We send and receive hundreds of emails during the day, dozens or even days. However, during these mailings we sometimes see mistakes that can completely finish the image of a company. We wanted to touch on this mistake a bit.mail-writing-rules

  • Do not use the adjectives of Mr. or Mrs. while sending an email to someone you have not seen before. Names do not always report sex.
  • Do not add unnecessary CC or BCC to your hosts and extend the mailing traffic in a meaningless time.
  • Even if you do not care about the mailin topic, it is a courtesy to answer every maile. Be gentle. If you can not answer within 24 hours, please let me know by email.
  • When responding to mails sent to more than one person, remember to reply to all-all with the key.
  • Do not make personal mailings with corporate mail accounts. Even if you are very close to your buddy, be sure to use an enterprise language in corporate mailings.
  • Pay attention to the marking rules. If you do not dominate the rules, use Google Chrome or do not mail.
  • Do not send negative news via email.
  • No one in a capital letter will take notice. I said yes if a referendum is made to kill the writers.
  • Do not use abbreviations when writing e-mails. You do not use MSN or Facebook Chat, remember.
  • Do not use Turkish characters in e-mails sent abroad and do not have the letter i in English.
  • Be sure to include a keyword related to not leaving the Subject-Subject field blank when sending an e-mail.
  • Do not forget to say "please" in questions, requests, requests, and "thank you" when you get an answer.
  • Never send an email when you are nervous or very sad.
  • Addressing the other side only "you" is not enough to show that you respect him. Do not forget to write formal if you are writing even a very high place. Do not fall into the neighborhood with people you have not met.
  • Do not hesitate to use emotional symbols Ma in your malls. This helps you to transmit your feelings more clearly.
  • When submitting an article / story via mail, give the link where the article is posted as much as possible. Do not forget to abbreviate URL shorteners in the link. It is even better to bury the link in the article.

If you have other suggestions you can add, do not hesitate to use the comments section at the bottom.