We will examine the Seeding service in the twelfth section of this series where we have reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.


The Seeding service, which is insemination in Turkish, is to provide a notice or link through social media accounts with the definition of general use. Seeding is the service of sharing the fame or phenomena of content that you want to share more. In this new service, a lot of agents entered TT service on Twitter.

Seeding Is Not Magical Until Described

Generally when Seeding is called, the stars or phenomena are paid astronomical figures according to the social media sector. When 70-80 hits are paid against these payments, the frustrations or objections of the customers do not bring back those figures. For this reason, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the persons before they work with fathers or phenomena. We are in a period where everyone is a phenomenon. There are very few returns from links shared by users who have acquired too many followers in inorganic ways. We need to calculate the return that will be provided by the desired budget. If you are providing a better return with your Facebook or Twitter ads, it is best not to risk Seeding.

Seeding In Terms Of SEO

Search engines are increasingly turning to search results based on sharing across social networks. The more you talk about your site on the social media, the more you get in front of it. Seeding can often be an effective method to achieve this. However, this service needs to be purchased constantly in order to be effective. Once the website has been shared hundreds of times over the course of a week, once the service has become unavailable, the search engines are aware of the situation and the money you've been spending on SEO is gone.

Attention to Viral

Seeding should not be confused with advertising bulletins or ad tweets. Seeding will be successful if it is completely viral. For this reason, it should not be obvious that Seeding accounts are advertising. If the agency prepares Seeding content, the texts must be reviewed before the campaign.

Quality Not Quantity Important

When it comes to seeding, many agencies talk about reaching your site to millions. When hundreds of different accounts are used to do this, hundreds (sometimes thousands) of fake accounts will be created. In particular, what kind of Facebook and Twitter accounts should be reported as a Seeding process, on which blogs to publish, on average, how much return will be made. But do not forget that the number of agencies or freelancers who can do these things properly does not cross a fingertip.

In the next part of our series we examined the services provided by social media agencies Digital PR ServiceWe will examine.

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