I'm sure you're surprised when you read the title. I'm sure you're thinking of a click-bait. If you don't, I'm sure you haven't read the websites of national newspapers for a long time. But the title is not a click-bait header. Let's be honest. Are you not tired of discussing the concepts that people in the world know and apply? Sometimes I come across such concepts that there is no other conclusion about Google. On the other hand, the opposite is even worse. On Instagram, every time I see the X path heading, I want to recall more followers. Isn't it coming? Isn't the salesperson's task to catch insight, to think about how I can use everything he sees in his life in the world of marketing?

Never underestimate the porn industry. This sector produces 35% of the content downloaded over the world. [I] We're talking about a $ 100 billion industry. [Ii] Although a clear figure cannot be given, we know that the majority of the contents on the internet serve this sector. There is someone who stands out from these sites that Pornhub. I first recognized them in a research they published. I was surprised that you read the title of this article. Country country people have published their search habits on their site. Pornhub is a site that receives 3 billion visits per month. The most visited is getting more traffic than the total traffic of the top 50 websites in Turkey. Of course, no industry can compete with sexuality, but why is Pornhub among millions of sites?

Pornhub did what the others did. Normally the advert of a porn site ağ as you know, you'll be surprised how to turn off the banner in your office. I've heard those who head to the monitor trying to shut the pop-up. But Pornhub G-Rated has launched an advertising campaign suitable for all children, adults, everyone in 2014. They even placed the ad with the slogan iler All you need is hand ”on billboards. This was an unprecedented event. In fact, they showed that a product of the dark marketing category could easily be advertised. As you can imagine, this was followed by word of mouth marketing. Everyone talked about this ad for days.

Pornhub did not stop at this point. He started broadcasting porn statistics. It began with the United States, and then published what the world looked for, what they were watching, what they were watching, and what the country was looking for based on country, age and gender. Finally, the primitive brain part of the human brain has the highest selectivity in the perception of sexuality. Everybody wondered, shared. Imagine, the longest stay on the site in the Philippines, this data proudly shared the whole country. For example, while we were making jokes on the movie "The Lovers of the Moon" in GORA, Pornhub started a project called Sexploration. As a news story with a spectacular PR value, thousands of news sites around the world have published the title binler First sex in space dünya.

Wearable technology, IOT and something like this in 2015, Pornhub is looking at everyone who buys technological products in Christmas gifts. They pull out a device called Wankband, a product where you can generate energy by moving your hand, and that you can charge your other devices via USB with this energy. When I first heard of the product, I had laughed like everybody else. Could this be a more wonderful word of mouth marketing tactic? The product was of course not for sale, but for viral purposes.

Imagine, you are a social media expert and you are being asked to manage the social media account of a porn site. If you come to share naked naked people on your mind, let it work. Pornhub has been really shaking all social media for a long time with the jokes and jokes that keep creative intelligence in the forefront. I'm not talking about the news website headlines that are thrown from the genre that shook the famous social media every three days. It was really able to capture very serious interaction and display rates. Taboo or not, it's not easy to get people to tweet a porn site. Although Brazilian footballer Neymar did not take a big blow during the World Cup, he is lying on the floor and crying with a photograph like this. I think an even better example; You remember that United Airlines was dragging a doctor out of the plane. Pornhub tagged the United Airlines on this incident, and he tweeted, "You are the most disgusting people in the world, a porn site that tells you that." The interaction rates of these tweets I mentioned are incredible! It isn't really easy to get any brand over 80,000.

Do you believe that I have even participated in corporate social responsibility projects? Not only did they make this donation to the falanca, but they did it dry and didn't send two press releases. One of the campaigns was called "Pornhub Gives America Wood." They planted a new tree in every 100 videos you understand. They donated 1 cent for breast cancer in every 30 videos in the relevant category.

Look, we can't even think of one thousandth of aforementioned ones for many brands, even if we think we can't accept the customer. I don't know a sector where there are so many competitors around the world. If a company has become a brand in such a challenging sector, if it can become a leader, I think there is more than just saying abil but people are very concerned about this abil. One of the things that our country is experiencing the most problems in marketing courage. Tan Nobody has ever been fired for buying IBM. Buying As with the reindeer, we are overly avoiding taking risks in marketing. Let's not fool each other. We all know that Pornhub category due to a site that will not think less prestige than other brands, because the valuation has more than even the biggest brands in Turkey.

You can never grow up in a market where you have millions of big and small opponents who do the same job. Today private hospitals with the highest turnover in Turkey, which has allocated a separate budget for their ads to be cut penalty.

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