Today, every company, every institution, each organization has a website. By the year 2011, Turkey 16.8741 million different websites available. This is a nice figure but the majority of these websites are suffering. For this reason, when I set up a website, I wanted to write a little article about what to look out for when designing.

  • Keep an active e-mail address in the Contact section which is absolutely accessible to you.
  • About / About Us section and Communication sections are different sections. Do not confuse the Communication / Transport section with the part you will be briefly informed about.
  • The email address you write to your web site must be a corporate email address. A mail address with @ extension will not provide the seriousness required.
  • Never write an e-mail address like as your web site contact address.
  • info Use to send email addresses with names, not to receive mail. To receive mail, contact @ or contact @ mail addresses.
  • Check your mail boxes every day. If you have difficulty accessing your corporate e-mail address, please connect your corporate e-mail address to your personal e-mail address. (Can be done quite easily with Gmail)
  • If you are running a website that will update your website at least once a week, do not add any kind of modules that will need to be updated daily to your website. If a section of "We've chosen for you" type remains stable for 5 months, your corporate image will be damaged.
  • Pay attention to the visuals you use on your website. Be careful not to use photographs of foreign students from a university. Now everyone has memorized the photos of a slogan "Pick us for success" with two blue-eyed blue-haired girls and a black child. The photos you use on your website should reflect you, not the Finns.
  • Avoid creating animated images with .gif extensions on your website. These pictures overly slow the user's machine, and obviously they are not visually nice at all.
  • On your website (if you are not a music producer) you should not play music from behind. If this is very important to you, you should be able to close it with ESC key.
  • You should adjust the view size of your website to the largest and smallest 15 "- 25" screens on the market.
  • Pop-up ads on your website Never Use.
  • Do not use flash ads on your website. Although it is very necessary, the number of these ads never go past 2.
  • The background of your website with Logonuz should be absolutely compatible. The logo should not look like it was accidentally placed there.
  • Trojan etc. on your website. If there are viruses, it will be better in terms of the reputation of your institution to shut down your website until the problem is solved.
  • There's no requirement that your website will feature great graphics. Do not sink in plain. Do not try to prepare the site banner with Paint.
  • Everything on my website, do not bother trying to find out where everyone is calling. Do not go out of your own area as you can not sell cars.
  • Make sure your website is compatible with Turkish characters. There are still websites that do not recognize chars in the year 2012.
  • Absolutely integrate your social media accounts if you have the Web site. (Note: Integrate your corporate social media accounts, not your personal Facebook)
  • The background that you use for your website is animated, made up of eye-catching bright colors.
  • Do not use different colors in your posts. If the fonts you use are readable.
  • Stay away from scrolling in different places on the page.
  • Make sure the images you upload are in place. One on the right, one on the left, one on the other. If you need to add 3 pictures to the bottom line equalize the widths.

If you can not apply them, do not forget; You do not have to have a website. 

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