In addition to the classic search engine functions, some small wizards are placed inside the Yandex Search Engine.

Color Wizard

When you search for any color using Yandex Search, a tool that displays those color codes and other colors near that color welcomes you. It is a very useful wizard especially for graphic artists.

Music Wizard

You can easily listen to music using Yandex Search. All you have to do is write the artist's name and "listen" at the end. The songs belonging to that artist will be sorted in Yandex's Flash Player. You can not find all the singers also have a very wide arşive.

Element Wizard

Using Yandex search you can get more information about the elements in a more practical way. You can find all the elements in the periodic table by typing "element" at the end.

Metro Wizard

The most popular features of Yandex are generally services related to transportation. Noticing this, Yandex has installed metro maps for each city on Yandex Searches. You just need to write the name of your city and call it "metro map".

Sure Wizard

Among the Yandex Search Wizards perhaps the most fascinating Sure Wizard. It is enough to write the name of a Sura from the Qur'an. The reading of the Turkish language in English immediately comes out.

Weather Wizard

Need for everyone to know the weather. With Yandex it has become very practical to learn the weather. You can easily look at the five-day weather forecast for your location, which you will find on a city and county basis. It is so much to write "weather" after you write the name of the il or the syllable you need to do.

Poetry Wizard

It's easy to find poems with Yandex. We just need to enter a sequence of a famous poem into the search box. Yandex tells us where to find the poetry continuation.

Converter Wizard

One of the most useful of Yandex Wizards is the Converter tool. Currency, length unit, weight unit, etc. units can turn each other. In addition, "gold prices" to write the value of instant gold as well. You can also try Oil Price or Micex index.

IP Wizard

From the Yandex wizards, you can also learn your IP from the direct search box with the IP wizard. We just need to "find my IP address" or "my ip".