We have reviewed the Secure Internet filter, which has been a topic of discussion for a while. Here is the situation;

This service is completely based on the selection that covers all Service Providers in Turkey. There is no structure like Phorm, which does not have any franchisor or activator without permission. Also Safe Internet profiles are completely free. There are two separate profiles for child and family profile.

Until today, there were extra software in the homes of parents who understand the internet a little from the school or the internet cafes for internet security. With this filtering, you no longer need these extra software.

Filters can be filtered according to different categories in the selection of profiles. For example access to Facebook can be blocked at will under the Social category. If you want to see which websites have restricted access to which profiles from here You questioning. At the same time, you can vote on which profile the domain you entered from this page should belong to. It is gratifying to see this because it is difficult to filter billions of web sites by filtering a team or filtering by keyword. We hope the votes are being taken seriously.

According to the description on the web site of the Secure Internet;

By choosing your family profile, you will be able to get in front of sites with illegal and harmful contents.

  • Sexual abuse of children, drugs, dangerous substances for health, prostitution, obscenity, racism, terrorism, violence, harmful software, etc. There are no sites with content.
  • The forum and sharing sites are accessible in the family profile.
  • It offers family profile play sites, chat sites and social media sites either individually or together.

By choosing your child's profile, you are protected at the highest level of risk on the Internet.

  • All the sites you can access with a child profile are made up of approved sites.
  • The child's profile is large enough for adults to use the Internet.
  • There are many different kinds of sites in education such as education, news, business, shopping, health, and picture.
  • There is no chat and social media sites on the child's profile.

As a matter of fact, one of the nice steps that you can take against the news of "We came to meet you on Facebook" on the 3rd page of the news, which is increasing every day, is Secure Internet.

Secure Internet has come out with the motto of "Choose Freedom" completely. The service offered is quite nice and necessary. Of course, we also hope that our sites that are prohibited from accessing our selection rights will be accessible again.

A variety of recommendations have been made to families on the Safe Internet website. These recommendations are mostly made for families who do not know the internet. But when you examine the head that is forming a question mark. How will a parent who does not know the internet find this site and start to dig into it? Although the Internet is created for people who know a little bit, the recommendations are simple. I think it should be more diversified and more viral, because a 12-year-old boy who reads the article "Do not add people you do not know on Facebook" is discussed how long it takes the castle.

There are also many documents on the site. However, some of them are 350-400MB in size. Considering the internet speed in Turkey could not get myself to say I wish they would just upload somewhere like Google Drive.