Facebook has announced that it will upgrade to the new Graph API 2.0 for a few months. Graph API 2.0, a more stable system than its predecessor, will radically change its campaigns on Facebook from many directions. After December 25th, the transition period to Graph API 2.0, all of our old applications APIs will not work. We will need to go through a few changes in order to get the new APIs in the appropriate standard.

While we are taking Facebook application permissions, we are asking each and every single permission why we use it, where we will use it. For example, in a Facebook application you are currently working on, you can easily get any user permission you want. From the user's website address to the relationship status, it's just that you do not have to. However, after the transition to the new API, the user will not be allowed access to the data, you do not need the website information of the Facebook user, you do not use it in the application and you can not get that data. In order to get permission, we need to send the application wireframe to Facebook beforehand and the reason why each permit is received. After this application, your application is evaluated within 7 working days. It is also necessary to write all the explanations in English without forgetting.

So after a few months we will not be able to use any of our old appliances, nor will we have to do something with the data we have obtained with that permission in order to be able to get permissions other than the standard permissions, such as the old ones in the new applet. Unfortunately, it's hard to fake Facebook at this point. The scanning systems developed by Facebook compare the features of the wireframe you have created with the application you are using and the data you use to check if you are reporting to Facebook. If you do not give us the right information, you can cancel the permissions you have given or you can completely remove your application.

Therefore; now everyone in the new Facebook applications should gradually move to this system. In order to be able to get the data of the users, it is necessary to prepare all the desired fiction in the project fiction. This is unfortunately not as easy as it is written. Since it is almost impossible to integrate all of the permissible permissions in every fiction, all the brands have to be informed about the subject already.

Another issue that will cause great difficulties is the fate of the applications that are already running. After December 25, 2014, all of these applications will be closed by Facebook. For that reason, all application developers need to rearrange the encoding of Facebook's publications and switch to the new API.

With this new arrangement, Facebook is reducing the data that it provides to the main purpose brand. One of the most important goals here is to make the applications that brands make under Facebook more cost-effective, so that brands can use Facebook ads to take one step further on Facebook. There seems to be nothing else Facebook can do other than to submit to Facebook's imposition of the process in this process of trying to make brands more dependent on them by keeping brands away from private applications.