2013 Social Trends

2012 year Social media It was quite moving for. What are we waiting for in 2013? What should we be prepared for? What will be the trends in 2013?

  • Social Media will be talking even more in 2013. We will get more familiar with the terms Social Media Marketing and Social Media Expertise.
  • Social Media will be used more for entertainment. How TVs get their place from the radio will take place in Social Media TV programs. Investing on larger and thinner televisions may be wiser to invest in larger and thinner tablets.
  • Mobile usage rates will go through Web usage. Facebook mobile use in 2012 has passed the web, this year is expected to pass in general use.
  • E-commerce will now become known as Social Trading. Sales through Web sites will leave their place to sales through Social Media Commissions. First we have seen Pinterest enter this area slowly in 2012. Facebook Buy buttonmany memorabilia related to e-commerce will be ruined as well.
  • Mobile ads will enter our world. Currently, the number of ads on mobile websites is very low. However, along with 2013, my phone will also need to set up ad blocking programs.
  • Social mediaLocal Marketing will become more important and known. A thematic e-commerce that works on smaller, more exclusive products is waiting for us in 2013, apart from the sites that send every product everywhere.
  • The Big Datalars we call Big Data will be out of business slowly. Companies like Radian6 are developing very large projects on this field. Big Data will be able to be controlled by private companies through Social Media Circles.
  • The Social Media budget will be increased. Like the old "Social Media Free" logic began to break slowly. It is anticipated that the budgets that were allocated until 2016 will increase continuously.
  • ROI metrics could not be done with accurate results on Social Media. With the development of the SoLoMo (Social-Local-Mobile) trilogy, this measurement will become feasible.
  • Social Media Ads will grow. Facebook's attacks on this area will continue to increase. Users will see new ads every day on the cooler from Facebook. Like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter will have similar ad increases in 2013.
  • Discussions about the protection of original content on the internet will increase. A law or regulation on the subject in 2013 İNTURKEY is expected to enter into force.
  • Infographics will be used more. Every company, every organization, every organization will try to express itself in infographics. In order to better view infographics, small developments will be made in Social Media Circles.
  • Social Media Monitoring will become one of the most important branches of the industry. Throughout 2013, many companies will begin to receive reports on how much they are talking on Social Media.
  • The number of members of Facebook will reach 1.5 billion by the end of 2013.
  • The value given to Visual Markets will increase further. Youtube will keep your seat for 2013, but the picture sharing sites are not certain. A fairly large market battle seems inevitable.
  • Televisions will be more dynamic now. The format of many TV programs will change. We will witness the flow of the program changes according to the momentary developments and feedbacks. Of course we will continue to watch halay lottery on Flash TV during 2013, but there is no change.
  • SlideShare will be the fastest growing Mecca of 2013.
  • Personalized feeds on Twitter will pass. Just like Facebook offers its own custom streaming with its EdgeRank algorithm, it will begin to show you tweets of your most engaged conversations, not tweets of all you follow on Twitter. We receive these signals from the personalized TTler. Even the name of the new algorithm is expected to be TwedgeRank.
  • It will not be the leader in Google+ 2013, but it will continue to grow. However, we can say that it will be the year of Google+ for 2014.
  • 2013 will be a great year for Instagram. We expect the number of users to increase by 3 to 4 times.
  • E-mails will be used more and more as opposed to leaving our lives. Especially the market for mail marketing will grow considerably, but not with spam mails. Mail subscription and the number of loyal customers will increase.
  • Every sector will enter Social Media. We will actively see the service industry not only in buying and selling things but also in Social Media. Government agencies, private hospitals, schools will be included in more social media.
  • I do not think there will be any hope in 2013 for MySpace to revive.
  • The number of podcasters will double. If you think you want to be prepared for social media in 2013, then start the podcast.

We need to follow through 2013;

  • Facebook
  • twitter
  • SlideShare
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • MySpace

We will hear more often throughout 2013 and begin to hear the professions;

  • Social media expert
  • Content editor
  • Visual Marketing Specialist
  • Graphic artist
  • E-Ad Manager
  • Information Security Officer
  • SEO / SEM Expert
  • Monitoring Expert
  • Social Analytics Expert


How do you anticipate 2013 in Social Media?

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