followers. Also recently, video support for Instagram came.
Number of users: 100.000.000

74. Path

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? Are you bored of your primary school friends on Facebook or even your kindergarten friends and you want to hang out on a small network? Path is for you. You can only share what you want with the limit of adding 50 friends. At the moment it only works with iPhone and Android. 
Number of users:

75. So.cl

Tour: Social Network Sites
What? At the end of 2011, Microsoft service, which has just entered service and is brand new. If you really want to compete with Facebook and Google+, but you do not like it, but you do not like Google Plus and want to make multiple video calls, you should definitely try it.

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