HTC explored and admired most shared content during the 2015 Instagram'ın in Turkey. "Instagram Turkey 2015"According to the research results titled family and friends of shares subject areas in Turkey is playing to break open the summit. However, at least the likes per share from the followers also receive the content.

Special occasions and family themes are shared by women, while sports and holiday exchanges are by men. While western areas share more trips, vacations, eating and drinking issues, the sharing of family and friends is increasingly coming to the east.

2015 of these days we left behind, mobile innovation and design in the world leading HTC, photos and short video sharing platform Instagram along the 2015 Turkey's share and like it has signed a study examining the contents. Over 250,000 contents shared in Instagram from 1 January to 31 December 2015 Instagram Turkey 2015 , classified by family and friends, trip-vacation, eating and drinking, sport, activity, greeting, articles, quotes, quotes and pet categories. In Turkey, 60% of Instagram users According to the study men, while 40% are women. Especially in the second half of the year, only 5% of the shares are videos and 95% are photos. The popularity of the video is expected to continue to increase rapidly.

HTC's during the "Instagram Turkey 2015", according to research results titled shares, subject to family and friends in Turkey who plays break open the summit. "Family and Friends"content ranked first in all shares with 32%, while it ranked second with 19% "Travel-Holiday" based content, with 14% in the third place "Eating and drinking" it follows the themed content. Good morning, good night, etc. to the followers of the account holders in the fourth place. voicing "Greetings" The category draws attention with a rate of 12%. "Quotes" and shares under the category are in fifth place with 7%. "Activity"and "Spore" Both of the categories share the sixth order with 6%. "Pets"The title is also among the first 8 categories in shared content.

At the summit of the Instagram Instagram

When we look at the popular content in the categories examined in the research, it is seen that in the area of ​​family and friends "mom" first order, "brother" the second order, "father"is taking the third order. Another popular category, trips and vacations, includes the first three sequences"sea", "holiday" and "Beach" Generates. Other popular topics include eating and drinking "coffee", in the greeting category "Good morning", "good night" their messages come to the fore.


Coffee first in tea country

Under the eating and drinking category, the most common content is as high as 27%coffee"it attracts attention. If it is coffee "Iftar" followed by sharing. Although the month of Ramadan lasted only one month during the year, it is noteworthy that the "iftar" topic takes second place in the food and drink category throughout the year. Our traditional drink "tea" in the third place with 12%.

The family is dominating the east and women

His share of women and men in Turkey research examined separately, "special days" and "family" women sharing, "spore" and "holiday" It is stated that the discussions on the subject come from more and more people. When it looks at the region, Turkey's west-holiday trip and eat and drink as much the subject of shared eastward increasingly are seen as sharing of family and friends on heavy bass.

We like most books and poetry quotes

In the section where the most liked content per share is evaluated, it is 22% "Quotes" took first place. This "Greetings " and "Spore" followed by content sharing. Among the most popular shares "Eating and drinking" the fourth most common category"Family and Friends" made up one of the most striking findings of the researcher by creating content that was least appreciated by 9%.

Videolar champion cat

When we look at the sharing of pets, it is guessed that the sharing of cats is very dominant. In this category, while keds take the first order with 59%, dogs and birds follow it at close quarters. In evaluating the videos shared in the Instagram Pets It is the most shared topic with 23% of the videos. Videotaped pets with a rate of 18% Spore in second place with 12% Activity followed by third place. Shared pets also have the most cat.

Turkey's HTC, Ogilvy PR and carried out in collaboration with the ticktock Boom "Instagram Turkey 2015" in the research 1 January - 31 December 2015 between the Instagram'ın been viewed content on the shared 250 thousand from Turkey.

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