Birthdays are perfect for making accounting for the last year. The last year's to-do list mix up and make as much as I can with whatever I plan to do.

In the last year;

  • I published 75 articles about digital marketing. These articles can be found on my personal blog, on my partner, on, in, in SMK Magazine, in Social Media Club, in Promoqube Blog, in Turkcell Blog, published.
  • I have managed 15 different small projects. The most memorable of these projects was the project for WeChat, which reached 290M timeline delivery at the end of the work.
  • I started 84 hours in digital media training in Bilge Adam.
  • The reports about newspapers and TV's status in social media have been published in 26 different news sites. One of the most interesting of the posted news is the bad results of the National Channel publishing It was. All other reflections Press page.
  • I had the chance to interview 6 different sites and get a national channel. However, while doing the accounting for the year, I write in this article minus myself.


One Year Infographic

The other items that I have in mind from my to-do list that I do not include in infographic are as follows;

  • I've opened a Facebook page for my blog, but I've generally had to stop interested in it because Facebook is dropping bad impressions.

  • I could keep my blog's Alexa values ​​in the 5K-7K band.
  • The Klout skirm fell from only 78 to 77. I was expecting a greater decline in this density.
  • The only infographic I could prepare during the year was just the infographic above.
  • It was a year when I could not finish my 3rd book and I could not sell my 2nd book again.
  • 100,000 new news items have been published on my blog-related news site in the last year.
  • I prepared and published 18 different WordPress sites. However, I could not finalize anything from the timeless saying "this is it".
  • I could only come up to the 60th in the "social media education" keyword that I targeted.
  • I just threw 2567 e-mails. This means that I send 7 mails per day on average.
  • In the target of my English article, which I put on my self, I totally succumbed to a single article. But it is quite likable, if you want to read it; New Propaganda.
  • Portfolio has added 98 new brands in the last year.

What's on my to-do list for next year?

  • Adwords Certificate
  • PMP Certificate
  • UX Design Training
  • Socialmediatoday author

Finally, my share of the last year;

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