Since 2005, the blogs that have been heard and spread in our country have now become a separate sector rather than a hobbie at the point reached.

Keeping a blog seems like a simple task, but there are a lot of things going on in the background, from software to design to social media to search engine optimization. To accommodate these costs, blogs do not last very long in this digital world, where the development of various income models and their differentiation according to their competitors are changing rapidly. There are now many different revenue models that go beyond traditional advertising banners.

Blog visitors are clicking on fewer banner ads every day, and banner ads are increasing every day. Blogs that have developed a different income model have become blogs that have become part of the industry. Lately, the most popular income models, in-print ads, are bored by users, but it's also possible to see beautiful examples. Opened banner ads, like backlinks, are being used more and more every day.

Again, one of the most used income models is publishing bulletins. Although this model is ours in the beginning of the first newspapers, it changes form and comes out again and again. The most successful bulletins at the point are the ones where the advertised company is made without explicitly mentioning the name. Because it does not want to publish many blog bulletins in terms of SEO, this revenue model could not be a solution for blogs as it is a separate burden to publish a separate bulletin for each blog.

The specially prepared pages for the companies are also among the income models produced for the blogs. Entrepreneurial pages, which are added as separate pages to blogs, are over-rated and preferred by advertisers. These pages, specially tailored to the blogs' appeal, are usually priced at an institution and are priced high.

The most appropriate revenue model for blogs that produce original content is content marketing. In accordance with the prepared content schedule, the original content is prepared without giving the name of the institution in order to provide backlink to the related institution or the viral effect to the related institution. Often readers do not understand that your content is an ad. As long as readers do not understand this, these ads are very successful.

One of the content marketing methods is to present the original content in the blog in different formats to the readers through the sponsors. The most preferred method is to present the blog content to readers as e-journals or e-books. When you present a content book or a magazine prepared for a blog, you can separate some of the prepared documents to your sponsor.

Another example of content marketing that is trending is mail newsletters. Ads that are added to newsletters sent to blog readers on a daily or weekly basis are of great interest. Sponsored mail newsletters are more clicked by readers than banner ads and show a more professional look.

In fact, banner ads or flash ads for blogs should be the last option to be evaluated. Finding sponsors for slideshare presentations, custom video content, social media channels and podcasts produced for the blog is a more effective way for both the reader and the blogger.

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