I'm going to talk to you about chatbot marketing and what they bring. In particular, the fourth generation of digital agencies seems to be creating chatbot technologies.

We can divide the history of social media marketing into four parts in Turkey. The first phase of the setup (2008-2010) we talked about could be done through social media, especially when big companies met with Facebook and Twitter, paying 4-5bin TL for a page setup. It is a fact that this period is very sweet, so we experienced the first loss of confidence during this period. The second period was the beginning of social data madness (2010-2014). As a result of Facebook's API limitations, many agencies are no longer able to record data on Facebook. Social media agencies do not need to run dozens of software developers, the technology-generated projects are almost over. Now that social media agencies have entered the third period (2014-2017), all social media agencies have begun to produce more content-focused, even more gif and video-focused content. The social media agencies have turned into a production agency. Creatives for brands were being prepared, fees were charged per piece. Eventually, another cycle is over.

We now have a new era in social media marketing. This is an era in which we start to produce technology and collect data. This age is the age of Chatbot. Chatbots will center on our marketing strategies in the coming years, along with developing artificial intelligence and machine learning. Chatbots now work in a way that is compatible with the WeChat technology, Amazon Echo, Android, Cisco Spark, Discord, Email, iMessage, iOS, Kik, Line, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, SMS, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, Web and WeChat. Within a few months, whatsApp is going to be added to this list. With the development of WhatsApp's desktop versions, more and more companies are now using WhatsApp. Companies were also able to aggregate data from conversations that took place in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

There are dozens of applications running with the Messenger API currently being the key to collecting different types of data. With the requests sent through the Messenger API, you can get access to all Facebook APIs much more easily. Especially in the interviews with Messenger boots using gamification, you are stunned that new permissions can be taken without disturbing you so much. We can say that the data collection period has started again, especially with the benefit of brands.

In the past we used all the Facebook apps for users by making small quiz applications. The user is connected to an application to answer questions about Galatasaray or Fenerbahçe. This application gets information from him, such as relationship status, first name, last name, phone number, e-mail address, favorite pages, friend list. Facebook now gives this information to Facebook for no reason. The brands and agencies that are aware of it are also trying to create a reason for it. Messenger boots are a great reason for this.

For example, with a bot Marketing API that will give you a few suggestions about your Facebook ads, your entire advertising account can get your data. This allows you to see how much you spend, what kind of brand you are working on, and what kind of advertisements you give. Is not that kind of data that a brand that will target digital marketing experts will want to get? On the other hand, for example, a detergent brand might ask you to access your Facebook API again in order to ask a few questions that have been developed along with boots and scripts. In line with the information you receive, the boat can tell you that you need to dry your laundry in the balcony or in the house while drying your laundry by telling the air pollution rates according to your city. To say this, you will have saved many of your data in the database.

The most important feature that distinguishes the digital tradition is that you have access to the data anyway? Traditionally, you can customize your marketing strategy even if you are performing a blind marketing, even if it is digital, based on people's habits, demographic information, or even other applications that they use on their phone. The Messenger bots that provide the user with any benefits and the WhatsApp bots in the future can also increase the data size.

On the other hand, boots can be used as a marketing channel. As with a marketing channel, you can send instant messaging in bulk, just like with desktop push notifications. It's like a new SMS marketing experience, but it's not read by anyone like SMS, it's really a new marketing channel Messenger bot that's really being read. In addition to marketing, boots are used for sales and CRM. With the artificial intelligence that can be developed, you can develop a system that responds instantly to many routine questions. The only limit to how you can improve these answers is your imagination. With the data you get, you can take the user back to the Messenger conversation again and talk again on getting new data. In data acquisition campaigns, data is usually acquired once, and needs to be continuously updated. Separate campaigns are organized for each update. But with Messenger boots, the data you get from the Facebook API is always up-to-date, and other data you get outside of the API can be retrieved repeatedly with small questions. In particular, the responses you receive from users along with the strategies of play can be much more honest than any other data collection method. When you combine this captured honesty with legal marketing methods, you can get a magnificent picture.

Another feature of Facebook Messenger that is currently in beta is that you can shop through Messenger. On your credit card you can order the product with one touch and you can shuffle it to your home. If you place an artificial intelligence sales representative behind it, you can convince the customer that the store is convinced that the store has come. Especially in digital marketing, hot selling is not possible. Fill in the form, we'll call you or our sales representative will contact you as soon as possible  Instead of cliché answers, you can now have your system switch to a dialogue with the customer. As a result of this dialogue you have to manually intervene in very unusual situations. Usually the client can not even understand that a well-structured artificial intelligence is an automatic bot. Even the gradually changing user habits will be the end result, and nothing will change for him.

At this point, we have to tell the truth about the benefits of our boots and brands. When we are selling bots as automation only at a time when communication is personalized, this is counterproductive to brands. Messenger boots need to convince brands to collect social data, to be a new marketing and sales channel.

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