Yandex.Haberler, a news gatherer of social platforms and the news sources follow the news of users gathered in a place called "My News" was a new interactive service offered.
With the adjustable filtering features of "My News", users can view the latest news from their sources, as well as news links and similar content that their friends share in social media such as Facebook or Twitter, along with all their comments, depending on their own settings, LO found.

It is also possible to customize the contents of the "My News" page by applying custom filters, sorting by content type or content ("just news" or "all updates" to include social media).

By notifying users about the most important developments on the "My News" page with a special widget on the home page of Yandex.Haberler service, Yandex makes it significantly easier to keep track of topics of particular interest, automatically placing news published by the preferred sources at the beginning of the latest news list.

Yandex.Haberler, who identifies the most important headlines of the day completely by means of automatic algorithms, allows its users to set priorities according to their preferences.