35% of the world's web sites use WordPress. WordPress is a system that is selected and the plugins are at the beginning of the features. Here the 10 most used WordPress Plugins;


Akismet, which comes as standard in every WordPress, protects you from spam comments. The plugin you need to connect with your WordPress account is free to use. Blogs that do not use Akismet usually have hundreds of thousands of comments waiting to be published. These comments only load your server overhead. If you try to publish all of them, SEO is ruined because backlink is added in each comment. But if you see yourself as a patient on the go, you can manually change all these spam comments one by one and write them as if they were real. As a result all comments are registered as entered from different IPs.

Contact Form 7

With this add-on which is very simple to use and interface, you can prepare communication forms very easily. The most attractive feature of being customizable. Especially when you are able to write what you want in the message such as error message, reach message, etc., Contact Form 7 is attractive.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security says that it makes your blog 50 times faster and more secure than WordPress's selected add-ons. Together with the plugin, you can keep track of IP logs, block IPs, and secure your site against exploits.


Jetpack is an add-on for WordPress. We can even call it a group of attachments. There are dozens of different features in each of the blog's Jetpack is essential. If you do not have a mobile theme, Jetpack can offer you a mobile theme option, accelerate your site's speed with cloud servers, give you an idea, even if it's not Google Analytics, with the statistics you provide. From shortcodes to embed features, a lot of content should be essential for your Jetpack blog, which also contains the toolunu.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast, the most used SEO add-on in WordPress, helps you make basic SEO settings for your site. This tool, which is often useful for SEO experts who often forget basic SEO settings and go elsewhere, can analyze each page separately and get suggestions to make it better. Especially in content optimization, it makes your job a lot easier with the warning "the first paragraph does not pass your keywords".

WooCommerce - excelling eCommerce

WooCommerce is an add-on that introduces WordPress to E-Commerce. WooCommerce is a little bit complicated to use, not as much as on an ecommerce panel, but it is tailored for low and medium ecommerce entrepreneurs. In particular, features such as customization of the sales panel, multi-language support, etc., are highlighted. You do not need to write a separate system for jobs such as product listings, prices, baskets, product options. WooCommerce takes care of everything.

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

With iThemes, the best security plug-in you can install for your blog, you can take special precautions against Brute Force attacks. It is possible to take 30 different area measures with this plugin which also helps you with standard security measures such as moving a wp-admin entry to a different address, changing the admin name.

WordPress Importer

One of the simplest but most useful add-ons, WordPress Importer allows you to import or export content from different WordPress blogs. Add-on users who can transfer attachments such as authors, comments, categories, etc. at the touch of a button are also saved from a heavy burden.

Google XML Sitemaps

Creating an .xml file manually and creating a sitemap requires a bit of code information. Google XML Sitemaps, which saves us from this trouble, is an add-on that also works with Google and Bing, creating a robots.txt file.

Disqus Comment System

This plug-in developed by Disqus, the widest commenting network in the world, for WordPress SEO compliant comments the plugin actually. It is easy to comment when you are able to use social networks while logging in to comment. With Disqus, which has a very powerful moderation system, it will be able to receive advertisements in the near future.

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