What is AuthorRank? How is it calculated?

The search engine has produced quite complicated algorithms to provide a more robust way to get top Google search results. This algorithm was terminated this year while the PageRank algorithm, which is no longer effective, has been renewed on average every 3 months. However, it was announced that it was "accidental", but a new update came in the days that we passed. However, we can say that the PageRank algorithm has lost its former significance. Now, what really matters is AuthorRank.

Google gives a score to every website, and every article gives a score. With the same Google+ ID, Google understands that every post you write is yours. The higher your AuthorRank is, the higher the rank of your letter in the same article.

What are the Factors Affecting the Author Rank?

Although Google's disclosures do not give all the factors, about 200 different factors affect our AuthorRank.

  • Google Plus activity: The more you actively use Google Plus, the more followers you have, and the more interaction you are getting, the more your AuthorRank rises.
  • Social Interaction: The more your posts are tweeted, the more your AuthorRank rises.
  • Comments: If your articles come from different people, your AuthorRank rises in proportion to the number of comments.
  • Youtube: The more you have your followers on your YouTube account, the more AuthorRank you get.
  • Site Quality: The more quality websites Google has published your articles, the more your AuthorRank rises.

You can do as much SEO as you want for your website, now the name that will be written on your website is at least as important as your site. One of the most important factors is your number of followers on Google Plus, but Google is paying attention to how many people follow you. For this reason, it will not work for you to follow-up.

How to measure AuthorRank?

You can measure your AuthorRank with http://beta.authorrank.org. After you enter your Google Plus URL (by Numbers), you can learn AuthorRank, AuthorTrust, AuthorExternal Rank, Avg Page Authority, Avg Domain Authority valuation.

In order to accurately measure your AuthorRank, Google Authorship settings on the sites you write must be correct.

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