The concept of influencer is quite mixed. We can say "Effective Person" as Influencer's full Turkish counterpart. However, in the digital marketing envi- ronment, we can describe exactly what people have been following, making decisions in a vertical, listening to promises, and making decisions.

Influencers are often confused with phenomena and celebrities. We call celebrities, those who are well-known outside the digital world, as you ask the man in the street. So a Tarkan or Cem Yilmaz is not an influencer. On the other hand, if we need to define phenomena; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube has reached a massive audience of followers (not just that) people are saying to people who really do or say what they are saying. In short, what I mean is that we do not have the phenomenon of people who follow 1 million people on Twitter. Because if people take out from the follow-up they continue to follow me saying that they will follow me. It phenomena of flashing There is no impact on their communities.

Actual Phenomenon Passes the Movement

What matters is whether or not the mass is capable of acting. Every day it becomes harder to understand. For example, the way to figure out whether a phenomenon has the power of influence is by looking at its interaction values. It's a tough chance to get a tweet 10 like a phenomenon with 1 million followers. If hundreds of thousands of people need to fly in the air and their interaction rates are so low, thinkers are first bought, and secondly, just I follow the motivation of "pull me out and follow me out" but I do not like tweets.

Keep away from Fake Interacting Phenomena

Crawling phenomena have also begun to produce false interaction by finding a way to do this. This method is as follows; you will definitely receive a message from you that "Your Twitter account has been logged in from Bitlis, please click the link below to verify your account". The accounts of users who click on these and similar messages and become their passwords become a zombie account. They are doing tweets on these accounts as they like and doing TT as well as interacting with their own accounts. For this reason, it is very difficult to determine which phenomenon is really interacting and which does not.

Some of the phenomena exaggerate the work, and they give rhetoric on the ridiculous topics in order to say "I have an influence on the media." The press also publishes content by saying that this is the phenomenon. When he saw the fact that he was a phenomenologist, he said, "AAAA this guy is an effective phenomenon." It really is a effect the number of releasing phenomena does not exceed 15.

Will the money you will pay for celebrities really meet? 

If the work is in the dimension of celebrity, very high sums enter. If you are asked for a tweet or a 10K charge for an Instagram post, the mark should stop and think for a minute or two. I can not reach this audience with Facebook ads. As a matter of fact, people are now looking more at what other people offer than advertisements because of the thousands of ads they are exposed to throughout the day. For this reason, instead of reaching people with direct advertising texts, reaching them through someone they love always brings better results. But because of the high prices of famous use, it is necessary to do a good analysis. With the 10K you will give to the celebrity really there may be a big difference between 500 billion people who will reach you with Facebook ads by spending the same amount instead of the 30 billion people you can reach. This is entirely your mark, it varies according to the work you do, but it is useful to stop and think before the famous use.

Devolution of Youtube and Instagram

Twitter is actually watery. The celebrity / phenomenon usage on Twitter is largely overrated. It is no longer as much awareness as the old one, nor is it a direct influence on sales. But the golden age for Instagram and Youtube has just begun. Instagram phenomena are becoming more and more difficult to detect every day. You can understand buyers immediately because of their low interaction, but you have to undergo a lengthy review when the interactions are forged. In the Instagram, each shipment usually receives an average likeness of the same number. If some senders have received unbelievably low likelihoods, they are likely to have interactions with that account. It was made with boats. The Story part of Instagram, which is starting to enter our new life, is also a great place for influencers and phenomena. Now that they have direct links to their web sites, they can make promotions for brands much more comfortable.

Choosing Vloggers is Easier

Finding the right phenomenon in Instagram is easier than Twitter, but the easiest place is Youtube. It is very difficult to fraud on Youtube. If you buy fake subscribers or fake shows anda Youtube is hitting the top. Youtube is especially sensitive to counterfeits. If you choose a vlogger, you can easily select it by looking at the watched figures.

Influencers Must Be Your Toughest Friend

Now let's come to the Influencers who are our main positions. Influencers are people who are experts in a subject, followed by fewer people. It is very important to use these people in the right projects. If you see me introducing a makeup product, you will probably make fun of it. This is for all the influencers. You should always keep an up-to-date list of influencers related to your sector. You should reinforce your communication with these influencers and stay constantly elbow-like.

Every Crisis Will Take You

Especially in times of crisis, the influencers you are talking about elbows will be very helpful. Bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers, and more, will be partners who will give you a way to tell the public about your crisis communication. Because in the event of a crisis, every message that comes out of you may pull you further down, but people who see the face of an influencer with prestige will calm down and start to empathize.

Influencers do not have hundreds of thousands of followers. However, there is a heavier follower mass. Most of their followers speak and speak individually. The work you will do with these influencers must be in the domain of influencer's expertise. On the other hand, ads should not smell. You can not divide the entire contents of your content on Youtube by your own mark. A video of 5 minutes is enough for you to be only 20 seconds in length. Adblock extensions would not be so popular if people liked to watch ads.

You have to be careful against the influencers

Influencer MarketingYou do not just give money to the influencers and publish anything. You can use them for a launch, a meal, inviting them, asking them to do something by honoring them. This is especially true for bloggers. But a few of the basic faults are as follows;

  • Without influencing the sector, the influencers from all sides, the influencers who are involved in the matter, are saying, "The only thing they are following is that the food blogger and the technology blogger are on the same busses" and you lose the influencer.
  • It is also a big mistake to call every one of the influencers within the sector without knowing the balances within themselves. Generally, the influencers are group by sector. Groups do not like each other very much. There are some influencers that everybody in the industry excludes. You should know these things to the finest detail and make your organization accordingly.
  • Gifts to influencers are also very important. In Turkey, no one is fooled here influencia on a flash memory. More original gifts are needed. There is no such thing as being expensive with the province, even if you plant a sapling in the name of TEMA Foundation, it will be a very elegant gift.

Keeping good with influencers should not be just a gift. Gift makes you happy but does not offer a binding commitment to you. Come together fondness you need to. The more you become a dude, the easier it will be to work with the influencers. Of course, you will send ads from time to time, send gifts, but your first priority should be friendship. For example semrush employees when they come to see me necessarily to Turkey, would happily send out a search of gifts. I also know that this brand is mine my friend. I am happy to help her whenever she gets tired. Influencers are also people. They also care more about friendship than anything else. Influencers will increase your effectiveness in the sector as much as you are friendly.

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