One of the most common mistakes when preparing our content for social media is trying to create content without using content calendars. If you try to create content without a content calendar, you will start to capture content after a while. Because you are always expected to prepare content that will receive high quality and high interactivity. How is it always creative?

The greatest benefit the content calendar will provide you is to divide your content into concepts. Thus, it will be clear to you which day of the week you will prepare the content in which concept. It will be a bit easier to prepare your content after you know where you will prepare your content. The first thing you should do when you prepare your content is to rediscover America. You should certainly examine what competitors are doing about your subject for the sake of being completely inspired, not "stealing."

How to Define the Competitor

When you say rakupler you are not the ones who do exactly the same job as yours. The definition of competitor is a very confusing definition. A coke brand's competitor is not just other coke brands. At the same time, a cold tea brand is a coke brand. Even when it comes to the place, it is the rival of the coke brand in freezing. Because they both cool. First of all, you have to prepare a competitor list in this way.

How Can We Track Rakes?

It is very difficult to deal with what they share today by entering the pages of the peers one by one each day. You should add all of your competitors to a list by creating lists of interests on Facebook and lists on Twitter. So you can keep track of what your opponents are sharing at once by looking at a single window. The only other competitors made a wrong call from Turkey. You should also follow the global pages of your competitors one by one. We follow closely what the high-impact senders are and what kind of conceptual content they are preparing, if we follow the pages in all countries as individual as what is shared on Brazil page, what kind of visual is used on India page, what is on the video page of Korea page.

Taking Inspiration From Rakipler

After you review each of the content published by your competitors, you will begin to create a variety of concepts. You can create each concept by looking at the opponents. When you are preparing the content calendar, you will spend most of your time preparing concepts. When preparing your concepts, you should choose topics that you can create as much content as possible. While naming your concepts, if you use plaza language as much as possible, your client will not see the work you do is simple. (Sorry, customers like this)

On which days should you share?

Once you have defined your topic titles, you should specify the days when you will share content. The choice of day is one of the more important topics. Whether you enter content on the weekends or what days of the week content will share will form the backbone of your strategy. If you manage a shopping mall page, you will definitely need to share it more often on weekends. However, if your brand is a car tire brand, you will not need to enter content on the weekend. It is certainly not everyday to share content. For example, Oreo, one of the best brands in the world of social media, publishes content almost once a week. The important thing is that your content is highly interactive and high quality. The more content you share, the better the quality of your content and the lower the engagement will be.

Where Should You Be Sharing Your Feet?

There is absolutely no rule that you should share once a week or once a week. Some pages deliver the most benefit by publishing 10 content a day, while some publish content once a week to achieve the greatest benefit. Here, the status of your page and the sector of your brand are fully engaged. If you are in the ecommerce industry, you should maintain a sparse communication with quality content as much as possible. Until you really enlarge your page. After you think that you have grown your page as much as you can, you can advertise 10-15 products per day by translating your page into a sales channel. But before your page really grows up, your awareness really needs to increase. You can not be successful if you try to collect your products while you are no longer on your page, that is to say, to start harvesting more arpay.

How to Prepare Content Calendar

After adding concepts and dates to your content calendar, you will need to prepare and attach the text and images of each content. Without forgetting, you should definitely prepare your content calendar in Excel. If you try to make slides in Powerpoint, the customer will want you to improve the visuality and you will want to see it as if you shared it on Facebook. You can prepare your content calendar for 15-day or 1-month periods and submit it for your customer's approval.

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