Growing up and standing for entrepreneurs and SMEs is always the most important issue. With the continuous increase in enterprise news, we have become aware of each new initiative as it examines and keeps an eye on our attempts to follow. When every new company is closed, we have also observed that some of the entrepreneurs in the sector have lost some of their hopes. However, there were common points for all these entrenched SMEs and enterprises. Although Entrepreneurship and Business Building courses are spreading KOSGEB trainings, the mistakes made by many entrepreneurs and managers are very similar to each other. We have compiled these errors for you.

1- Applicability

Planning before you start a new job is the essence of the work. Enthusiastic entrepreneur "I have a super idea in my mind, I start on Monday" he starts a job by saying. After putting this idea capital, he could not even come up to the launching stage after dealing with the technical problems he faced. The technical side of the business is solved in some way, I mean to be interested in sales and supply is always the first big mistake made. Yes sales, product / service provision is important, but you will get the entire technical basis of the company in the first few months will be shaped according to decisions and it will not be easy to change both your business model and your software infrastructure. You must take the first step.

2- State of the Market

The service / product you will present to your customers may never be known by your customers. Driving something new and nobody else to the market will not always bring you success. Everyone's doing something from scratch to the market. You need to figure out how you will introduce yourself to the pajamas and how much time people need to recognize this new product. Unfortunately, we can not find the statistics that show the saturation rate of the market most of the time, but it is still a must to have knowledge and an idea with a small field survey.

3- Competitor Analysis

"I have no competitors in the sector, I do not have anyone else with this product" If you are setting up your sentence, you are known to be your wrong comrade. Even if you produce air-powered cars, you have competitors in the industry. Because all potential customers in the market can use substitute goods instead of your car. It is vital that you analyze your competitors from A to Z in all areas. Questions such as the estimated annual market share of your competitors, what are HR politics, what are marketing strategies, what are the anticipations for the next year, etc. must first be answered and they should be poured out on paper. In fact, much more than just a simple SWOT analysis, you need to identify their missing, and then you will have to go through these deficiencies with yours. If your product is even less than your competitors, you have a chance to stand up to these shortcomings with good marketing.

4- Legal Status

Okay, you've planned everything, but what's your biggest partner? You can forget the state, but he will not forget you. What are the obligatory obligations on the business line you will enter? What are the gaps? Sometimes you have to do things that you do not write as you do not have to do everything you write. Do not forget that your business requires a completely separate expertise and that you must consult someone in this area. Of course, this counselor must be really professional ...

5- Working with Professionals

Which sector you are in, there are definitely more experienced people in the sector you are entering. Again, in which sector you enter, there will certainly be many jobs that require different specializations. "I had a little photoshop knowledge and I wanted to design a logo for my new venture" and it becomes clear that you will be among the most untouchable attempts of our country. Even though it is a simple task in your eyes, every job has a specialization and it has to be done with the people of that job. And it should not be forgotten that the work done free of charge to the friend is even more depressing, as the cheap meat is unfavorable.

6- Partnerships

If your friend is made free and your business will be bad if you do not have the capital or you can make your friend your partner. This is also the most common type of partnership. When Facebook was first set up, it gave the company a percent of the painted work that it understood to work on the walls of the office. However, aside from the difficulty of maintaining partnership relations, it is necessary to avoid as much as possible from multi-partner companies. Companies that have always had one active manager were more successful. Hele hele disagreements about the way of working among the partners means that if the dispute is learned by a third person, the danger bells have started to be played for that company.

7- Do not Know Sector

Knowing the sale very well does not mean that you can sell any of your products in the sector you are going to enter. Yes you can make many successful sales, but you also need to know the production side to meet these sales. If you have no idea what's going on in production, it's not you, the boss. When the best restaurant owner cooks out, he can take the front and make the meal the same quality.

8- Working

Even if you do your job best, you have to do it. Do not forget there are dozens of other jobs that you need to deal with. It is necessary to transfer all the work at your disposal to others as much as possible and to be the only one that you manage. The more management you focus on, the more success you can get.

9- What if you do not?

What do you do if you do not get the job you want? Without a B plan, we can say that spending your entire capital for a single purpose is a bit stupid, not courageous. You absolutely need an exit plan. The more you trust your business model, the more the sector can change at any moment. When things go wrong, you must have an action plan for what you need to do.

10- Time of Promotions

It is quite natural that you do not want to hear your work, which you started with great enthusiasm. Everyone will try to make an announcement. But if everybody hears you ask for your product, can you meet the quality standards of your request without breaking it? If you can not afford it, it's a good thing to be cautious. You should always apply as much as you can. Otherwise, you may lose your bad service customers forever.

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