What is QR Code?

The QR codes are now everywhere. As the mobile usage rate increases, those who want to direct their customers to mobile websites are starting to use more QR codes day by day.

What is QR code good for?

QR code "Quick Response" is a 2-D bar code with a quick response. With QR code, we can distribute mobiles to mobile web site as well as mobiles. It is much more practical to read the QR code instead of writing a person's phone number, email address, first name, last name on the phone. It is possible to earn from time using QR technology.

No matter what institution you work at, you should definitely have a QR code in your contact card. How do you create good QR codes?

How to create QR codes?

One of the most used systems in this area kaywin to. With Kaywa;

  • URLs
  • Article
  • Phone number
  • SMS
  • Contacts Contacts

You can create codes for. The good news is that this system is free. Below is a guide person code I created with the same system. This QR code is in Version 10 (57 × 57) format. All you have to do is enter the system you need, then select the relevant option, fill in your details and press the Generate button.


For more detailed information on QR Codes, you can review the following presentation.

Creating Color and Logout QR Codes

QR codeinstead of using black and white, you can make your design more interesting. Using color QR codes is the first of these methods. Colored QR codes do not cause any trouble when they are being read, because the important features of the code are their size, location, and proportions.


You can create colored QR codes from this site.

  • URLs
  • YouTube Video
  • Google Maps Location
  • twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • foursquare
  • AppStore Download
  • iTunes Link
  • Article
  • Contact for Phone Book
  • Skype Search
  • SMS Message
  • E mail address

You can place different data like QR codes and publish them in the color you want. The best part is that it is free.

qr colorful

The colored QR codes are nice, but would not it be nice if we could place our own log in the code and use different shapes instead of small squares? Should we do it for free? Below is a QR code I prepared for Semiyun.

in unitag_qrco
Unitagliv to

You can create it by adding logins such as text, web site, event, SMS, overlay using log. You will be able to vary the colors you use, the shapes used and the eyes in the corners, you can bring them in different ways. The forms there are not enough for me, you can watch the video below.

QR Code Instructors and QR Code Security

QR codes are now often seen. How are these QR codes taught? Which is the best QR code reader?

There are hundreds of software that reads QR codes. However, they are not very successful in reading QR code. Some can not read colored QR codes, others can not read damaged, wrinkled, torn codes. Here are the best quality QR code readers for you;

For Android;

For iOS;

For the BlackBerry;

For Windows Phone;

For Symbian;

This is a situation we should be aware of when reading QR codes. We do not know where the QR code will lead us. The creator of the QR code may have placed exploits or viruses on the redirected page. We recommend that you keep an antivirus program on your device before you read the QR code for this. In addition, while many QR codes are being read, you can access your contacts, location information and various information on social networks. Before you read the QR codes for this, you should consider whether the source is reliable.

How to Make QR Code Analyzes?

It is very important to be able to present its results and reports as well as making a successful campaign.

At the end of your campaigns you will need specific information such as how many people have read your QR code and the demographics of the instructor. There are a few ways to get statistics about QR codes. I can explain the free one as follows;

If you give a URL in your QR code first bit.ly or goo.gl Shorten your link using a site such as. With the link you shortened kaywin to Create your QR code in a QR code generator site like Whenever the QR code is read, a new click on the abbreviated link will be followed so you can practice how many hits you have in practice. With goo.gl, you can see the devices users click on your link, their click times, the countries they click on, and the operating systems they use.

In order to obtain QR code click analysis in greater detail,

You can use such systems. But these systems are paid.

Google Analytics is another system where you can track URLs for free. For Analytics, first shorten our link with a link abbreviation service and then create your QR code here We need to follow the steps.


Where is QR Code used?

QR codes should be used with the aim of every other system. You can not expect people to just read your QR code from your curiosity. The QR code you create must be fed with a campaign or privilege. That announcement should be explained somewhere alongside your QR code.

The QR code should not be perceived as a miraculous system. Like all other systems, it's just a tool used to hit your site. There is no such thing as to use this tool or show you a very futurist. This will depend entirely on the way you use it.

QR Code How and where should not be used?

QR codes are not what you need to trust when it comes to security. In the photo below, information about prohibited substances in an airport is given. QR is a nice car, but there is no requirement that anyone who gets on every plane will be a QR code reader.

It is necessary to capture a fixed image to read QR codes. The same is true of QR codes, however hard it is to take a moving cisumin picture. It will be very difficult to read the QR code on a moving advertisement. It is not possible to read QR codes in an advertising pod or a rally car that will return in the slightest wind, as in the examples.

Q-market q-rally
QR codes are very nice, very attractive, but it is not necessary to use this technology in every field.


The photo below is from an airport. There is a QR code in the lower right corner of the monitor. When you read this QR code, you can see how many minutes it takes for your plane to clear. But there are two problems here. The first is the screen fluctuation due to the frequency difference between your monitor and your camera. Due to this fluctuation, the user will not be able to read the QR code. The second problem is that reading the QR code to find out if the passenger is late on the plane is not really the most effective solution.

The place where you place the QR code is too much. The quality of your phone and the readability of the code change proportionally to the size of the QR code. Far too far or too small to read QR codes can not be possible. Of course, it is also important to be able to recognize remote QR codes.

qr code-away

QR codes are primarily used to attract users to your mobile web site. It is not a good idea to use mobile QR code to get your mobile site from within your mobile site.

The photo below is from a subway station. Jammers often disconnect connections at subway stations for security reasons. So even if you read the QR code in the subway station, your phone will not be able to direct you to a website because it is not a mobile network. You should pay attention to the characteristics of your QR code.

qr code-metro
QR codes are often used in designs because they are color-coded. However, you should also pay attention to the attractiveness of the code when decorating and designing banners. In order for the user to read your code, he must first notice that there is a QR code.

QR-code colorful
QR codes are "always used everywhere" and do not get too close. Sometimes giving a link will be much more useful. Your e-mail will be signed even if there is no QR code.

"Follow us on the social media" we started to wear clothes with themes. They are quite remarkable and quite effective. But QR codes are a bit more difficult to say the same. It is at least not ethically appropriate to wait for the driver to take the phone out of traffic and read the QR code behind your car.

As a result, you should designate your location where you will place your QR code and design accordingly. Instead of thinking that QR goes everywhere, you'll be more successful in your campaigns if you approach each area in a special way.

(Images taken from websites that work on QR code.)