In digital transformation, many digital marketers are still thinking about using social media marketing, segmenting into email marketing. Obviously I feel sorry. Digital conversion is a very wide area, which can not be restricted only by marketing eye or innovation or production planning. A transformation process that generates great deals and definitely I want to be the first in this field in Turkey.

I will tell you in an area where digital conversion is within all of us. Health. Parents have a typical request, "When my daughter grows up, become a doctor". I would tell you that after 10 years the number of doctors will decrease and after 30 years you will never need to? All across Turkey if you are a beginning of a large group of hospitals which have made investments would have to take actions?

At present, robotic robots with receivers have been produced. These robots will come to the pinhole size in about 5 years. These robots will be released into your bloodstream and instantly transmit data about the values ​​in your blood to your smartphone or watch. When you go to a doctor with chest pain, the doctor will only be able to diagnose your situation, but every time you are in this system, a more accurate diagnosis will be made. Moreover, you will not be disturbed by anything else in your body.

On the other hand, the nurse is showing great improvement in robots. Investments in nurse robots, especially in Japan, cost tens of billions of dollars. This is because of the rapid aging of Japan and the United States. The existing education system can not raise enough nurses and doctors. For this reason, health personnel from abroad. However, when the human factor enters the business, some troubles can arise. The nurse who is interested in an elderly person can listen to the robot with interest while the elderly tells about the story about the 8th time. With machine learning, the robots have reached a level where at least for the first hour people can not distinguish between robot or human being. If the pace of development continues, the robots will soon come up with detailed health reports in the database, which can instantly retrieve all the treatment methods developed so far, and guide the treatment in the framework of the possibilities.

When a doctor says "This treatment is 90% likely to continue the life of the patient", when the doctor shows the tendency to treat, the doctor tends to not apply the treatment when he says "This treatment method will kill the patient with 10% chance." This is actually a good example of how robots can achieve higher success rates for treatments. It is far more than a human being can do to take any kind of data that our minds about the health of our robots, analyze them and treat them accordingly. Especially in cases where early detection, such as cancer, is very important, we will encounter a system that can be detected from the first day and take the necessary actions.

We can now say that prosthetic treatments have become standard when the limbs are broken. But here is a special story I want to tell you. I'll meet you Hugh Herr. He is an old mountain climber, lost in the mountain by tearing down his two legs and then training for years to return to the mountains and developing a new generation of prosthetic legs.

It becomes such an effective leg that other mountaineers are now threatening Hugh by cutting their own legs. It is easier to climb than the congenital legs with these prosthetic legs. If we are going to be cyborg here, your mind may come to mind. Can not they choose these prosthetic limbs to climb better in mountaineers? Or is it possible that the developing geneticist is the ending swimmer and the divers can wear gills to themselves? Looks like they all have it in the back. Not so long after that, 20 years from now, these are the technologies that are in our lives. For example, a patient who has a herbal life can connect to the FMRI machine and get out of the brain activities to get a meaningful conversation.

Well, let's face it. What should a hospital do to capture this transformation? If this is your responsibility, we can really take actions that can take the country forward. It is one of the standard examples, along with Industry 4.0 will be our non-human factories. Okay, well, what are we doing in this? I think digital conversion consultants are inadequate in this regard. The point is to discuss what we should do. Yes, the world is improving, but it's time to take concrete steps about the world of digital transformation, which has turned into a miserable year for the mobile age.

Now, we have to direct decision-makers to AR-GE, but it's time to start to force the AR-GE budget. We need to focus on high-tech products and software-related projects. Now, to produce a mobile phone Turkey needs to invest in the transfer of technology to produce very robotic cars. Unfortunately, we also need to produce software to the government "Well then we better let the social network in Turkey" could not remove the head. Our state is paying tons of money for the clone systems that we can not remove. Now, as our first adopters, we have to guide the companies and the states, we have to bring the agenda.

Beginning with digital conversion-oriented plans of all C-level executives, especially CDOs, NGOs need to be formed and supported to convey the necessity of investing, supporting and opening the way to the state. It is imperative to change our mindset! The budget allocated to AR-GE needs to be seen as garbage. Just like the savings habit in the economy, we must first allocate to AR-GE, and then spend the money. Otherwise, there is no way that we can get ahead of our competitors, which started years ago.