Yandex Turkey after making a rapid entry into the IT market was one of the hottest companies in the world. Yandex Turkey and has managed to attract attention with ads and search engine. We also conducted an interview with Turkey Yandex team. We share with you the first part of our interview today.

- First of all, can we get to know you and Yandex a bit?

Let's start with Yandex first. Yandex was founded in Moscow in 1997 and is now one of the largest Internet companies in Europe. The goal is to provide solutions to the problems people experience in their lives. The most important of them and the old one is to find out what the users are looking for on the internet, but it contains dozens of services such as locating, mailing and paying on the internet.

Since June I have been promoting Yandex as a Social Media Marketing Manager at Yandex and Yandex in social media, and at the same time, I see the internet users in social media seeing our company, our products and the most common problems and being heard by Yandex.

- Yandex is a very well-established and experienced company when it comes to the World of Information. Although there is no market we go to Turkey in a year, all 20 of the most widely used in the input. However, Turkish users still have a habit of using it. How do you plan to break these habits?

It is not so easy for Google to break the habits of people in a well-established and successful company, especially in a free-service market. There are a lot of things we do to change our habits, but we can classify them strategically.

keep in user habits and needs that we have developed our service level to satisfy our users considering the quality of Turkey. Currently, many internet companies already offer services from a large company like Yandex, such as search engine, internet browser, e-mail service, online maps. The quality of our services will continue to be at the level where we can always keep people in all products.

Besides that, we listen to one of Yandex's best things, read every message, email, tweet or text about social media and our services. We respond to the answers within a short period of time. At an unexpected speed from an international company. Thus it understands how development should be done for Turkey are making efforts accordingly. Example; Yandex university search engine, Ramazan special page is developed for Turkish users completely, the services that provide the information they want faster.

Finally, a first or service that is less competition in the sector in Turkey currently offer to our users. Yandex.Disk, with its capacity to increase up to 20GB free of charge, offers mail service for organizations whose website owners can have up to 1000 users free of charge, with Panorama (Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir street street views) and Traffic Services, which our users like very much, Yandex.Metrika, where you can see the behavior of users in the internet site.

When people try our services, we observe that the habit is broken.

- Yandex Disk offers up to 20GB of file storage service. However, I am curious about the limitations of the file formats that can be recorded and edited on the disc. Disk-like storage applications can store even AutoCAD or photoshop files. How is the situation at Yandex?

You can keep the file you want on Yandex.Disk. Totally reserved for you.

- Yandex in Russian MoikrugfotkiRabota, My Ya Yandex services, such as when to come to Turkey? 

Yandex is currently available in Turkey has dozens of service. These are just a few of them. More and more services will continue to localize each passing day, but they need some more strategic planning. We're looking at how the needs of most of our users in Turkey. Accordingly, we localize our services. So it's a little hard to give a full date.

- In many circles, there are people who say that Yandex imitates Google, is this really the case?

Yandex was originally set up a year ago by Google. That's why it's hard to say we're pretending to be Google. The search engine, like the map, has started searching for locations before Yandex.

Whether they want it or not, companies in the same sector are producing similar products, and sometimes they can do product developments with their competitors' experience in mind. The reason such a perception of Turkey's 14 years of experience and is against Google Yandex'l than meets new habit in Turkey. When comparing a car brand with another car brand, it's like saying "you put 4 wheels and a steering wheel like the other brand, why do you imitate them?"

- The number of smartphones in Turkey is increasing every day. Integration between systems has become one of the most indispensable for users. How will Yandex be able to be one of the most used search engines by mobile users without having a mobile operating system?

Mobile life is one of the most important issues of Yandex. With computers becoming even more mobile every day, mobile solutions work on every internet and technology company.

Even if Yandex is not currently a mobile operating system, we have programs developed for different mobile operating systems that provide access to our services. While Yandex.Shell is a popular and widely used interface for Android, we have applications that provide direct access to our services such as Search, Mail, Maps and Disk for iOS and Windows 8.

With the agreement we made with Nokia, the fact that Yandex is a pre-set search engine on Lumia devices is a testament to our mobile commitment. We also made a similar analogue with Avea on the Avea InTouch phone, and the inTouch phones came on the market as Yandex.Shell was installed.

Yandex.Shell is a service that especially Android users love and can fix their phones as they like. Yandex is also among the services that earn the most user attention in Yandex.

- Yandex Yandex Direct and online in August in Turkey was entered in advertising. But the general perception of advertisements is that every advertiser is missing from the tax. How does this work in Yandex?

tax issues in the Internet world, not only for Turkey, one of the important issues all over the world.

Yandex works as identical to that of any Turkish work opens sales office in Turkey. In other words, we started to give our tax yearly in the amount that the state determines for every advertisement fee we receive. technology as a consumer, I think that the move is an important step for Turkey's technology ecosystem.

- In many forums and in the dictionary, the Yandex Toolbar comes with the downloaded programs as being negatively detected. Does Yandex have any work on this?

Yandex.Bar's coming with other softwares is one of the most talked about social media. Many services to the new country make this kind of "distribution project" experiments. In fact, there was no wrong side of the structure, some of the internet service download sites in accordance with Yandex'e according to some products Yandex.Bar'ın also put the installation file. Of course this is a question to ask the user when both the file is being downloaded and the file is being loaded. But the program installs in Turkey without people to read only loaded by simply pressing the forward key They complained that the establishment of think outside their requests.

As Yandex becomes more aware, these distribution projects with partners will also be reduced.

The criticism of Yandex.Browser, which came out two months ago, is that it uses the open source Chromium interface and another competitor, Opera, which uses Turbo technology. If we do not see the Yandex Browser as a competitor to Google Chrome messenger Mail.ruIs it against Amigo, where he has gone to the market?

One of the key reasons for Yandex.Browser's Chromium-based preparation is that we have not changed the basic experience that users around the world are accustomed to and liked. In fact, we can think of Yandex.Browser as a browser that an internet company that understands the consumer prepares by combining the best and the most popular technologies. Of course, Yandex.Browser is a rival to all internet browser gamers.

Yandex is working for Russian intelligence, there is a lot of propaganda about Turkish users entering this market to collect their data. On the other hand, I wonder what Yandex thinks.

Of course I am quite accustomed to hearing this question. One of the biggest internet topics of the last two years is "Privacy" and a reaction that can be taken when trying to serve a topic that people do not think is open.

Organizations that want to collect people's knowledge in such an open-profile ecosystem as users who are close to technology can easily do so. One of the most laughing examples of you from the past was that your soldier had to find the people who were the enemy of the soldiers from Facebook profiles and get a soldier.

How and for what purpose do you use Yandex's Social Media channels? 

Yandex's most used channels in social media are Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social media accounts like Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Slideshare. Yandex is a very dynamic company, our products are constantly innovating. We use these articles frequently to announce them and get the ideas of our users.

In slideshare and video sharing sites, we share more tutorials, presentations made in Yandex related to technology, or product introductions.

We use Instagram to promote Yandex office and working life. I can say that we are very lucky in our way of working 🙂 It's a little trial now. But we will continue to share since it is a subject that our users are curious about.

Apart from this, we have a global deal with Twitter, so we follow and follow what people are saying about Yandex and its products in general. Since we already have a socially active team, as Yandex team we try to help our users independent of our position.

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