How Your Brand Is to Connect with the Emotional Link

It has been written and drawn for years on being a brand. "Human" non-rational The fact that brands are born as a being exists to make our life easier. If you think, you will get detergent from the market, there are 10 different products in front of you, no brands at all. You read and compare the ingredients in the individual ... In the end, people are starting to build loyalty and emotional bonds with the brands they buy.

These concepts are quite effective at times when priority is not entirely money. Of course, during a famine, when I go to markete and eat bread without UNO, I will not say that my children will stay without bread. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the concepts of loyalty and emotional bond, especially the X-axis. Because they were in the hands of the famine Baby Boomers. Because it is more important for the X and BB belts to offer a product on the price / benefit axis. But we are in a period of great abundance throughout the world we are in, people who grow up with the famine period sometimes can not adapt to the new turning thoughts. 

Everyone has similar stories, my father was eating at a restaurant one day when he was 6 or 7 years old in Gaziantep. He took a sip of tastant buttermilk and ate a sip of food. The scooped one with a scooped head, one with one, the one with it, the less spontaneous. Of course there is yogurt in the amount of the thing we call ayran. When I offered a glass of buttermilk to my dad at home, he said something similar to what his grandfather had told him. Because we do not put water in the bowl, yogurdu mixer and drink. This is the difference between the two generations that come after each other. My daughter and my son on my alpha line will most likely be even more different. "Well done, you drink 3 glasses of buttermilk, you're a burned child." The children of Y who grow up in abundance and grow up in time of abundance Branding will be much stronger on the alpha axis.

Even those who oppose the concept of brand loyalty say that "very few people are brand-loyal", there is something they actually forget. There is no big difference between Apple's technology and its competitors, which currently have the highest profitability in the smartphone market. So you can get the biggest company in the world with "very few people" that they mean. 

no emotional ties and brand loyalty I understand he's Markac are translated from a foreign language, read in books that explore global brands if they feel like two days branding has occurred and they burst when they tried to practice in Turkey. There are guilty concepts. The same is true for the concept of "positioning". 

The last sentence on the top tweet is really important. What does "add value" mean? Marka already has a brand of every product. An old customer said, "Yes, I have a company that is interested in branding, patenting," when I ask, "Do you have a brand counselor?" The issue is not to create a brand, but a value of the brand. This happens with the brand loyalty and the emotional bond established by the consumer. Or you can not create a "value" with promissory viral advertisements that are slapping the consumer. 

The process of emotional bonding is divided into two. This is where many of your marketers explode. Internal branding and external branding. The product itself is important in internal branding. Of course, a brand loyalty will not occur unless the person who purchases the product is dissatisfied with the product. Think about the fact that the Rolex timepiece you have received has not returned, that the authorities are not helping, etc. We did not say rational decision, and we did not say idiot. The minimum satisfaction of the consumer from the product is the first condition. 

External branding starts with employees. I have to remember Harley-Davidson's words from Lara Lee; "We do not think long" what the consumer wants ". The consumers are already us. " Real insight can be achieved when empathy you make with your consumer is done not only by the rational arguments of the consumer but also by considering the messages that should be received in the subconscious. Pantene's name change is a good example to understand the consumer. When the shampoos produced according to dry, oily and normal hair changed the types of hair into bulky, curly and flat hair, the consumer's confusion had gone away, and he had come to the position of telling him better.

When the goal is commitment increase target awareness, increase love Must be. That's why the good of the commercial is bad. If you go out and play Hitler in a shampoo commercial, talk a lot, you are never loved. (Biomen went off, it is not sold anywhere.)

The goal should be to add character and charisma, not awareness. Do not say Yahu is a character's charisma. Here, charisma, character: 

There is a charisma there if a car's engine sound is watched at 1.6M. You can not make a value by saying that your brand is just good, cheap or something. We must have a story of your mark. 

Recall the advertisement of the Emperor Anka in the last 2018 presidential election. There is a story in the middle, a brand loyalty.

It's all important, your market needs to trigger. Harley-Davidson's engine sound, Kellogs' voice, iPod's white headphones, milk and Oreo's love, celebrated May 4th as Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You) leaving Coca-Cola in color. 

If you do not have an emotional connection with your consumer, maybe X belt will keep you alive for a while. But I do not think the Y, Z, and Alpha generations will be so compassionate. Loyalty and emotional ties are the only concept that can make you the leader of your market. If otherwise, maybe it does not attract the strongest distribution network with Coca-Cola turquoise water market in Turkey, Nestle, such as still would not buy Erikli found loyal consumers to enter a strong brand on the market in the distribution. The job lies not only in increasing availability, but in being preferred. Of course, the difficulty of the job is that there is no clear data about the Alpha band, but it is getting harder to make the Z band faithful every day. Because every day a new brand is emerging, competition is increasing, again more ads are being advertised every minute and blindness is starting to occur. At this point the sadakin way is passing through emotional connection. 

Recommended book about the subject: 
Daniel Kahneman - Fast and Slow Thinking - Varlik Publications
Nir Eyal - Kancaya Takınınca - Elma Publishing House
Gary Vaynerchuk - Thank You Economy - Mediacat
Donald Miler - Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen - HarperCollins Leadership

Is It Your Only Mind To Establishing World Brand Being Monopoly?

Brand. Perhaps the most important detail of the century we are in is the mark. Until this century, people paid only for the commodities. But now the habits of people, the things they care about have changed. We are now paying for the brand completely. While the whole world is investing in their own brands, what are we doing in this enormous branding race? This is the first question we have to ask ourselves every day. What did I do today to make my brand even bigger?

In our own right, every unit has beautiful brand stories. For example, one of the most interesting people is Çengelköy vici. We can make a crocodile brand. Yes, this branding is superb and can only be "on its own". This may be a true story of success when people in Taiwan look for Cengelköy viciary. Now we need to look more closely at that stereotyped question. Is the world brand coming out of us? To give a clear answer, it is very difficult with this head. So why?

To tell the truth, when it comes to getting out of the "world brand" business, the companies are very limited. The majority of the work must come from the state. Behind the things that make Germany an automobile giant, a part of China, or a high-tech giant in Japan is a big government policy hidden. However, rather than incentives for our sector or our brands, electoral development plans are more on the agenda. I will explain what I mean by a small example.

Currently investing in the brand in Turkey and there are 3 brand that produces mobile phones with Turkish capital. Vestel, Casper and General Mobile. Reeder, Kaan, Teknosa, Turkcell T'yi these 3'lü especially do not take between. The first 3 is probably already heard for the first time in this article, and I see Turkcell's phones as a move to make a cheap phone completely for the internal market. There is no such thing as where parts of these 3 phone brands are made. The marks belong to us. Some parts of the iPhone is manufactured by Samsung No one in South Korea does not.

In recent months, a new tax claim called Vestel tax was on the rise. The thought of putting additional tax on imported phones. This idea came from Vestel. This is one of the reasons for the hardship with this head. One of the most frequent ways to get a world brand is to raise the sieve in innovation, to perfect the product, and finally to open the outer pazaar, based on the internal market competition. When you open the outer market, you will move more comfortably using the experience and cash flow you get inside. But monopolizing in the inner market makes you a totally bulky structure. With this cumbersome yes, your profit ratios will increase, but in the foreign market you places.

We need approaches that will increase competition in our domestic market and make domestic products more preferred. You can easily increase your market share if you can give a 3 year warranty on phones that everyone can guarantee 2 years to differentiate in the mobile phone market. If you need incentive from the state, you can provide it by returning the install option to the mobile phone in domestic products, not by letting the consumer hate you by asking for additional tax. If domestic mobile phones come in installment option or SCT / VAT discounts, demands for this brand will increase. In this way, more investment in AR-GE will be gained and more room for movement to increase customer experience. I think this is the biggest problem of the entrepreneurial spirit in our country. "I can not win KPSS, so I'm an entrepreneur." It is very difficult to develop products that can compete with the world. We need to be able to adopt the approach of how we can improve the competition rather than the guarantor, monopolistic approach.

There are so many opportunities in the world branding world today. New generation globalization, especially brought by the digital world, allows you to easily promote your brand worldwide. However, while these brands are so intertwined with the digital world, they are connected to the distributors with their interesting "kabotaj" privileges while our brands are opened to foreign markets. The period of loyalty to distributors in B2C products is now over. With a little extra investment, you can make your direct sales to the desired geography. You can take a step by selling your products in markets like Amazon, Aliexpress. For example I give it from Vestel especially because it is a brand with overseas offices that have plans to open abroad. But when I look into the power of digital power abroad, I see only 28 people like Facebook. (Vestel International)

It seems a long time to exchange rates in Turkey remains high. We are at a time when it is very difficult to catch up with high growth rates by addressing the inner market. In order to achieve high profitability rates, we are one step closer to the day we do not open directly to foreign markets. China should be a great example for us. Xiaomi and Huawei, despite their perception of hele hele Made in China, they accepted the whole world. What Japan did 50 years ago is now China. So what are we doing?

How much do we use diaspora? There are millions of Turks living outside Turkey. The Turks are coming to mind only the choice to select from all over Turkey. In particular, a full cultural potential brand ambassadors of which the bond against the Turks in Germany, Turkey has never cut. In order to open up to Germany, France or the Netherlands, it is first necessary to set up campaigns that target the Turks there and share their products with their environment. In these campaigns, it is much more logical to make over the social networks that all of them use the TV channels such as Euro D as their main weight. Especially the young immigrant generation in Europe does not watch TV. We need to work more closely than fuara fuara marketing activities.

Creating a brand with national resources is also an option. THY is going well on this road. Unfortunately, this is not the way to go for all brands. Instead, the main focus should be on exporting premium products, called Asian Turtle, and giving it the best product in the world at a high price. But this way we can make Made in Turkey more meaningful. Made by Turkish may be a more effective slogan. There are still so many who associate us with Hindi.

Haier, based on the example of the Asian Turtle. A company that broke hundreds of defrosted refrigerators with sledgehammer in the workers in 85. They say that the workers are crying over these refrigerators, which are more than double the salaries of the workers. The brand was particularly well known for this event. Do we have the heart to do that? That's where Asia Turtle Route can work. The truth is that the customer's dissatisfaction will be reduced the most and the satisfaction rate will be announced for years. But you all remember our situation. Seeing the first complaint in the complaint, the boss says, "If they do not like it, they do not use it, brother." Haier is now the world's largest white goods producer. The only thing that ensures that they are focused on fault-free production. We do not see much in Turkey's market, but part of the $ 5.4 billion General Electric Appliance's a promise we could buy a company.

Investing in AR-GE, which we need to focus on in order to be a world brand, is only possible by shifting our focus to customer satisfaction, producing excellent products. I also have bad news if you say that I also offer excellent product / service. We have not heard your name before. That's why you have not invested enough in digital advertising.

Marketing World's "Cracking" Gurus at Work!

çakma guru

It has been quite often the beginning of the marketing lately to meet the gourmets. But no wonder, these "knock-out" gurus can go beyond being a group that diverges according to their skills and abilities. This group, which in particular can not produce any scientific data emerging from marketing as a science, as far as I can observe in general, can not go beyond what they can not do.

Start with a warm example. Actually TV viewing rates are risingMus and advertising on TV is more important than ever.

For God's sake, I look at this chart and watch TV rates in young people seems to fall a bit, but in fact it is growing.

I will write without giving a name, but you will understand that it is so. I start by typing some of them.

"Brand loyalty is nothing"

Hoot! Tens of thousands of people have Harley-Davidson tattoos on their bodies. Do these people ever get another chopper?

Or without brand loyalty concept Harley-Davidson festivals How will you explain it? How will you explain the Vespa clubs or world tours? The biggest examples are Nokia. Everyone who lived Nokia 10 years ago was very loyal, iPhone turned out, Nokia finished. Then they say where loyalty is. The answer is that the brand is categorized, but what is interesting is that they reject the brand categories.

"Markets do not separate into categories in the eyes of the consumers"

If we were to talk over the same example, if it was not broken down into categories, no one would have gone to the smartphone over the phone. With smartphones, iPhone has succeeded in creating a new category. In the same way, Sony has been able to sell it because of a different category of waterproof phones. With its domestic and national approach, Vestel can sell. If people did not put products into different categories in their heads, there would not be a marketing thing anyway. The only competing area would be the price. Or in the world where Samsung's processors are manufactured by the iPhone, who would go and pick up the iPhone?

"Positioning Does not Have Anything"

I read this with my mouth open in amazement. If trademarks are not in the eyes of people, then the crime is that you can not manage the brand you are directing. Why are you putting all the marketers into a liar for things you can not do yourself? Pepsi tasting tests do not exactly prove this? As long as people do not know the name of the brand, Pepsi loves Pepsi more and if he chooses Coca-Cola for his name, will he not show that the brand is different in his mind?

"The Products Can not Be Different"

You tell him to go to Absolut Vodka! I go to Absolut's collectors who take their bottle designs up to art galleries, and in fact this vodka is no different from other vodka. It tells you both your loyalty and your differentiation.

"Not Positioning Is Essential"

If you live in the 1950s, of course. Which product do you not find in this internet age? From Etsy, Alibaba, I have already heard from Amazon, and now even 3-4 employees in Anatolia have e-commerce sites. People are not going to take you because you are not in a supermarket chain in a world where you can easily find every product you want. But if you do not have a positioning strategy, then that is the customer who will get the other product you see on the supermarket shelf. Or why am I just ordering the worn-out Höşmerim glass case from the internet? I do not prefer other hoscheries in the markets. Because the glass bowl gives me a sense of freshness, change in taste.

"Competitive marks are the names of one another"

Yes, someone who is going to get technology markete iPhone can get Samsung to go to that day knowing that he is not staying on the iPhone. Of course you are. No, if people can not find the brand they are looking for in the shop, they usually do not buy it or look at another shop. Most likely they buy from the internet. I have finished the baby cloth at home and run the markete yes I do not look at any other brand, I alternate between these alternatives, but who is buying 10 parcels from the internet suddenly take a baby cloth and stock it? I passed all of you, your baby does not want to leave the brand you are even getting used to!

"Marks do not look like human beings, Writing Similarities"

The outcome of this thinking comes from the fact that people assume that they will not interact with brands. The person who says this has not yet met social media as far as I can tell. If he had probably been working in Kadıköy Municipality, he said, "What about municipalities that communicate with the public? What do you need? " Please, we are in the communication age. If the brand can not contact the customer, if the mirror neurons can not move, then it becomes a brand with plenty of substitutes. That's what we've been trying to do to keep our marketers alive!

"Online Advertising Calls Are Not Effective"

To be able to say this once, you have to be able to measure directly how effective offline actions are. I do not know how much real money they can reach with Santim column metrics or meaningless TV viewing reports, but they do not know we can see clearly how many sales it is as a result of a digitally broadcast banner or video ad. On the other hand, they do not know which of our election power we have in which circulation our ads are broadcast, so they shake it abruptly because of lack of information.

These "flashing" marketing gurus from the Byron Sharp school tell us that what we have said so far is that everything we learn is a lie and that the only real knowledge is in them. But they do not have enough information to prove it, nor do they say it is in digital form, without the information.

With the hope of creating a marketing strategy that you avoid from "crawling" shots ...

It's Time to Be a Flawsome Brand! Why Flawsome?

flawsome markalar

In recent times a new term has entered our life, Flawsome Brands. This is one of the most recent trend definitions, and I think it was one of the most important branding instruments for a brand. What is this Flawsome? How to be?

Human Brands Human Marks are now in our lives. Flawsome Brands, a subdivision of Human Brands, acknowledges the fact that brands are not perfect, as brands are supposed to have feelings like humans and should have approaches in the face of events.

A brand with a Flawsome Brand is just like a human being. It is not perfect. People are already expecting it from brands. When you see that everything in a commercial you see is quadruple, are you not afraid of your eyes? The first thing that comes to mind in your mind is that while the perfect features of the product you buy will line up in succession, you will hear how expensive an item is,what is the fault they did not tell me?" is not it working?

Mirror neuronsAccording to the working principle, it is more possible than we like things that resemble ourselves. We, as people, like brands that can make mistakes just like people do. Markers with defects and defosses. Of course, the brand is a lot of defossi good, I do not want to take it. The brands that accept this mistake are in the eyes of the people who like it. One of the first rules of crisis management is accepting an error. Otherwise people are more superior.

Let's go with a recent example. Burger King, Arby's, Popeyes brand as the representative of Turkey TAB big events happened in hiring a candidate's interview in Food pulled out. TAB has not made any statements despite the fact that the hours passed. Because the old type of brand management says to stay silent in such situations, and ultimately people will calm down and forget. However, it is not known how effective the initiated boycott is, but in the eyes of people TAB Food is no longer a company that can be willing to work. Another reason why they probably did not make a statement is that they did not fall into the newspaper and news sites. News sites continue to prove every time they are very money-savvy in this area. Marks do not see such incidents growing too much by the thought that they will stop advertising me. But there is something that brands have forgotten, communication ageWe nd.

United Breaks Guitars is the first example that comes to mind when it comes to crisis management in digital age. After the video, the company suffered tens of millions of dollars in damage, and the first passers of the victim did not appear on the news channel. Until people share this video. In the case of TAB food, if the people make up their voices, the company will make a statement. Because it seems that TAB Food is not a Flawsome Brand. The typical old head is now in the view of an uncompromising family business. I hope they embarrass me by posting a nice message of apology in the coming hours.

The first rule of sanctification and immunity is lack of communication. In ancient China, you had to leave the emperor to get special permission to speak to the throne hundreds of meters. Between each of the thousands of protectors, you lean on each new meter, you can not look at your face. On this view the emperor showed to the people that he had the power of the god. Because it has a divine gentle inaccessible. Thousands of years ago, this tactic was working, and now it's a bit difficult. Now communication is very strong, substitution products are much more. Now they are earning accessible brands, reachable people.

I never forget, because of a project I had to email a few names. Although the world's largest 10 companies have been answered from one CMO at the same company always mail in one day I threw the ball deputy director of the Turkey office with a staff of 20 people were unanswered mail. Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin answered the same mail in 10 minutes. We are in a world where accessible people gain more and more ahead, companies are not so different.

Research shows that most people will not be affected as much as 70% of the brands on the earth are lifted tomorrow (Source: Havas Media, November 2011).

In the new world, the reputation, loyalty and credibility of all companies now depend on cotton yarn. Like the original of the brand, I do not have the luxury of producing, selling with the produce I produce so I am not supposed to be with anyone. Now, brands need to make themselves prominent just like a human being.

We are in the age of transparency. When we look at a product from Hepsiburada and see that it is positive in the 150 comments it received, do we not say "come on out there"? Do not you think that when you see brands that have only one bad comment about Şikayetvar or Ekşisözlük, "this brand has been depressed with money / printed content with money"? With each passing day, the number of such thinkers is increasing. The important thing is not that you have a complaint, but you can resolve the complaints. Each brand's unquestionable complaints will be long-running complaints. Negative things about each brand will be written. That's what's natural. The bosses who spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to get rid of the complaint about it do not understand it! Those complaints are very valuable to you. These complaints show that you are a brand that can make mistakes, that is, a human brand. The important thing is not to remove it, but to solve it. Even if you can not solve it, the main issue is that the positive content is twice as many as the negative. Each of these complaints is an opportunity for you. It is an opportunity for you to make up for the mistake and make the customer a loyal customer. There is no investment in your mark as much as a complainant to reclaim the customer.

The markers that can make mistakes and make lessons from this mistake and make up for the mistake are the most valuable ones. People go after these brands, defend them. Is not it much easier to be a lawyer of a brand that accepts when you make a mistake?

The FLAWSOME trending example is probably the best example of how Domino's Pizza was launched in 2009 by its employees following a negative video on YouTube Domino's Pizza Turnaround (Recovery / Return) campaign. In 2011, the brand proved its continued transparency by reflecting customer feedback (good and evil) throughout its July 2011 giant digital advertising charts that it hired in New York Times Square.

One of my favorite examples belongs to the Red Cross. When an employee accidentally threw his tweet into the Red Cross's account, I wiped the Red Cross tweet and pretended that nothing had happened. He made a mistake and accepted his mistake. "I just squeezed the last tweety tweet. Please do not doubt that the Red Cross is sober "

We have seen hundreds of similar examples. "My cousin has written, my account is hacked, I do not have such an account" explanations that remove us from the mark enough, irritating approaches.

Let people make negative comments about you. You can even lead people to write negative thoughts about you, and you can get great insights. Everyone will see the negative comments that people write about you in the end. Perform crisis management and complaint management with people who truly believe in Flawsome. In the world of communication there is now no place for those who look at the brand with their old head.

How does a local car become a world brand?

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık shared photos of the prototype of the domestic car today. The prototypes were camouflaged as usual during the first launches. So the design of the vehicle is not yet complete.

As soon as the photos came out in print, the information spread that the car was the same as the Cadillac BLS model. This model is a model that is not produced in the world at present and probably sold to Saab and we bought it from there. According to Shuan, the difference between Cadillac and Saab seems to be that the engine is working as a hybrid.

The debate began when we saw that the case design was taken from Cadillac, domestic how the car would be the same as Cadillac. Here is a preliminary important question. Renault is a French brand. There is a factory in Bursa that has been operating since 1969. Shuan Clio, Megane, Fluence are produced in this factory. OYAK owns 49% of the plant. Vehicles are produced here from the engine to the truck. However, when we look at the end of the work, Renault continues to be a French brand. For example, Mercedes' E, C and S series are being produced in Vietnam. However, Mercedes continues to be referred to as the German brand.

I think of Mercedes Metrobus purchases made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality came to mind. He was told how much money he would be paid for those months by buses. Şuan İETT's fleet has 1569 Mercedes brand buses. There are 50 buses from Phileas brand Holland. There are 1440 buses produced by Otokar and Karsan. All of these buses were produced after Mercedes purchases. Bus A.Ş. has 951 buses of Turkish goods. (I do not think you know how many buses the Public Bus operators have even.) At this point the know-how is entering the circuit. If you could not produce a proper bus before, you would have to get into the production of the bus called lömp before it was taken from the outside and then produced.

Technical status on the subject Olcayto Cengiz explain. At this point, we need to move towards "Brand" perception. The cars that will already be produced will generally appeal to the interior. Because we buy more cars than almost all of Europe. In the inner market, Otokat, BMC, Güleryüz, Temsa, Tezeller and even brands are not entirely domestic producers. But we all know when Ikarus is called.

You do not produce all the parts that your brand has in your side-by-side production facilities. This is a point of view from the times of the Industrial Revolution. Brand awareness, patent / copyrights are important. Or the iPhone 6S produces the same in China before they even go to the market. It's 100% native.

Another point of view is that I am totally against this idea that the applications should be directed to big data instead of automobile applications. From this point of view, you were told to Hungary that you only produced buses, and the above Ikarus came out to the market. For the buses, Ikarus' IK 127V model is produced in-house instead of getting it from Hungary again. Just like it is in domestic cars. In a country where about 100,000 new automobiles are registered for traffic per month, it has been a step that should be supported in order to reduce external dependency.

What we need to pay attention to is that the domestic automobile adventure does not share the same fate with the Revolutionary Cars or that it does not fall victim to amateurs. As a result, before the release of Angry Birds, the same company ran a full 51 games. We should not expect global branding in one day.

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