There were a lot of commercials for Fiat Egea. Erdal Besikcioglu's new advertising film has been published today. When marketing three different articles about the first commercial film, I do not think I should think differently. But with the new commercial film I really wonder what Fiat is trying to do. For those wondering;

Fiat's Erdal Beşikçioğlu's new commercial is here;

When it comes to family cars, Sedan comes to mind. Fiat wanted to break the concept of the family car in the Egea model by playing Erdal Beşikçioğlu. Are not you tied to the person you play in a branding commercial? Is not his image the same as the image of the brand? Erdal Besikcioglu think of Es-Es, Barda, Wolves Valley etc. it does not. Behzat Ç is coming. Now I am sure many Behzat Ç fans will react to this comment, but the character in the advertisement is perceived as a role model and the model Fiat shows us is the following model;

The show was beautiful, the bad stuff was working, the cops were bad. I leave the debate entirely on the edge. Was this person supposed to represent Fiat? The audience who followed the first ad and shared it over and over was, yes (usually) those who knew it. However, when making an advertising campaign all over the country, taking an advertising film with a player who is pushing to a segment of the society is not a thing to be rethought for a brand.

Sometimes the player can get ahead of the commercial. It's not such a bad thing. There may also be occasional advertisements by Ozcan Deniz with e cahcç bi coca cola or Emrah Mc Donald's and these ads can be passed on with a slight smile that will not directly affect the customer base. But bad character is bad for brand before anything else.

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