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Social Media influenced every aspect of life as well as its career. Human Resource Specialists have now been able to publish business announcements via Social Media and receive applications over the same platforms. Not only the big companies, but the medium-sized companies, were looking for that person on Google before hiring someone. What do we have to do and what should we not do? We will examine them through Social Branding in Social Media.

LinkedIn: Linkedin is a giant professional business network with a membership of 200 million. Thousands of people from different sectors are gathered on this network. When you first enter it, it may come to you like a little ghost town that is not used much. But Linkedin is not an area where life is like in Facebook, like Facebook. Linkedin has life in groups.

After you become a member of Linkedin, the first thing you need to look out for is your photo. Upload a serious photo. However, seriousness is not strictly intended. Just be in a picnic with your friends, drawn in the grass.

After you set your profile photo, start to prepare your resume. You can spend two or three times the amount of work you spend on career sites, sure it will be worth it. Your resume that you have absolutely prepared must be in English. Alternatively, you can also prepare a Turkish version but be prepared in English. Which profession group you are in is the world of world professionals you have entered. It will be worth trying to get their attention. If your English is not at a sufficient level, you can use Google Translate, but it is your resume that you have prepared to have someone who knows absolutely.

I have nothing to write on my resume, so if you add me to the head, you will finish yourself. When Human Resources Specialists enter your profile, they can get the lure of smell. If you have no connection from the industry or workplace you mentioned, it is clear that you have lied. What you have to write just write it down.

Try to fill every field until you finish your profile at 100% in Linkedin. If you have slides that you have prepared so far, you can share them on your Linkedin profile via This will add a big plus to you.

After completing your profile, you will come to your linkinize profile. Your profile link is very important. Nobody will give a job to someone who has a nickname with Try to use your first and last name on your link as you can from your hand. Your SEO is in your hands. Your link is very important so that Linkedin account on Google can be posted higher.

It is also important that you write your contact information correctly. If possible, you must register with a gmail or yandex mail account that consists of your first and last name. If you are already working in one place, adding your personal and corporate e-mail address will allow others to find you on Linkedin. However, it would be better if you get a new job offer at your personal e-mail address. So your primary e-mail address is on your personal account.

Once we have made the settings for our profile information on Linkedin, we should first start to set up our links. In other words, by connecting to our e-mail address Linkedin'ye how much Linkedin has a friend we need to add. (Except those who are not profile photographs) We will begin to add people who are your common friends and people in our sector from the People you know after you add our people to our e-mail address. Because the more links you have in Linkedin, the more people will examine your profile. Human Resource Specialists are also more likely to notice you because they will be friends with the people you add. Our first goal should be to get more than 500 links.

When we add more than 500 links, Linkedin does not show how many people we are friends with, but only counts as 500+. For this reason, it is more difficult for an HR Specialist to know who is in the sector, who does not know, or who is really well known. In Linkedin, the number of connections is 500+ for everyone who is really an expert in their field. It is also useful to remind us that we should not confuse Linkedin with Facebook. The importance of privacy on Facebook is also important in Linkedin. Because business demands generally will come from people we are connected to in the 1st degree.

You have added hundreds of people, but you can not get a return to the majority and Linkedin does not allow you to add more people without your email address. You are required to enter your message box and return individual invitations you have sent, which you can access from within the sent messages. Be careful that you do not delete the messages and you need to undo the invitations. After reaching a reasonable number, you can continue adding without giving the email address again. If you have difficulty finding the link you can add, there are dozens of groups named LION or Open Networkers. You can add email addresses that are members of these groups and are shared with the groups. People shared in these groups will immediately accept you as they are aiming to increase the number of connections.

After you've added enough links, it's time to communicate with your real contacts. If you have already studied, coached or instructed you The English ask for advice letters. But I suggest you do not ask for a letter of recommendation from people you do not know. The results may not be what you expect. Your friends will ask you for a letter when they receive the letters of recommendation. It would be beneficial to be a little more cautious in this regard because you seem to have written some advice letters.

You should carefully adjust your privacy settings at Linkedin. As you can see who's profiled, the settings should be visible so that who is reviewing your profile, who you are and what follows.

We "positioned" our profile with the phrase social media. With our positioning, our profile has completed the basic level of our expertise. Now it is time to announce our profile to the sector and HR experts.

Linkedin has two different ways to reach the masses that are really relevant to your areas of expertise. First sector groups, second SEO. Linkedin has 10,000 different groups with Turkish content. If your industry is not a very specific area, you will surely find an audience you can address. First look for these groups and join them. But I would suggest you not to deal with groups outside of the sector. In particular, the "bloody fragrance" theme groups can not be sheltered at Linkedin. Remember, this is a professional business network.

After you become a member of the relevant groups, you need to start becoming active in the groups. As you write in these groups of leaders of the industry, you should show a clear profile of interaction as much as possible, while paying attention to what you are drawing. You can increase your knowledge about the industry by trying to make commentary on shared postscripts and reading articles. Be sure to share your sector-related articles in your personal or corporate blog. As your activity rate in groups increases, your business will be attracted to your attention and the number of visitors to your profile will increase.

The second step is SEO. You first announce yourself at the necessary points, but there may be people in groups who have not noticed you. HR specialists usually use Linkedin search box when searching for a new one. You need to use the necessary key words in your profile to get your name to the front. You should adapt all the headings you have attached to your career to the key words you have chosen. For example, you are a software developer who knows Php & MySQL. How do HR experts call you? Let us first choose our key words; Software, Php, MySQL. Replace your titles in all companies that you have worked with with the adjectives that these words pass. Then create some kind of job descriptions that will spend your job details in as many of these words as possible. Remember the more you use the related words, the higher the order in the search. A second step for SEO is to create a different profile. Your priority profile was in English. The second profile you have created is Turkish. If you use a programmer or software engineer in your English profile, you should use a lot of definitions in your Turkish profile such as software engineer, software engineer. It is useful to remind yourself at this point, do not try to look like someone you've never been.

You will be able to clearly see the increase in the number of visitors to your profile at the end of a week after you make the necessary settings. The more people who visit your profile, the more you will be recognized and receive so many job offers.

We have elaborated on Linkedin's factor to personally brand in Social Media. At Linkedin, we have explored ways to create appropriate profiles, SEO, group activity and visibility.

Unlike Facebook, Linkedin is a site that focuses mainly on outsourcing sharing. So when you share a photo on Facebook and feel like you are reacting like you are, you can count the reaction according to the hite you get from Linkedin. In short, if you want to draw attention in Linkedin, which is the foundation of personal branding, you should definitely write actively in some places.

The places where you can write and share your articles are actually limited. After you have determined your area of ​​interest and expertise, we suggest you take a look at the sites of your choice. If you have not found any sites where you can publish your articles, it is very important that you either open a personal website or a blog. The first reason is that you wrote it on another site. There is a handful of nails and two hands. You can reach out to more people by separating your time to produce original content, as you'll be struggling with SEO or Alexa of the website or blog you're opening. Because dealing with this is not as simple as it seems. An average SEO expert spends three to four hours every day to remove a site from the search engines.

You should write them well and identify them well. Especially at this point a warning is needed. The text you write will definitely belong to you from A to Z. You can not brand with Copy-Paste. When choosing the topics you will write on, you must first perform a competitive analysis. Who are your opponents in your field of expertise? What have your ratios written about? Do you know more about what they write? After you have done your analysis, start writing better on them or on different topics. Show your awareness. When you look at the topics you have chosen from a distance, you have caught up with a certain topic integrity. One day humor will not make you a recipe one day, nor will you write about molecular biology on the field.

The most important rule of branding is to write in a regular way. One day your inspiration came and you wrote a very beautiful and very shared article. It's beautiful. But after a week passed, everyone is writing it and it will begin to forget your name. You should show something new.

One of the mistakes that is often made about branding is to have a logo on your behalf. You do not need a logo. It only shows you the nose in the air. It is not important to have your name in mind in that sector. The second mistake is to open the Facebook page. This is a mistake that photographers often make. If you want to manage the community in different circles, you must first work on the channel where the target is located. A photographer who is really professional will prefer to display his portfolio through

Keeping a blog, writing articles is very nice and remarkable. But there is one thing more remarkable than writing. Prepare a presentation. Preparing as many presentations as possible about your area of ​​expertise and uploading them to and sharing them in Linkedin will gradually make you the most recognized of the industry. Do not hesitate to share what you know with people as long as it is not critical.

Any information you share will add a plus to your mark. Do not worry, readers will ask you for advice instead of applying what you share. In other words, you have become a brand in mind and you can get various jobs as well.

There are a few things you need to be aware of when making presentations. First of all your presentation needs to be in plenty of text to be visible by search engines. On the other hand, it is very difficult to catch a visual beauty in text presentations. You should set an optimum level between the two. One of the most common mistakes is in font selection. Choosing a font that supports Turkish characters when choosing your font for your presentation will be beneficial from the visual point of view and if you plan to make a presentation with Comic Sans MS,

Again, one of the most common mistakes is in the style of "graphics have been added to graphics that have been a presentation of the unseen." It is always more effective to choose a single theme and prepare the whole presentation through that theme. Avoid unnecessary effects and eye-catching colors. Finally, if you want to ruin your presentation you prepared, write a lot of words in GREAT letters and finally! You can add numerous exclamation marks in the form.

After you have prepared your presentation and uploaded and the .pdf version to Scribd, you should enter the required key words and wait for future feedback. Of course, you must have Linkedin or Twitter addresses in your presentation to receive feedback. Especially because I say "Twitter" or "Linkedin" because adding an email address will actually show that you are not open to communication.

You do not have to prepare a presentation with Power Point, either. Prezi You can also get good results with. But what is important in your presentation is where you share it, not where you prepare it.

Finally, I want to clarify the last point we have been talking about since the beginning of the article. Our efforts are only to increase the number of people who will enter our profile in Linkedin and provide "Brand Awareness". The more people see your name and your expertise side by side, the more you know about so many industries.

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