How should politicians use social media?

The biggest innovation that Google Plus brought with it was the Hangout feature. Thanks to the hangout, the look of the tele-conference period is over. We are now talking about video conferencing. Being able to have video calls with 10 people at the same time through Google Hangout should be evaluated by every politician.

Reach option with Hangout

There is no need for a mayor or a deputy to call for press to hold a press conference. She can answer questions that she can meet live members of the press through the hangout. He can also listen to the election of his electorate in the Hangout. Why do you get 10 different choices to be more effective than pressure? Because the mass you reach is not just a group of 10 people. If you wish to live as soon as you wish, then you can post it on your videonuzu Youtube. Continue reading