constitutes the essence of social media and Web 2.0 Blog gradually became well known in Turkey and functionality gains. I used to say "I am Blogger" but nobody understood anything, but I was very happy to have received a business card with the title of "Blogger".

NimostyloThis meeting was held in Istanbul with great effort.


event - I did not count, but- 114 bloggers participated. In the event we attended together with Ezgi Özyildirim and Güllü Batu from Semiyun team, Gizem Yücel gave brief information about SEO and Adsense ads. The Bumerang team also talked about the Bumerang system with a short speech.

At the same time, more extensive SEO and Advertising training will take place in the future. We will hear this education. More photos and comments about this activity that the blogger from here You can reach.


Blogger in Turkey of the promise about organized they can be a great success and the future of social media in this way. In particular, the regulation of the relevant training programs is a great necessity. I was delighted that the continuity and quality of these meetings was high.

One last note: Those who participated in the event were said to be "small" surprises. It was not a small thing at all, I carried it hard to home, obviously 🙂