How Much Does It Work to Improve Retention?

Retention is a metric that can be quite costly if not well structured. In order for the retention to be more appropriately assessed, it is necessary to give some examples of how retention strategies are implemented in the sector.

SMS Marketing

I am going to show you a few examples of SMS, in fact we are quite accustomed to SMSs that come from all of us.

Media Markt

Medipol Mega


What is my brother interesting about this? If you are talking to these SMSs all of us are coming to us, you are right on the problem! We all have the same messages. This is neither retention work nor "marketing". It's just that the bosses are nothing but a tiny ovarian disease. Do not look at the papers, but if I'm stopped by the SMSs on gynecology, I will not be too happy to say that.

The esprising of retention work is to hit the potential customer at full cost with low cost. Unfortunately, however, this is perceived as "we oohh get cheaper, we try to sell these people, if at all." Regretfully, I should regret that the only criminal is not the ignorant bosses who do not understand marketing. The more intelligent the brand and the marketing consultants are, the bigger the effect, the bigger the consumers are.

Marketing fun I have mentioned on the article that I wrote about the epttavm that is trying to sell me a pink footprint. The hospital that sent me a gynecologist is no different. The same 70% reduction every 3-5 days does not have any strategy for the sender. These unnecessary messages, rather than selling something to consumers, the consumer hates them to actually provide. You can tell me why you are not getting out of the SMS list, I'm going out of those, the next day another brand launches these meaningless submissions. We all know.

No marketing is done without data. The money you spend without making a measurement is now considered to be completely gone. Natro is the only brand that measures the click-through rate of SMS in these 3 SMS cases. I do not even think that other brands outside Natro set a target for sending this SMS. The main es- tablishment of the retention work is to give back to the knowing person who knows you, giving you the least possible amount of money, and making it possible to shop. Of course, if we want them to be able to shop, sending something they can buy is a better option. I pay attention, although I am not very healthy, I have only been eating pizza for the last 5 months at MealsPet, although they send me a dry bean-rice mailing. Even our biggest companies are still unable to integrate the data in their hands into marketing.

Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications seem to be the technology that will take the place of SMS or even take it. It is much easier to use this technology efficiently because there is a lot of serious data in hand. Mobile applications, the place where we have obtained this data, are also increasing in importance. We use Mixpanel in CreatorDen. We send push for different scenarios through the tool which is fully integrated with the mobile application.

A few weeks ago we started and activated new scripts in push notifications. Immediately after the action taken in the application, a 340% increase occurred. It was not a one-time interest, but continued to rise in the coming weeks. In fact, if you can work with push-based edits that really are based on the situation, people give you the right to work. There is almost no limit to developers in these movements, which increases the session rates by 139%.

Things to Watch Out for Push Notifications

1- Generally, pushes longer than 120 characters will not be displayed. It is very important that the messages are clear and understandable.

2- The posted hours are also very important. However, if you are well aware of your target lock-in, you should be able to see what time they are online (if possible, based on personality) and see if they can get the action, and you have to be pushing at that time. You may not be able to make purchases every time you are online. I learned this from meetings at Trendyol fans in Maslak plazas.

3- The more the number of pushes, the greater the blindness. You do not need to send pushes in unlikely situations where possible. Make sure that you are sending 15-20 pushes per day, in particular, it will take up to 3 days for the user to delete your application. (You have to pass 5 times a week)

4- Do not send push to irrelevant people. When I disagree, people often think that I say that someone is not interested in your products or your brand. No, I mean the push that you send, the product you want to sell, or the people who are interested in taking the action you want to take. Perhaps the fewer we go, the more sales we will be able to raise.

5- Your strategy must be based on automation. Setting up the segmentation each time and sharing one by one will make your business very difficult and will not be a sustainable method.

6- The location-dependent push notifications really work. If you want to see CTR values ​​blown off, you should absolutely try.

You can send a push for the start at the following stages;

  • Welcome
  • Our app has been updated
  • You have not used our application for a long time
  • Is your practice unskilled? (For those who experience loss of loyalty)

How Did CreatorDen Increase Revenue 10 Times in 7 Months

CreatorDen is an influencer marketing platform founded in 2016 and funded by TRPE Ventures. It is a structure where brands come and open campaigns, receive offers from influencers, and follow all the influencer processes. This platform was one of the firsts in the industry and was the industry leader when we started. For those who want to get to know CreatorDen;

What kind of method did we follow?
We used the kanban model, which is usually used in software projects, for marketing processes. Weekly sprints were used to create work lists and to identify what to do / do, test processes started. By publishing the hypotheses that work after the measurements and closing the others, we have made the process of transformation optimization continuous.

In the process, my teaching life has multiplied by 10 times when I graduated from education, which allows me to look at the positive eye again. Aylin Kavaklı The process we took along with.

First step

CreatorDen'ya growth hacking methodology to evaluate the detailed report and started work. We received a few queries from Analytics, and after a mini-questionnaire we realized that there were a few major problems. At first, when everyone involved in the influencer marketing sector was trying to get involved, there were suspicions that really serious success could not be achieved. On behalf of these suspicious sites trust items We redesigned it with. Our advantage is that we have realized very large projects with very large brands and success caught It was that we were. We randomly assigned a few of these projects to the main page, brand and influencer pages.

By then we analyzed the AdWords campaigns that were structured. With 150 new words and new additions we have created a new fiction. In Facebook and Instagram advertisements, we created a new fiction for brand new brand registration. Our positioning strategy should have looked a bit cooler and more professional, representing our brand influencers.

There were 923 different Facebook and Instagram champions that we put into A / B tests and fell to funny figures like 2TL.

In the first month we launched new campaigns and new design, we saw a conversion rate increase of 459%. Facebook and Instagram campaigns received 4.5million views in 7 months, while 4% of clicks were converted. This is an extraordinary rate! However, when we analyzed the messages that came through the live chat that we were talking about with the visitor, we faced a problem. The cool girls on the main page could not give us the exact message.

We have also simplified the work we have done, taking into account the KISS principle, and made it clear what we did, even if there were no texts.

This change brought the conversion rates from 5% to 4%. But the conversions did not come from just the visible pages, of course. We target key words with high search volume 15 different landing page. In the meantime, we published 60 new blog posts. For the beautiful pen Dilek ErdensoyThank you. What is the end of this artefact we have made in organically?

Organic traffic increased 5.5 times. The increase in organic traffic actually means an increase in conversions. Because 20% of new brand registration comes from organic traffic. Of course, the results of the SEO studies that we have achieved are influential marketing, influencer marketing, instagram sponsor advertising, and so on.

We saw the great benefit of EV SSL and site speed optimization in the increase of the domain authority. On the main page we did a 2MB less work instead of a 12MB load. On the other hand, building the server side and browser side caching system also contributed greatly. Especially when we are not landing for a moment SiteGroundThe greatness of this was also an important factor at this point.

On the other hand, one of our targets was to increase the number of qualified influencers in the system. However, we did not want to spend serious budgets to attract the influencers. Especially when we come to the ads we want to come over the work we have done over the WOM effect. A very simple but very effective method is very useful. Markets often make social media campaigns to increase the number of followers. We said we should look different.

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Thanks to the wall campaign, our followers have informed us of the influencers they follow. As a result of our application of a little more than two tactics, the number of registered influencers in our system doubled, while the total number of our influencers registered in the system increased from 76 million to 148 million!

As a result of the increase in our access to social media, we had to touch all the influencers in our system one by one. We meet each and every one of us, and we are taking our videos, which will start broadcasting very soon in our office.

Apart from our Influencers, we see them as business partners and organize activities together. Influencer Talks were particularly popular among influencers, especially from these events. Finally, the Influencer Talks, which we organized the 9th, have attracted about 4000 participants and more than 100 influencers to date. Influencers are not interested in CreatorDen and this is the emotional link that established the mobile application. It's not really easy to offer a mobile app that uses thousands of influencers a day and is over 50% retention.

After all this process, the fact that Ciron has increased 10 times has brought a new problem with being a great source of pride. This is one of the biggest challanges that market leaders usually have. defend our growth momentum in Turkey is quite difficult due to the volume of the market. We also took over our EU platform to get some ocean air. The experiences we have experienced globally with brands such as P & G are quite enjoyable, but we are still in the EU, but this case study seems to be ongoing.

What is the Difference of Growth Hacking and Growth Marketing?

Growth Hacking and Growth Marketing. Although they are complementary points, I think they both have a different marketing look. Firstly What is Growth Hacking? Let's start with the question;

The best example of Growth Hacking is the growth tactic Airbnb creates at the exit. At the first airbnb, there was a giant competitor who addressed the same market; Craigslist. For those who do not know we can define it as the US version of his owner. Airbnb needed a very serious user database to grow. But there were no marketing budgets that could provide it. Instead they wrote a back door to Craigslist. When users enter their Airbnb ads, they automatically create a system to be shared on Craigslist. The place where the thing got in the way was that Craigslist did not have an API that allowed it. Details of the Airbnb's growth hacking story from here You can review. I hate to build this sentence because they are attacking at the moment of the death of this sentence, but I have to build it. Growth Hacking is trying to get the new customer the cheapest. Of course, within ethical boundaries. Unfortunately, many customers are defending the ethics of business because of the word "hacking".

Well What is Growth Marketing? In Growth Marketing, you focus on getting the most accurate Acquasition with a limited budget. Now I feel like you are asking me, "Is not my budget too limited?" I have to ask you at this point; If your budget is limited, then why do you think "I think" and concentrate your whole budget on one tactic? That's where Growth Marketing comes in. There is no one in Growth Marketing. Just speak the numbers. With A / B tests continuously, the most accurate use of the limited budget is targeted. Application dominant culture in Turkey, which is a very difficult learning this model is based on trial and error and they are completely wrong.

For Growth Marketing teams that "want to fail" are formed and entered into the business of constantly developing a hypothesis. Those who work from these hypotheses are applied, while those who do not work are analyzed and know-how is obtained. Failures make the company bigger. (When I always talk about this part, I think the defeat is defeat, there is a growing victory, RTE is coming)

The main focus of Growth Marketing is to increase brand awareness and collect the largest number of feedback data possible. Growth Marketing is a study for new customers and focuses mainly on improving the system with feedback that they get from new customers / users. In Growth Hacking, acquasition channels are used, but then with the focus on retention and referral channels, profit-driven studies are introduced. -AARRR model- In fact, as methodology, they carry out very similar activities, so those who have two titles often enter into each other's field.

I have to give a few statistics at this point.

A typical SaaS model loses 2-3% of its customers every month. They have to grow by 27-43% to maintain the same income. (Source)

Revenue Growth = Customers x Avg. Contract Value x (Growth Rate - Churn Rate)

Half of our customers spend 31% more money than new customers to try new products. (Source)

Loyal customers earn 10 times more revenue than their first purchase. (Source)

In fact, I will repeat a fact that we know more painfully. We're getting closer to sinking every second we do not get new customers. The number of loyal customers always tends to decrease. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to increase profitability rates with customers who make a one-time purchase. We need loyal customers to be profitable. Why? Pricing Positioning I've been talking about it for a long time.

On the Growth Hacking side, a problem is first addressed and a definition is achieved. If we reduce the metric bounce rates from 70% to 30%, which will make a difference for us, this will be determined and ideas will be released for this. These ideas are tested in small experimental groups and you choose the most accurate method with A / B tests.

The common point of both models is "Growth Thinking". Both Growth Hackers and Growth Marketers think entirely growth-oriented.

I can not even mention the matter. There are only those who focus on the conversion optimization part. They are also digital marketing specialists. Could it be a digital marketing specialist who does not bother with conversion optimization?

Growth Hacking Nedir

Online cironuzu Growth Hacking Consulting Would you like to optimize your conversions by incrementing with?

Founded in Growth Hacking: AARRR Model

The AARRR model, first mentioned by Dave McClure, is now the basis of Growth Hacking. Marketing Hunting , you will notice that the AARRR model is in fact very similar to the standard marketing funnel. Growth Hacking is not just about bringing customers to your website. Growth Hacking is actually managing the customer's lifetime purchase cycle. Growth Hacking processes should be examined under this definition. What is the AARRR model that makes up the backbone?

Although the AARRR model is difficult to pronounce, it is a model that should not be memorized anymore. In short, it includes your customer's buying cycle. First, we take the user who is not yet a user to our web site, then we make him a customer, we make him a regular customer and bring his friends. To take a step-by-step look; 

We achieve our first handshake with Acquisition users. You can think of it as the activities we have done with classic marketing channels. So through social media, Adwords, programmatic channels, users are the right page trailer on our site. This is the most important part. The important thing to note here is not the quantity of users we acquire but the quality. For this reason, it is very important that we make the right targeting by making use of the blessings of digital. Another important point is where we take the user. It is absolutely necessary for us to attract our users to a special page. This page is called landing page. The landing page should be fully focused on transformation and serve one purpose. This is the first area where we are putting the user into marketing our honeymoon, so the landing page should be really perfect. If you can do it, it is the house that is specially designed for the person.

As you can see in the bottom image, whether marketing activities are digital or traditional, it brings you up and down in this cycle. The growth cycle also includes the invisible parts of the funnel.

When we pass to the second part, we encounter Activation. This is the point where we turn the user into a customer. We are looking for an answer to this question which will turn the customer into a customer after which the customer (depending on the situation) comes to our site with marketing activities. Did you find out what the user was looking for on the page you came from? CTA suits the product? Is the purchase happening? Why is not it happening? At what stage is the user hanging? Why is it bounce? We are looking for answers like these at this stage. At this point, Google Analytics's Coach Analysis really works. The recurring user is the user who has been actively engaged in the editing process, and in the sites that require the membership system, we look at the increase in the number of memberships. We push the user back to my site with push notifications, e-mails or SMSs.

The third and most challenging part is Retention. We turned the customer into a customer and made the purchase. Then what? Then we want this user to make purchases again and again. We use our e-commerce site to customize our email campaigns so that we can get the product again, or we can try to make the purchase again by removing custom pop-ups and banners. You can think of this part as a customer loyalty. We are approaching a growth or sales focus rather than a branding activity that we try to make our mark indispensable.

Referral, that is, the reference system is the part that we now call friends. Airbnb or Dropbox is doing so well. When you invite a friend to Airbnb, your friend earns you money, and in Dropbox you earn MB each new member. There are numerous e-commerce sites and tools that implement similar affiliate programs, but only some of them are popular. This, in my opinion, is the design of the first leading affiliate program page and the fact that it offers a good user experience. In the second row, the awards are given. Many e-commerce site 10TL discount coupon is not attracting much interest.

It is a bit complicated, but we can say that the whole flow is visualized below.

Growth Hacking ConsultingDo you need me? Click on the link, fill out the form, and we'll pass on our offer.

Marketing will do in your Hunting 8 Wrong

When it comes to marketing funnels, it usually comes to mind. Everyone tells you that all of the advertising work you'll do will return to you in a few steps, and you need to invest more in this advertising work.

No it is not.


1- The Biggest Threat in Your Hunting: SEO

I have bad news for you if you have invested in high amounts of SEO to reach your potential customers. You have been creating backlink trees for years, on-page SEO you made individual updates on the code page by page, and you started to get your highest hit from the organic search. But now things have started to change, right? Compared to the old, your sales rates to visitors from organic search fell, the visitor's sight dropped. SEO agencyare you saying that your competitors are now starting to invest in SEO and that you are starting to fall because you are starting to catch up with you? No it is not.

Google has announced that it will now show 4 ads in its new ad updates. That is, the user will see 5 content 4 as an advertisement on the landing page. In the sidebar part of SERP, the catalog advertisements are going on. Organic, even if you are in the 1st place, you can not see you anymore. Let's even talk about the more crucial part of the job. More than half of Google's users come from mobile we know. What does landing look like? The first drop-down screen has only ad content. Even after you scroll, there are still ads. It was very difficult to wait for a return from pure SEO at the point reached. CTRs changed again in the new design with 4 ads and the rate dropped to less than 20% even in 1st place results. So even if you are in the first place on the result page, you will receive from the word searched 10,000 times a month, the best chance is to be only 2000.


Of course SEO is not dead, but paid search is much more effective. Instead of allocating a lot of resources for SEO, allocating resources to change your ranking in paid search will give you a bigger contribution. Of course, you should not just stick to Google ads. You will need to try a few tricks to make your users loyal.

2-Funnel Spends Your Budget Worthless, Do not Overestimate Useless Adwords: Adwords

One of the most common situations in AdWords ads is not optimizing words. At this point, the customer is spending tons of money on unnecessary words - either because of the enthusiasm for more words (no matter what it will do), or because the SEM agency wants to earn more from its commission - even if it does not know the business at all. What is the job of the educational institution in terms of transport? It's happening. Key words are usually evaluated on 3 different intentions; navigation-based search (guarantee bank online transactions login), information-based search (indication of your pregnancy), transaction-based search (buy shoes). The users who really intend to purchase look for "shoe" instead of "xx brand red 38 shoe". However, since you finish your budget on "shoes", you will not appear in the search results and you will avoid the customer. If there are clicks on calls outside these three different intentions, sales will not occur.

SEM agencies usually do not even know about turnover, profit rate or even sales figures. Even the best-intentioned SEM agencies increase visits only, rather than sales, in the words they experience for the first time without this information. For example, a user who has gone through the word "gift" came to buy. The gift should come out when you search for shoes, you should not spend our limited budget while searching for shoes. If you approach Adwords ads as you approach Digital Lotto, you're just losing money. Instead of guessing, you should keep an eye on your Bidlerinizi and your words constantly. Customer coming through Adwords LTC'we should not have seen him in the commercial at all.

3- Marketing Funnel is not One Way: Remarketing

Those who see the funnel image think they are talking about a strategy with money on one end, but no. You have not earned anything yet from the customer who had previously made a purchase from you. He must come back again, so that you can profit in real manpower. Are not they a patron or a customer? Wasted money, labor? You spend tens of thousands of dollars for SEO. The user came and went without getting anything. No, it means you agree to leave, you've thrown your money out. You should call him repeatedly with remarketing. It consists of users with dozens of browser tabs in front of us in digital. For this reason, there are dozens of things in their heads, just like fish memory, they can forget about the product they saw three seconds ago. These customers keep an average minute on your pages. He should not run away in a minute. Remarketing on GoogleDetails of why and how you should do it Aykut articleYou can check it out. You should not be limited to remarketing on Google, but you should also reserve a remarketing budget on Twitter and Facebook.

4- The most informative methods you take in the papers: PPC

You will create to increase sales of your product in the strategy "no one uses it anymore" Cross-Sell and Up-Sell most likely you will get the highest return. Similar products on your website. optimizing parts for Up-Sell or Cross-Sell will not be enough in itself. You also need to support these areas with Pay Per Click. Facebook Custom Audiencesand Google Customer MatchWith i, you can increase your sales to much smaller budgets. With catalog ads, you can also integrate the "you can enjoy them" part.

5- Data for Re-Selling Is Very Important But Wrongly Picked: Forms

It is our main goal to attract users to my website in some way. Our main goal is for the incoming user to leave us money. Generally we are creating strategies by forgetting this main goal. This is where my mind comes re-selling and we start collecting data immediately. Mail address, phone number, mail address, etc. what we can get is that we can touch the customer again and again from different platforms. We even socialize this data so that we can touch it more sensibly. But there is a slight distress here. We will collect data, so let's get started You can not collect any information when you enter the TC ID number. On the other hand, brands that focus on purely data aggregation can not offer any benefit because of the biggest failure. Generally users "we will buy you all the information and sell you more"They do not show much interest in the reasons presented.

When collecting leads you do not need to be afraid of the users with the information that will not really work. You should even automate as many processes as possible. The user should see the direct form filled in via the location info instead of the location selection or do not fill out the long form with Facebook / Google / Twitter login. Also, what is the request for your home address in the section where you actually offer your mail subscription? Although collecting leads does not like the users very much pop-upscan be quite useful. IIIa pop-ups if you do not use popscrollcan be a solution for you. But you have to integrate pop-ups and cookies in a healthy way. The user hates pop-ups as they enter the page without seeing more content. He will have already decided in the first 5 seconds whether he likes to review the content. The pop-up that will emerge after that 5 seconds will not bother him. For example, in Marketing, although the user did not pop-up once a month 60 seconds after entering the user, the return rate is around 5%. Pop-ups like user input bounce rate There is no change when it is expected when it increases by 10%. Remember, turn-by-turn rates for benefit-oriented forms will always be much higher.

6 - Sealing While Mailing: Segmentation

Do not regret that the users are registered to your site or bulletin. How many people in the country do you buy from the same website every day? You do not really need to do daily mailing to 99% of your users. If your profits increase sales. To me pink footprint Will my mailing rate and click-through rate not increase if I go out of the way with the time / effort / budget to spend mailing, the pages I visit on a weekly basis or my previous exchanges? I will never enter #tbtepttavm ode


Mailingte segmentation saves lives. Not only do not bother the user yourself, but also for sales-oriented mailing segmentation condition. For this purpose, you can group items such as pages that the user clicks after clicking on the site, products that he has touched on with fares, products he has purchased, items he left behind, and products sold with the product he bought. But we do not have to get a pink footprint because we have a baby diaper.

Data socialization campaigns and the customer's educational status, gender, location information, interests, etc. and even the applications that are coming from your mobile app, and even GPS data, must be processed into these data, automationmailing should be performed. You need to use the data you have obtained in creative form, for example, when the user goes to a different city, you can redirect the store in that city. It does not mean that you will send an e-mail only when you leave a product in the cart.

7- We Have Captured the Mobile Cycle (Could Not Get): Responsive

Yes, mobile applications are necessary, they offer great opportunities, but there is a bit of truth to talk about. 2015 best selling phone model in Turkey, according to the Q4 data General Mobile 4G. I am not the most used, most sold. So these users will use this phone for an average of 2 years. So 2 years later, the phone's internal memory average of the market will be about 16GB. When we remove the fields that are allocated to the system, cache, Facebook and Google applications, the number of applications that the user can upload does not exceed 5. We did not even add the user to the application every day or even the account. He can not load it for more. So the application budget, presentation of the application etc. Instead of taking out the pencil pen budget, why not direct the Responsive design, which is no longer a requirement anymore? I draw the gold again, Responsive I said. I'm not referring to an adaptive or mobile-friendly site. There are many factors such as the appearance of the CTA in the appropriate size, the exact fit of the images, and the quality of the CTA.

If you catch the mobile call, you have to make sure that more than 40% of your sales come from mobile. Maybe Branded AppsYou can go to data collection again, but it is difficult to get sales in the ecosystem through mobile application. We are still at a time when we are seeing more explanations about "We need to open our site from Desktop to add a basket".

8- We Optimize Everything, It Goes Very Good: Will not Go, Optimizations Will End

The reason why the digital has covered our lives so much is that it is constantly changing. Many of my customers have a basic complaint. "When we invested so much, what should we do with this? ". No, it will never end. It's always more optimistic at your fingertips. When you say that you can not do any more, the habits of the user change, the market changes, the opportunities change. Absolutely your budget and part of your time R & Dso that you can stand before your competitors. There are hundreds of paid / unpaid reporting tools. from Analytics heatmap you will have to identify individual problems up to the tools and solve each problem. Although we sometimes seem to have no problem, we've seen a lot of improvements in turnover, with a slight improvement of 400%.

At this point A / B tests are entering our daily lives. We have to measure every action, try it constantly and optimize it repeatedly according to the situation. Otherwise, we will not be able to repeat the customer coming to the marketing funeral. Since most brands are not able to do that, they are always calculating their costs from newcomers in budget negotiations with the digital agency. But the function of the digital agency is not to bring in customers for the first time. He's also responsible for bringing the customer over and over again.

Mastering these 8 items is a process that takes quite a long time. For your brand you growth hacking counseling I can support it in the field.