A new version of Windows Live Messenger has been released. It's really different from the old customary MSN. Use can be very difficult to get used to. Many new features have been added, many have opened new doors, but there are also a lot of missing.

Msni is a new interface that weighs a lot when we first open it. First of all there are two different view options. One is a full page and one is a single column like the old msn. But in full-page view, your people are listed in alphabetical order, but not downward, but alphabetically to the right. This makes it difficult for people to recognize when there are too many people online.

The second factor is the integration with Facebook and Linkedin. Facebook Each new shared picture, video, etc. on your home page. instantly comes to your msn. We can say that a little copy has been taken from TweetDeck application. We can make comments on Facebook posts in msn, we can update our own situation. But we still have to enter the Facebook page to watch videos.

Facebook and Linkedin Chat sections are added to My msnimize. This application already had Messenger Discovery 2.5 for enthusiasts. I must tell the truth that the talks there were more qualified. Now, if you continue to talk on facebook with someone you are talking on msn, msn does not see what you are writing, but it brings his writings to msn. The only benefit of this application is that you can keep your conversation history from Facebook and Linked.

  • Msn 2011 also offers us HD Cam features. If you do not have a problem with your connection, it looks pretty good. But the one-sided glass feature is completely removed.
  • The contact blocking feature has been removed and a new option has come in place to make this person appear offline. I have never had a chance to use it, but I think you can get a message from it while offline.
  • Facebook vs. old versions of msn. After integrating with social sites, you were automatically added to the msn list up to the page you liked, and you exceeded the limit of adding 1000 people. They've got this problem, too.
  • In full page view there are two separate sections called social network and msn updates. Your MSN updates are only from your own site. I think it would be possible to add separate sections for separate Linkedin for Facebook and separate Youtube for MySpace instead of Social Network.
  • What am I listening to? It's finally been a bit of a feature. It is now broadcasted in the songs you listen to in Winamp without installing the plugin.
  • But again, everyone does not have the Color Nick feature, which is one of the reasons for installing Msn Plus.
  • Sending more than 3 files is still prohibited. We will again wait for the appropriate version of Discovery.
  • One big advertising section on the bottom breaks people's nerves, but it can not be removed.
  • We can not like Facebook updates, we can not share them.
  • We occasionally need to refresh the updates, or update them after a very long spontaneous social network feed.
  • Especially if you click on what you click on msn you are directed to their own sites. Almost all settings need to be done from live.com.
  • And finally, when you first unlock your msn, you may be amazed at the moment you use the 😀 symbol because all the icons have been completely changed. It was a necessary renewal.
  • But as we will wait for the Messenger Plus and Discovery versions on the line, it's coming because there are so many missing new Messenger. I can say I'm really disappointed.

If you say that I will still be able to do so,

http://explore.live.com/windows-live-messenger?os=oth is

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