While producing your social media content, you will also use one of the points that you need to be aware of when performing moderation. The language you will use is the same in every channel, you need to be consistent. How should your language be?

Before you determine the language of your brand, you need to know what language your brand is addressing in social networks. If your target is talking to the kitten, you should talk like that. If the target says "slm nbr" while talking to your friends on Facebook and you encounter a cold text like "hello how can we help you" when you meet your message, there will be a distance between the customer and the brand.

The main purpose should be mutual communication

The main purpose of the social media is to establish "communication". What distinguishes social media from traditional methods is the possibility of mutual communication. If you can not communicate with the customer, it will not make sense to be in social media. It is important that your mutual communication is in the customer's language. The customer will see you as close to you as long as you can speak in the client's language. The closer the customer sees you, the more they will notify you of their complaints. When you see him away, he will write Şekayetvar, Ekşisözlük, Twitter, his blog. The important thing is to make sure that the complaints are given with a special message and that all the praises are given clearly. You need to be a buddy if you need it so you can provide it.

We Have Only 110 Trademarks In Our Mind

As long as you can use the same language as your language, your complaint rates will decrease, your customer satisfaction rates will increase, and your customers will start to like you. We have a rule in brand management. A customer actually holds only 110 brands on average. Think of all the brands that come to mind, we can only count 110 brands. These 110 brands are made up of brands with "awareness" of their customers. If you have the awareness of the customer, you will tend to buy the brand you are aware of when you stay between the two brands. Of course, this theory should be misinterpreted and the advertising should not be a bad thing.

Our Slice Should Be Slight as Possible

The tone of your language is never threatening and should not be an order, you should not use a language as a gift to your customers as if it is a gift. The language you specify should contain the simplest possible words, and it must comply fully with the imitation rules. We need to open it a little more if the language is plain.

Our True Destination Kitletiz Aunt Aunt

Let's consider Ayse Auntie, who is in our target station. Aunt Aisha is 35 years old, she has a child, housewife. The day playing hockey is one of the most played games on Facebook in Turkey spends a certain time. After aunt Ayşe has made her move, she examines her news source on Facebook as well as her own. When you examined the news source, he suddenly came across your message. The message is 15 lines long. Aunt Aisha will say she does not have time to read and pass your message. Suppose your message is short. However, in your message, you used terms that Ayse Teasers did not use in everyday life. Aunty Aunt can not understand what you mean and she will go again. Because we have a basic rule. If you want to reach Ayşe Aeyiz, you should apply KISS theorem.

We Should Accept Customer's IQ 10

KISS Keep It Simple for Stupid we have to prepare all the contents on the bottom that an idiot can understand. Why? Because any person connected to the internete IQ level 10 is considered as a person. As the user who actually passes the IQ level through the computer, dozens of tabs, dozens of programs are divided between the program and you can not fully focus on your message and can share a small part of the mind. For this reason, it is our first rule to adhere to the user as being idiotic and to be able to tell him our message in full. The user is trying to sell something to a photographer of a former lover in a sequence, to an okey play in a sequel, to a place where friends are looking at a place in a sequence. For this reason, selling something on social networks becomes a difficult task when you use mixed sentences. We should keep our language as simple and simple as possible, but not too much in detail.

Forget SES Groups on Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that your customers or your target group are in the A + SES group, and that many of them think that they have graduated from a master's degree and that they can easily perceive the mixed messages. Our main goal at all times is to keep our message at the level that most jerks can understand. Thus, they will be able to understand our message easily at other levels.

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