It is customary to celebrate holidays and special occasions in social networks. Why is it so? Is a brand absolutely celebrating a feast? For example, if Johnson's Baby Babies Day is not celebrated, is it a loss of prestige? If I do not even celebrate Kuwait Turkish May 19, will followers notice this? Do all brands celebrate all official holidays? Should I choose special days?

Social networks brands awareness Increase that, positioning the it is the media in which it strengthens. A bullet has not yet been invented, as the markers will squeeze into their legs, especially as they look political in this politicized society. It is perceived as a political aspect to celebrate many festivals for many people, even if we do not say it openly. Turkey on May 19 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and celebrates Sports Day to be certain party, to celebrate the Eid al indicates that such and such is the case of career that side. Many brand managers are trying to act in a way that is not the most debate among these divisions.

Shall we celebrate the first holidays? Should not we celebrate? Deciding on that. First of all, the first rule we should not make to our strategy is to celebrate like a man if we celebrate. (I will not give the brand name in this article because it may cause trouble.) A brand I worked for said, "We are a conservative brand, remembering to be associated with Ataturk will not be loved by our followers." However, if we did not celebrate May 19, people would recognize it and think they would react. The resulting message was "Happy to have a blessing." In the same way, the followers reacted, saying that you are so much afraid to say Ataturk. In fact, the brand has scored a goal in its own right. However, it would be much cleaner if we had never celebrated such a withdrawal. Brand managers need to understand that; People do not keep track of which brands celebrate which festivals they are wearing while socializing. When your brand is not celebrating a feast, be sure, nobody will notice. (If you are not a coach or something)

Here we are switching to the second item. If you are a coach; to celebrate again full you need to do it. The followers will react with you as long as you say "Happy with your Candy Day" by putting two candy photos on a holiday like Ramadan Bayrami. There is no celebration in half-mouths or rituals. If you are going to celebrate your brand-name oil lamp, put a hadith together natural It is the one. Of course, we also have to talk about the situation there. I do not recommend celebrating oil lamps to any company I usually consult with because there is a mass that is trying to react to the word "oil lamp". It is more accurate that a brand is sensitive to political / religious issues, and if possible, an approach that nobody will react to.

I have to open a parenthesis at this point and I need to talk about a mark.

Filli Boya on Women's Day political a kind of commercial that could carry quality. See what Filli Boya did exactly like a man example to celebrate. They really gave the right to a special day. If you are not going to celebrate the feast / special day, do not celebrate.

What do you mean when I say to own exactly. Now you will hear a comment that you are not used to. Please do not celebrate to be celebrated. if possible, never celebrate.

If you are going to celebrate feast using stock visuals, you really do not need to celebrate. Because people really do not keep the gang of celebrations. If we go back to the basics of social media, they are in social media to increase brand awareness. From other brands be different, They exist to gain an identity. If your mark can not make any difference, please do not celebrate. This applies to every festival. Valid for every special day. If your brand does not value that day so much as to create special content, then forgive. It is necessary to get rid of personal values ​​about fairs and to focus more on profit / loss. Will celebration benefit you? Will you get more interaction? Do people actually have a content worth staying? These are what you need to focus on. Otherwise, if you do not enter "memorial" content on November 10, Atatürk will not be sorry. What matters is the values ​​we try to identify with our brand.

Religious or marketing for the national feelings not only in Turkey. Irish land is sold in the US, for example. The Irish are buying land to be buried in the US in their own land. Some priests water the water factories. However, it should always be found on the edge of our mind that the shirazen should not be surprised when doing this. I consider the last boycott of Pınar in this context. A brand that is trying to resemble itself with an unfounded political vision has suffered great damage.

Observing the sensitivities for special days is another issue. For example, one of the biggest mistakes that can be made to share food, drink visuals between sahur and iftar times during Ramadan. Hele hele is such an era that we can plan the time of publication of all the contents in minutes. Just like selling snails in a Muslim neighborhood.

At this point, it is not true to throw all the crime into the creatives of the agencies. This is more of a manifestation of our social division, but it is also in the best interest to reduce it.

Special occasions are a chance. It is a tool for reaching new masses instead of the always fused mass. Especially less special occasions. For example, I am writing this article on World Milk Day. Ministry of Health, Kebir, Muratbey, Pınar brands such as celebrated this day. But if the pill will think of the contribution you make to the development of children, Johnson's Baby or Dalin, who would like to be positioned as a brand that values ​​children, did not celebrate this day. I think the main reason for this is Sunday's coincidence. Still, some agencies just remember social media 24/7. Special days are not for filling an empty day in the content schedule, but for actually attaching a branded message.

One of my favorite sites to keep track of special days is a list that most days can be associated with very few brands Daysoftheye is followable.

I will return to Kuwait Turk from the initial questions. Is Kuveyt Turk celebrating 19 May? Does he celebrate October 29th? Should we send a special message to November 10? I looked at the contents of Kuveyt Türk on November 10, 2016 from Twitter for the purpose of examining the example. No message was entered. Like I said, nobody noticed. Nobody said why you did not post a message on November 10th. Because people do not follow this. However, we all know that if a message is broadcast, it will react.

Celebrations of festivals and special days actually have more critical, bigger opportunities than we think. We need to pay more attention to these opportunities in order to ensure that your brand can own something and be remembered with good things.

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