I have read the last 6 years, "This year will be the year of mobile". Nothing. Expectations are not always in that direction. Yet another cliché "Social media will gain more importance this year". No, the social media methods we are used to are now starting to lose importance in the marketing ecosystem.

Why is there no social media? 

In terms of social media, the number of fans on Facebook, the number of followers on Twitter comes to mind. EdgeRank updates and # social media arguments we have become accustomed to with the bot world, where the TT lists that go along with my next-generation fury are ruined, are almost out of the question.

Of course, there will not be places to shovel completely, but trends are now showing other networks. While Instagram is a network you can grow very quickly, Vine has become a great opportunity to differentiate. If you have a creative team, you will not get the benefits of Vine with Facebook ads with tens of thousands of pounds.

The only network that can be considered an opportunity beyond 2015 for all networks: Snapchat. Just as Twitter is not able to describe the branding of 140 characters to any company manager like in 2009, we can not explain the brand promotion activity by Snapping now. At Vine, the marketing executives were able to open and watch videos, but the Snapshots are being erased from themselves, so you can not tell. Snapchat will be a great opportunity for brands that understand the opportunity.

In fact, like every year, this year is DATA year.

The first thing that comes to mind when you say marketing is: Data. The more current and consistent you give, the more powerful you are. The main goal of all digital campaigns and strategies is data mining activities. Because if you do not, you will not be able to enter into activities like turning sales into communication, increasing customer loyalty. That's why every year trends in digital are based on ways you can get the most out of your data.

How is data most easily achieved? With mobile. 

When you say mobile, do not mind mobile apps or responsive sites? No, we have already passed them; no one has used and will not use mobile applications that you have created as a copy of your internet site. The use of branded applications will continue to increase. However, this situation is a little different on internet sites. When testing your site as "default", you will no longer be using Internet Explorer first. You will have your first phones where you will look first. Your site will arrive via mobile Chrome, not through the hottest hit Chrome. (If you opt for Browsing, give up Internet Explorer.)

What is done with the obtained data? aim

This year we can expect major improvements in targeting technologies. The new targeting tools posted behind Ardi gave this market a great boost. Now, no one does the targeting without using an additional tool while advertising on Facebook or Google. The brands that get bigger bids will start to use this data in processing and advertising. The Google Display Network Banner has been hit hard by advertising, and this blow comes back. That's the kind of coup that could end the banner advertising altogether. Because you can only guess who came to the sites where you advertise banner. But with Adwords you can show ads on your own.

Note: Wearable technology has more than two to three years, yet it is not in a position to spread out. Even Google Glass, which everyone has not dropped in their mouths, is struggling with some really big troubles.

Note 2: Beacon technology is not as empty as it is, who is walking the bluetooth open in this uncharged world?

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