If we wanted to define it very briefly, we could actually say twitter's picture.

There is no specific avatar (Profile image). We will upload a new picture every day for your site / web cam. Each new picture appears in the Live Feed section. You can write a variety of comments on your side with your profile.

Your site has Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail connections. So you can get all your friends from Face, Gmail and Twitter to Dailybootha. There's only one problem he does not have much user in Turkey.

Generally the girls in the members are much more crowded. But there are not many who share a picture that might be called +18.

There is also a special message feature.

Especially for those who want to improve their foreign language by talking to someone, this site can be called blessing. Because people are usually close to the can and you can easily meet.

There are more users from countries like the UK, USA, Russia, Hungary, Austria.

And one last addition. iJustine is quite entertaining people like this site (:

Dailybooth Screen View

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