With 102 million users and more than 45 billion content, Tumblr has become a huge social network. Although the number of men and women in Tumblr users is almost equal, the number of active female users is increasing day by day. The visuals in this network are particularly pre-screened, especially those in which the singles are (70%).


What makes Tumblr different? Tumblr is a blog, but neither WordPress nor Blogger. It's also a microblog, but it has nothing to do with Twitter. If you look at it, we can say Blogger + Instagram + Twitter = Tumblr. The beauty and simplicity of its design and its easy handling attract women to Tumblr.

To use Tumblr effectively, you do not need dozens of additional applications. Tumblr is already giving you many features by default. It's easy to share anything. The most important reason for using Tumblr is that it is fun. Shared content and user volume are really special.

The negative side of Tumblr is that content can be relatively annoying. It is especially advised to keep away from your children. I think that every child wants to be Facebook, but only 18 for Tumblr. Pay particular attention to who you are following. With the increase in the quality of your followings, the pleasure you receive in Tumblr will increase.