Today iGaranti application is presented to users liked. When I saw the advertisement in a few different places, I opened it to see what it was. I do not know who is the agent who prepares and introduces the application, but I think it is necessary to remind them a few points.

  • Steve Jobs was not bald. It was not without beards either. 
  • Mercury is a poisonous substance. When you turn your iPhone 4, it does not make it iPhone 5.
  • "You are a very thoughtful person" You really think you are a bank for Mottosu?
  • For a product that claims to do good from Steve Jobs, the interface design should not be so complicated.
  • It must be a bit more original when preparing a visual for a big brand website like Garanti.

Warranty Banner 1: 
igarant of-banner1
Original Photo 1: 
15243877-courier-Repartidor-de-consegu-le-firm-del-client-to-Despues-de-la entrega

Original Photo 2:
stock-photo-of-the-friendly-neighborhood-44260909 townhouses
Source (Background on Banner 1)

Warranty Banner 2:
igarant of-Banner2
Original Photo 1: 

Meanwhile, the same photo is also available in Quick Heal Mobile Security used.

Warranty Banner 3: 
igarant of-Banner
Original Photo 1:

In the last picture you have to eat the rights photos of beautiful translators.