Cambridge Analytica is a milestone. We are witnessing the end of the golden age of social media marketing. Would it be, dear? Look, Facebook is still very profitable, you can say that everyone is using Instagram, but I can explain what I mean.

Perhaps knowing, maybe not knowing, doing marketing through social media, we have told people very wrongly. People who have shown social media as a new sales channel. If you have an e-commerce site, we say that if you are selling online services, you should definitely sell from social media. We did it wrong. Time showed us why we did wrong, invested in ten, did not make any significant sales from the social media in exchange for ten creative opinions. At the moment, the majority of large e-commerce sites receive about 3-10% of their revenue from social media. They do the overall sales through search engine optimization and marketing. What was the contribution of social media investments? Of course brand awareness.

Markets clearly see the impact of social media on brand awareness and made investments. But with every big and small brand entering, Facebook has put a new term in my life. edgerank. With the EdgeRank algorithm we noticed that not everyone who likes my page can see our submissions before 10% then 2% and finally 0.5%. As a matter of fact, creating a regular sharing calendar in social media and constantly producing content did not make much sense on Facebook side. Twitter has already fallen in the eyes of long-lasting brands. Twitter, which is not preferred because of its political environment or because it can not address the general public, left us with one alternative: Instagram.

Instagram had a huge disadvantage for brands. There was no share button. We have entered into tiny games so that our exploit can be dropped to make up for this incompleteness. This is the reason why fraudulent likes are so popular or have been using dozens of irrelevant hashtags that are related to one another. Small brands have begun to sell through Instagram in a way that they can get 5-10 packages a day. This is a very big number for many, and they love Instagram very much and invest all their labor and money investments in Instagram. But for big brands, the business was rather troubled. You think Hepsiburada is sharing the product code in Instagram and trying to sell through Whatsapp. I left it funny, no communication, no big job loss.

Thus, there is no logical move that big brands can do other than show the 3-5 visuals to the target mass, just like in Instagram, and just do the billboard dressing. Could we have been able to show people three or five pictures, videos, what makes social media social media? No way. We would be able to dominate the social media as a valuable asset. Unlike many, I find it right that Cambridge Analytica does. Is not marketing already convincing people? Yes, they were involved in a little lie, but they taught us a great deal. We can rule over people's thoughts. We can sell what we want, the product we want, we can hate the product we want. What more would a marketer want?

But this dream was in the air. When the Cambridge Analytica scandal arose, data access, which was already pretty low, was almost completely shut down. Now we can hardly capture data via Facebook or Instagram. Social media was a powerful thing, we could not determine who we were advertising. I'm not talking about targeting those so-called "interested in health". We were able to target the person directly. We could foresee that from the content that the person likes, we could get a meaningful correlation from the pages and get the product of our brand. Now that we can not get new social data, a digital marketer will not be able to do that. Gradually, many brands will start to understand that it is the money's haggard that allocates social media and will be attracted. The media buyer will surely continue, but the content management department will not be able to see the coming year.

Ever since digital marketing enters our lives, terms and methods are constantly changing. Maybe someone who learned traditional marketing 15 years ago might be able to do business on the market right now, but when someone who worked on digital marketing last year went to a soldier, he would almost start from scratch. Now this new age requires a different approach. In the past, when you were trafficking in some way, you were selling but now the alternatives are up. Traffic is much harder to attract. I remember that in 2003, when I opened my first blog, I was able to attract more than 1 million traffic to my absurd content. Now when fifty thousand people arrive I say that they made good traffic this month. We are about to reach a traffic satisfaction rate, especially in e-commerce sites like this one. We are now entering a turn to improve our traffic better.

Now is the turnover optimization. The times when we can only sell traffic to our site are going to run out, and when we share good content in social media, this content has been viralized and circulated and it is over. It is now a better valuation of declining traffic as it has spread to different sites. For this, investments in social media content need to be done in A / B tests, text writing, technical SEO.

When social media took the customers to the web site in the golden age or the same turn of the year in the age of getting used to e-commerce, we were selling and enjoying the alternative sale. But if you sell a product to a customer due to increased costs and falling profitability, you can only come to the break-even point. You need to sell that once again to the new flat, once again, then once more. The LTV (Life Time Value) metric should be more in our lives. We need to spend more time and money on customer loyalty and retention. Because the new regulator will only be able to keep up with those who can sell more than one customer at a time. While logistics, advertising and labor power costs are increasing, you can not provide profitability any other way.

Are you aware? Now, nobody gives Adwords ads to anyone, does SEO work, or advertises on social media. Because everyone has already done it. The market is about to reach saturation. How you transform this captured traffic that will make a difference. He's not finished. You are reselling the same traffic and your friends from the same traffic are sent to you. Affiliate or Influencer Marketing is still a good method for WOMM. Especially, I can say that the Influencer Marketing initiatives such as CreatorDen started CPC based influencer work and provided very good sales figures. The new trend is not to produce content yourself in social media, but to transfer that energy and budget to the influencers. Only meaningful and segmented traffic can be provided in this way. But there are 5 million follow-up accounts that come to mind when it comes to influencers. An account with 5 million followers will not have a segment. Remember that micro-influencers are in circulation.

At a time when social media-based marketing is no longer feasible, we have to make more sales with scarce traffic. In this period, only those who can optimize incoming traffic will survive.