Wanda Digital, a post for the World Women's Rights Day on December 5th, has been lynched in the social media for the last four days with reactions from inside and outside the industry. The agency, which was trying to create awareness, lifted the posture in response to the reactions from people who kept the content of the matter a little high and published an apology.

Post by Wanda Digital and later removed:

Actually, I was planning to write after this reaction to Wanda Digital, but when I open the Twitter Search panel I see that the issue is not over yet and new events are breaking out. Years ago we were tired of telling Onur Air about the appreciation campaign to send aid after the earthquake; Wanda Digital has given us a new topic.

Where did Wanda Digital make the mistake?

They actually did it by claiming that their biggest mistakes were not mistakes. When I read the text of the apology below, I said, "I suppose there will be something else out of it, they can not make such a big mistake." But seriously they wrote that what they did was not a mistake and that we misunderstood.


The related stock image was purchased, played a little more attention on it, and this post came out. Maybe it's a normal visual for writers, but there's a general rule in advertising, if everyone is reacting to the work you do you have done wrong. Normally, what we have to do is to make a statement such as "We intend to do it correctly but you do not understand it" while writing a text saying "We intend to do it, but we are sorry to draw attention to it, we apologize". Especially these two tweet apologies proves that the tweet is actually wasted:

It is a simple visual content that everyone can make mistakes. However, it is necessary to re-examine the events that have led to the dismissal of the title of the article: a post from the institutional account of the agency is not shared without the approval of the agency's manager. So this is not the fault of a person. Making mistakes is also quite natural. Enter this post immerse part of it. Entering an apology in such a case also occurs when the staff of the agency sit together and receive a text reminder; ie the text of the apology must also be accepted by the entire agency. This text does not actually contain an apology plaster part of it. Tweets from employees feathering partial. What is it or what? Wanda complained to Twitter for an account to criticize Digital and take a hang and beyond. Maybe it might have been a mistake, but then one of them is more than a mistake. In such crisis situations, employees in all major agencies are individually warned; what to write and what should not, and even what to retweet. Because the tweets that the employees throw away can be attributed to the institution for this reason. As with every campaign, it is important to remember who earned it at the end of the job. This post has been tweeted 1957 times since its launch. There were about 89 entries in Ekşisözlük. A lot of people learned a lot about Wanda Digital. However, 99% of these writings were negative. If the remaining 1% is "We do not shoot now," or "We have an agency, tomorrow we may have a chance, we do not hit the taste of friends." Wanda Digital did not win anything. Have there been any awareness of violence against women or women? I think this is the most beautiful answer;

Situation is easy to make, why did such a crisis come out? I think the answer to this question will affect the agency ecosystem types in Turkey. A lot of agency owners come up with hipsters when they think of the word "advertiser". Of course the hipster is also an advertiser, but what is called advertising is a work done for the whole public as a heck of an agent. That's what the advertisers are trying to sell to people they have never seen in their lives. Those advertisers who think "I'm a little more marginal, I get more attention." communication concept It does not concern me. It is natural to fail while trying to sell something to the people who said "I am walking on the same street with the moon?" In the agency ecosystem, all kinds of people have to work so that agencies can reach all kinds of target groups.

In the meantime, if there was a misunderstanding, the same post would have entered Finland, the reaction would be the same again. "You do not understand the Turkish people anyway, yeaah ..." You do not need to enter the tribune, they are the goods that you sell. Maybe you just need to leave the gorgeous side.