Why is Google+ better than Facebook? I want to explain to you by example.

  1. Unlike Google+, Google+ is more active than Facebook. You get more qualified sharing, more qualified comments, and Google + ta. Also, the share of any post you share is much higher than Facebook. With a G +, tens of thousands can easily hear your name, while a post you share on your Facebook profile can be shared by up to a couple of people with you.
  2. Google+ content is more engaging than Facebook and the graphics are really nice. Previews of shared photos are bigger, video is more comfortable to watch etc.
  3. If you want to keep going with old school friends you do not like at all or if you want to keep going with your old ones, Facebook is more convenient for you, but it is easier to communicate with people who have common interests in Google+. Especially with the https://plus.google.com/s/sharedacircle feature, it's a relief to have people in your circles share their circles and add hundreds of people. You can instantly reach hundreds of people who are interested in photography.
  4. With the number of friends you've reached on Facebook, you can reach Google + much more easily. You can expand your environment much more comfortably. You can have hundreds of contacts in Google+ for minutes while you can get your friends to be friends with 200 individually on Facebook.
  5. Based on the Facebook privacy agreement, you can even record every person you are subscribed to on Google +, which is not the case. For more details on this subject, you can check out this English article; http://mediatapper.com/facebook-vs-google-the-safety-and-security-of-your-personal-data-and-information-part-two/
  6. Google+ does not give you a CityVille per minute, FarmVille or anything else. You will not waste your time accepting or rejecting them. You will not see individual numbers on each corner of your page. Because Google Plusta does not wish to accept anything and will not follow you.
  7. You can have up to 10 video conferences with Google Plust while you can have face-to-face video conversations on Facebook.
  8. Google Plus does not send you regular emails, or you can turn off notifications.
  9. You can use #hashtag in Google Plus. Whether you are in your circles or not, you can all discuss it on the same topic.
  10. Finally, there is a giant behind you on Google Plus. Google. You can use them in connection with Google services.


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