We will examine the Social Media Campaigns in the fifth part of this series where we reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.

Social Media Campaigns

It is the service that the agencies love the most and increase the interaction the most. Since the campaigns are project based and they do not constantly deal with the agency, the agency's first choice is always to organize social media campaigns. But there is also a difference from campaign to campaign. Some agencies FacebookI would share a shipment to one of those who liked it and count it from the campaign to give one of those gifts. If you want a campaign from your agency, you need to prepare and send a detailed project for you.


National Lottery Attention

If the agency you are working with is punished by the National Lottery, and you are not aware of the conditions of participation, you should start looking for another agency. Also, you can be sure that the number of such agencies is very high. The National Lottery receives a commission for all the awards given on a certain amount.

What matters is creative when organizing campaigns. It would only be impulsive if you show a campaign that everyone in your industry has regulated as a great innovation and opportunity for the customer. So when you receive an agent's campaign offer, you should first investigate whether similarities have been achieved.

Do not be deceived at the awards

The awards are evidence of how successful agencies are in social media campaigns. It does not prove that they are completely successful, but it is an important influence. Nevertheless, you should not be fooled by the awards. Although the agency you work with offers a magical world to you, you should only consider the project they are offering you.

When you receive a social media campaign offer, the most important thing to note as a customer is to determine whether the campaign addresses the target audience and whether the campaign is spreadable. That's why it's important that you ask your agency for a target document before you start any campaign. No matter how creative a campaign that no one else has attended, it is worthless to you. People are not aware of it and do not participate in the campaign before the announcement of the campaign is done in a beautiful way.


Attention to Timing

Your client's greatest responsibility is to approve and return the files sent by the agency to you in a timely manner. The most lived problem in the campaign is confronted by the incompetence. If a client is still waiting for approval for a campaign that should be on the day before, the client will have a big trouble there the day before. For such cases, the client must also work with a detailed contract addressing the individual issues that the agent can take.

In the next part of our series we examined the services provided by social media agencies Social Media ConsultingWe will examine.

How is Social Media Consulting done?


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