We are seeing attacks on social media in every political party that follows the events of the trip. In the name of declaring that we will establish a social media team from the CHP, Ak Partiden is the news of the formation of a 6000-person social media team. But can a successful management take place with a gigantic network of 6,000 people?

Obama spent $ 643,000 on Facebook ads only in 2008 elections. Barack Obama is shown as one of the most used accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Youtube at the end of his social media budgets, where hundreds of millions of dollars have flown in the air. At present more than 20 social networks are actively managing corporate accounts of Obama. More than 400,000 blog posts were published on barackobama.com only between 2007-2008.

Case Study: The Barack Obama Strategy from Marc Metekohy

So how does it work with digital politics in Turkey? Whether you want the ruling party to the opposition party, the only thing that comes to mind as a social media strategy in Turkey to make the TT on Twitter. To do this is to tweet over the abundance of inorganic accounts. Regardless of whether these tweet tweets are useful or not, how much of the real life effect of staying in TT for hours is unforeseen.

It is necessary to be able to inform people first, in order to be able to take steps that can affect the political life and change the people they will give. After informing, you have to direct it. However, as directed by the information the social media executives share no creativity in the content they share. In this way, they can not go beyond copy-and-paste of tweets written by dry and dry people.

The management of parliamentarians or personal accounts of party members can not be improved anyhow. Either the social media manager is not left to work, or really bad people are being hired. I'm tweeting over the top for what I need to work with someone for that they can come to the end;

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Without holding block, without using Google Plus online without even knowing what it is the management team executed digital campaigns, such as politics not worked in Turkey so far it does not seem to work then. When the pages of that prepared the strategy, the budget allocated hundreds of thousands of pounds and we see that they are actively used by the bloc's opened then Social Media and Politics themed writing, study casei in Turkey could write in private.

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