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After coming to Turkey increased Yandex does not come from the back of the innovations that Yandex't. Yandex has yet to announce the name of Turkey, the Navigation application, but yandex.navigat active in Russia. We have made the final preparations in Turkey Yandex Navigation application of work is not known how the future of properties in Turkey yandex.navigat features;

  • Monthly updated route map
  • Access to the online map, which is always up to date on your device
  • Planning trips throughout the country
  • Voice directions
  • Voice commands
  • Recalculated directions based on recent traffic information
  • Location and business search based on name or category
  • Receiving accident information, road work info and radar alerts
  • Add addresses in favor
  • Obtaining detailed traffic jam information

The commercial film for Russia, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play;