Facebook has begun to develop areas where it can make money after the public offering. The most important of these improvements was the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm that came out about 6 months ago.

What is this EdgeRank, why is it so important?

Social media As usage increases, we also expand our network. In 2010, the average number of Facebook users is 150-200, while many users now have 450-500 friends.

The number of pages that are liked is also increasing day by day. As a result, the number of contents shared with users was also faster than a normal user could read. This problem on Facebook
edgerank With the solution.

Thanks to the EdgeRank algorithm, two separate sections were created in your Facebook Stream called Main News and Top Rebates, and the shares under the heading Top News consisted only of pages and friends you actively interacted with.

So that you see more qualified (for you) sharing. But Facebook did not stay with it, so he set the Main News section to default to earn money from this work. So whether we want to open Facebook or not, first we have to see the Main News tab. Instant sharing was transferred to the newsgroup on the upper right.

How does this algorithm work? What should page managers and regular users do to get more likes / comments / shares?

There are three basic elements of the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm;

Affinity Score: Do you like your closeness to the user or page that you are sharing, that is, its submissions before that? Did you comment on your posts? Or are you working / working with that user in the same place? Each interaction creates a separate score between you and the user who shares it, and your likelihood of seeing the sender of the share changes according to your score. So everyone has an affinity score that is created separately for everyone.

Weight: The more interaction your sender receives, the more likely it is to be shown to others. So it is now more important to be remarkable.

Time Decay: The last factor affecting the display of your submissions is your submission. The more your recipient is new, the more chances you'll be able to view them on the Main News tab.

What do we have to do to keep our EdgeRank skimmer high?

The main thing to do is to increase the interaction so that we can display more of your posts. There are various ways in which pages apply.

  • "Like" if you agree, "comment" if you do not agree.
  • It is very interesting to fill gaps in "Social Media is important to everything _____".
  • The questions that can be briefly answered like Yes / No will be of interest to your followers.
  • Ask for 1 to 10 notes. After asking a question on any topic, you can ask them to vote for your followers.

Always be up to date. To be up to date in Social Media is the key. If your last post lasted 1 week in advance, it would not make sense to think of your EdgeRank.

Content is always king. The content you share will surely get more interaction if a unique and interesting language is created. You must always strive to be engaging.

Use the forwarding ad that Facebook provides as much as possible from your hand. Advertising has become very important to us because the highlighted shipment can also see the people you interact with, as well as the ones you share without ads.

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