Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık shared photos of the prototype of the domestic car today. The prototypes were camouflaged as usual during the first launches. So the design of the vehicle is not yet complete.

As soon as the photos came out in print, the information spread that the car was the same as the Cadillac BLS model. This model is a model that is not produced in the world at present and probably sold to Saab and we bought it from there. According to Shuan, the difference between Cadillac and Saab seems to be that the engine is working as a hybrid.

The debate began when we saw that the case design was taken from Cadillac, domestic how the car would be the same as Cadillac. Here is a preliminary important question. Renault is a French brand. There is a factory in Bursa that has been operating since 1969. Shuan Clio, Megane, Fluence are produced in this factory. OYAK owns 49% of the plant. Vehicles are produced here from the engine to the truck. However, when we look at the end of the work, Renault continues to be a French brand. For example, Mercedes' E, C and S series are being produced in Vietnam. However, Mercedes continues to be referred to as the German brand.

I think of Mercedes Metrobus purchases made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality came to mind. He was told how much money he would be paid for those months by buses. Şuan İETT's fleet has 1569 Mercedes brand buses. There are 50 buses from Phileas brand Holland. There are 1440 buses produced by Otokar and Karsan. All of these buses were produced after Mercedes purchases. Bus A.Ş. has 951 buses of Turkish goods. (I do not think you know how many buses the Public Bus operators have even.) At this point the know-how is entering the circuit. If you could not produce a proper bus before, you would have to get into the production of the bus called lömp before it was taken from the outside and then produced.

Technical status on the subject Olcayto Cengiz explain. At this point, we need to move towards "Brand" perception. The cars that will already be produced will generally appeal to the interior. Because we buy more cars than almost all of Europe. In the inner market, Otokat, BMC, Güleryüz, Temsa, Tezeller and even brands are not entirely domestic producers. But we all know when Ikarus is called.

You do not produce all the parts that your brand has in your side-by-side production facilities. This is a point of view from the times of the Industrial Revolution. Brand awareness, patent / copyrights are important. Or the iPhone 6S produces the same in China before they even go to the market. It's 100% native.

Another point of view is that I am totally against this idea that the applications should be directed to big data instead of automobile applications. From this point of view, you were told to Hungary that you only produced buses, and the above Ikarus came out to the market. For the buses, Ikarus' IK 127V model is produced in-house instead of getting it from Hungary again. Just like it is in domestic cars. In a country where about 100,000 new automobiles are registered for traffic per month, it has been a step that should be supported in order to reduce external dependency.

What we need to pay attention to is that the domestic automobile adventure does not share the same fate with the Revolutionary Cars or that it does not fall victim to amateurs. As a result, before the release of Angry Birds, the same company ran a full 51 games. We should not expect global branding in one day.

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