In the thirteenth part of this series where we examined the services provided by social media agencies, we will examine Digital PR Management.

Digital PR

Digital PR, called Online Reputation Management, is the process of designing the image of a brand on the internet. Only the propagation of a progeny on the internet or the management of all the communication of the brand is covered by Digital PR. Management of created communities, search engine results, brand search news, videos, photos, etc. It is in the scope of digital PR service.

Negative content about each brand can be entered internete. There are two methods that can be applied to prevent this negative content from appearing. The first one is to erase or erase negative content in some way. This is a fairly long and sometimes costly process. Legal problems can also be encountered during this process. The second method is to enter positive content about the brand. Periodically, news sites, forums, and dictionaries are fed in order to display very positive contents from the negative when searching for the names of the brands. This feeding is actually done by agencies that provide Digital PR services.

The Digital PR will be recognized by the customer who made it. No one buys the comments they read before buying an item if they know that the mark itself actually does. For this reason, in press releases sent to newspapers and digital news sites, they use a language that seems to be not their own. Thus, customers who read the news do not understand that the brand or agency actually wrote the newsletter.

Crises Can not Be Managed Without Digital PR

Digital PR also lack many companies are still not known by a lot of bankrupt companies in Turkey so far. Sometimes, these scandalous campaigns, especially made by competitors, are not managed well, and the whole society can change the brand perception. You remember the crisis that BP exploded in an oil well run by the Gulf of Mexico and could not prevent pollution for months. Following the BP bombing, Google bought $ 3.59 million of Google ads in just one month, leading positive content across all search results. The crisis ended when social networks worked tirelessly and thousands of positive news stories were added to news sites. However, as a result of United Airlines' broken guitar crisis, the company lost just 10% due to this video.

One of the important things that digital PR management is now is the concept of the importance of the internet to the customers. In the past, when a customer had a bad experience with his brand he was told to tell 7 people. Now, thousands of Twitter followers, tens of thousands of blog readers can reach within seconds. For this reason, the brands prepare scenarios against possible crises and prepare contingency plans. Of course, before that, we have seen various crises and solved it, we have to work with more experienced agencies in the digital world. However, brands that do not know this area can be deceived by agencies that do not even have Digital PR experience, but who speak well. For this, brands need to ask for emergency action plans and know what kind of action the agency that works before possible crises will take.

In the next part of our series we examined the services provided by social media agencies Viral VideoWe will examine them.

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